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German Shepherd Dog
Roll of Honour

Celebrating dogs of this breed that have achieved their SUPREME or GRAND champion title.

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MBIS Grand Champion Kezziah Early Openers
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Australian SUPREME Champions
Photo (*) (07-Jul-12) Glenbala Wild Grand Finale ET 'A' (1,1) 'Z' (0,0) BSCL 1 Multi Excellent Graded (BIS Aust Supreme Champion) [NSW]  (G & K Gregory)
Photo  (07-Jul-12) Vladimir Anarchy A (3-2) Z (0-0) E.T. H.I.C BSCL1 Multi Exc Merit & Multi Exc (MBISS/MRUBISS/MBIS/MRUBIS AUST SUPREME CH) [NSW]  (Vladimir German Shepherds)
Photo  (21-Jul-12) Aimsway Boots'AZ' BSC1 MULTI.EXCELLENT MERIT / MULTI EXC (MB.I.S/MRUBIS, AUST. SUPREME CHAMPION) [TAS]  (K&P Eaves-Tennant & Sue Charlton.)
Photo (*) (22-Jul-12) Sunhaze Korona 'A'(1:1) 'Z'(0:0) BSCL1 EXCELLENT MERIT, Multi EXCELLENT Graded (Multi BIS & Multi RUBIS AUSTRALIAN SUPREME CHAMPION) [QLD]  (Karham German Shepherds)
Photo  (25-Jan-13) Decklan Osz a Star (Aust Supreme Ch) [VIC]  (Decklan Knls)
Photo  (23-Aug-13) Allendell Incite a Riot (Aust Supreme Ch) [NSW]  (Dale Elliott)
Photo  (03-Dec-14) Darkknight Ysadore (supreme champiom) [SA]  (Bev & Jamie)

Australian GRAND Champions
Photo (*) (01-Jan-90) Freevale On The Prowl (A 1/1) (Z 0/0) BSCL 1 (AUST GRAND) [NSW]  (John MacGowan)
Photo  (19-May-98) Babanga Little Kahl (Multi BIS Australian Grand Champion) [NSW]  (P R York)
Photo  (19-May-03) Kezziah Enchantress 'AZ' (MBIS Grand Champion) [VIC]  (Kezziah Kennels)
Photo  (17-Jun-03) Shepbrae Our Royal Spark (AZH) (MBIS Grand Champion) [VIC]  (Kezziah Kennels)
Photo  (17-Jul-03) Kezziah Early Openers (MBIS Grand Champion) [VIC]  (Kezziah Kennels)
Photo  (07-Sep-03) Karham Destinys Child 'A'(4:3) 'Z'(0:0) (Multi BIS & Multi RUBIS Australian Grand Champion) [QLD]  (Karham German Shepherds)
Photo  (11-Aug-06) Gipfel Silver Shadow[A][Z][H] (Australian Grand Champion) [VIC]  (A.Scarcella)
Photo  (25-Nov-06) Kezziah Great Big Secret (MBIS GRAND CHAMPION) [VIC]  (Kezziah Kennels)
Photo  (07-Jul-07) Vonpeta Taykall by Storm A Z Class I Gold Medal & Multi Ex (Grand Ch) [SA]  (Jane Pike/Peter Damarell (Vonpeta Knls))
Photo  (25-Mar-08) Decklan King O The Road (Aust Grand Ch) [VIC]  (Decklan Knls)
Photo  (15-Apr-09) Fax Prelude to Magic AZ (Aust Grand Ch) [QLD]  (Dave & Jenny Morris)
Photo (*) (27-Apr-12) Decklan Quiz Master (Aust Gr Ch) [VIC]  (Decklan Knls)
Photo (*) (21-Aug-13) Nicquistar Orsom Major 'A' (1-1) 'Z' (0-0) BSCL 1. Multi Excelent (Grand Champion) [NSW]  (Reg Parker)
Photo (*) (29-Dec-13) Allendell Larger Than Life (BIS SUP CH) [NSW]  (Murray Rolfe)
Photo (*) (24-Jan-14) Decklan Time Travla (Aust Grand Ch) [VIC]  (Decklan knls)

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* Disclaimer : The above list displays the Supreme and Grand Champions associated with our members. This list may not include all Supreme or Grand Champions for this breed in Australia and New Zealand

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