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Roll of Honour

Celebrating dogs of this breed that have achieved their SUPREME or GRAND champion title.

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Australian Grand Champion Chidolls Miss California
Owned by Mrs Sue Sparkman

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Australian SUPREME Champions
Photo  (09-Jul-12) Wachowa Riley Brown (Multi BIS/ Multi RUBIS/ Multi BISS/ Multi RUBISS Australian SUPREME Champion) [QLD]  (Mrs Jennifer Watt)
Photo  (09-Jul-12) Wachowa Calamity Jane (Royal BIG/Multi BIS/Multi RUBIS/Multi BISS/MRUBISS Australian SUPREME Champion) [QLD]  (Mrs Jennifer Watt)
Photo  (31-Aug-13) Tegs the Best or Nothing (IMP CAN) (MULTI BIS MULTI RUBIS MULTI BISS MULTI RUBISS American CH. Canadian CH. SUP CH) [NSW]  (Rick Carter)
Photo  (08-Mar-14) Wachowa Workn Class Man (BIS / Mul RUBIS / Mul BISS / Mul RUBISS / Royal BIG Australian SUPREME Champion) [QLD]  (Mrs. Jennifer Watt)

Australian GRAND Champions
Photo  (01-Jan-98) Donecca Fire Cracker (Grand Champion) [VIC]  (Beth Crabb)
Photo  (01-Jan-98) Dearchi Xanadu Quintana (BIS/RUBIS Australian Grand Champion) [VIC]  (Vin & Maureen Seppings - CHITOY)
Photo  (17-Jun-98) Janleo Autumn Eagle (AUSTRALIAN GRAND CHAMPION BIS & BISS) [SA]  (Kylie Sunman & Janine Warren)
Photo  (19-Nov-99) Ziliam Tristan (Aust Grand Ch) [NSW]  (Mrs E A Pennesi)
Photo  (27-Feb-00) Braperemi Shotinthdark (Grand Ch) [NSW]  (Peta Reid)
 (12-Jul-01) Pocoperro Magic Beau (Grand Ch) [QLD]  (Ray & Naomi Drews)
 (23-Oct-01) Sompeeto Rebel Knight (Grand Ch) [QLD]  (Ray & Naomi Drews)
 (04-Mar-05) Rayoan Fiery Rose (Grand Ch) [QLD]  (Ray & Naomi Drews)
Photo  (04-Dec-05) Wachowa The One And Only (Australian Grand Champion) [QLD]  (Mrs Jennifer Watt)
Photo (*) (01-Oct-06) Kfinch Aussie Idol (BIS & BISS Aust Grand Ch) [SA]  (Dianne & Kylie Sunman)
 (23-Oct-06) Rayoan Bold Angel (Grand Ch) [QLD]  (Ray & Naomi Drews)
Photo  (02-Dec-06) Allsan Midnight Melody (Australian Grand Champion) [NSW]  (Lyn Gilliam)
Photo  (01-Aug-07) Chardell Classy Gal (Australian Grand Champion) [NT]  (Diane Chard of Chardell Kennels)
Photo (*) (06-Nov-07) Dearchi Sonny Washington (ROYAL R/U GROUP/multi R/U BIS/multi BISS/multiRUBISS AUSTRALIAN GRAND CHAMPION) [VIC]  (Mrs Kathy Dearness (Dearchi))
Photo (*) (30-Nov-07) Allsan Iam Aiming High (Grand Ch) [NSW]  (A&S Webster)
Photo (*) (23-Jul-08) Chardell Snow Hawk (BIS Aust Grand Champion) [NT]  (Diane Chard - Chardell Kennels)
Photo  (24-Aug-08) Allsan I Am Arising Star (GRAND CHAMPION) [SA]  (Lyn Gilliam)
Photo  (09-Jun-10) Wachowa Modern Millie (Multi RUBIS BISS RUBISS Australian Grand Champion) [QLD]  (Mrs. Jennifer Watt)
Photo  (05-Feb-11) Wachowa Tuxedo Man (Australian Grand Champion) [QLD]  (Mrs. Jennifer Watt)
Photo  (09-Sep-11) Dearchi Dreams R Made (BIS Australian GRAND Champion) [QLD]  (Amanda Thompson)
Photo  (10-Dec-11) Wachowa Chase The Ace (BISS Australian Grand Champion) [VIC]  (Mrs Lee Edwards & Mrs Jennifer Watt)
Photo  (04-Jan-12) Wachowa Jessica Brown (RUBIS / Multi BISS / RUBISS Australian Grand Champion) [QLD]  (Mrs. Jennifer Watt)
Photo  (04-Jan-12) Wachowa Rogue Trader (BISS / RU BISS Australian Grand Champion) [QLD]  (Mrs Jennifer Watt)
Photo  (25-Jun-12) Morrano Bobby Buttons (Aust Grand Ch) [VIC]  (Mrs S Sparkman)
 (28-Sep-12) Rayoan Lady In White (Grand Ch) [QLD]  (Ray & Naomi Drews)
Photo  (30-May-13) Hollychi White Diamonds (Grand Champion) [VIC]  (Mrs K. McCabe)
Photo  (18-Jul-14) Wachowa JP Geisha Girl (RUBIS / RUBISS Australian GRAND Champion) [QLD]  (Mrs. Jennifer Watt)
Photo  (10-Oct-14) Chidolls Miss California (Australian Grand Champion) [VIC]  (Mrs Sue Sparkman)
Photo  (14-Nov-14) Armanichi Battle of Wills (Aust Gr Ch) [VIC]  (Mrs Sue Sparkman)
 (07-May-15) Amorechi Aim For Fame (Grand Ch) [QLD]  (Ray & Naomi Drews)

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* Disclaimer : The above list displays the Supreme and Grand Champions associated with our members. This list may not include all Supreme or Grand Champions for this breed in Australia and New Zealand

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