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Aust Champ Kervilees That's Me Boy
Owned by Pauline Cattell

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Photo   Allegreto Luvabull Zelda [WA] (Miss T M Taylor)
Photo   Angelsteen Winifred  (CH) [VIC] (Melissa Blandamer)
Photo   Antonino For U To Envy [WA] (Miss T M Taylor)
Photo   AUST CH Eddybul Peter Perfect [SA] (Pauline Cattell & Laurie Edwards)
Photo   Badazz Judgement Day ( IMP NZ) [VIC] (L Henricksen & S Wirth)
Photo   Badazz Silverstrong Steel [NZ] (Mr Joe Steel Olivia Vuksick & T Rimene)
Photo   Baybull Making Headlines at Trimbull  (NZ CH) [NZ] (Mr Tipi Rimene)
Photo   Beeman Bringing Sexy Back [NSW] (Hurford/Todd/Bearne)
  Bekaa The Lone Ranger [VIC] (Bekaa Kennels)
Photo   Bellusbulls Proper Madam [VIC] (Terry/Yvonne Meggison)
Photo   Bellusbulls Veritas [VIC] (Terry/Yvonne Meggison)
Photo   Bestofdabest Onslo [SA] (Mr Barry Duncan)
Photo (*) Bewtifulbul Beastie Boy [VIC] (Ben)
Photo   Bewtifulbul Delectabul [VIC] (Mr L Henricksen & Mrs S Wirth)
Photo   Bewtifulbul Miss Molly  (Australian Champion) [QLD] (Amanda Elisaia)
Photo   Bewtifulbul Missitandabit [QLD] (Ms M Lloyd & Mr L Perrett)
Photo   Bostonlakes Baby Lets Cruise [NSW] (B&L A Baker)
Photo   Bostonlakes Hell Yeah Turn It Up [NSW] (B&L Baker)
Photo (*) Bostonlakes kingofthring (AI)  (Aust Ch.) [NSW] (B & L Baker)
Photo   Bostonlakes The Undertaker [VIC] (Darjoce Kennels)
Photo   Bostonlakes Tonka Tuff [QLD] (Mr A C & D N James)
Photo (*) Bostonlakes Triple X  (Aust Ch.) [NSW] (B & L Baker)
Photo   Bratrice Billabong  (NZ Ch) [NZ] (Mr L.R & Mrs R.B Taylor)
Photo (*) Bratrice Deal Breaker  (BIS BISS RUBIS RUBISS Aust Ch) [QLD] (A & L Bearne/GB & SE Edmunds)
  Brayjean Cherry Pie [VIC] (Mr S & Mrs J Bridge)
Photo (*) Brigadier Burst of Fire [NSW] (D & L Podro)
Photo   Brigstock Hellbent Harry  (Aust Ch) [QLD] (Ms M L Halliday)
Photo   Brigstock Naughty Nellie [QLD] (Bridget Halliday)
Photo   Brinsden All Eyes On Me [NZ] (Beverly Dudeck)
Photo (*) Britbull Bart Iggins  (australian supreme champion) [WA] (Ken And Sandra Winter)
Photo (*) Britbull Buddy Fantastic [WA] (Graham Smith)
Photo   Britsbull More Than Words  (NZ Ch) [NZ] (Chad Kerapa)
Photo (*) Bubbasbest Bobby Brown [NSW] (Mario Pace)
Photo   Buffalobully Moschino [NSW] (DJ & LA Podro)
Photo   Buffalobully OMG  (BISS Aust Champ) [QLD] (Jody Williams)
Photo   Buffalobully Pardon [NSW] (Sue Roughley)
Photo   Buffalobully Polly [NSW] (D Charnock)
Photo   Buffalobully Ruby Tues [NSW] (DJ & LA Podro)
Photo   Buldawg Buzzin About  (Ch) [NSW] (Donna Whillock)
Photo   Buldawg Cindy Jane [QLD] (Cindy Elliott)
  Buldawg Geminii [VIC] (Mr S & Mrs J Bridge)
Photo   Buldawg Maka Splash  (Ch) [NSW] (Robert & Carla Smith)
Photo   Buldawg Melissa [NT] (Kelly Dehne)
Photo (*) Buldawg Our Man Godfrey  (BISS BIS Ch) [NSW] (Robert & Carla Smith)
Photo   Buldawg Romping Around [NSW] (Robert & Carla Smith)
Photo   Buldawg Sunsplasher  (Ch) [NSW] (Robert & Carla Smith)
Photo   Buldok Delta Dawn  (Ch) [NSW] (Tracy Klaack)
Photo   Bullbrodie Georgie Poh [VIC] (Mrs P M $Mr C D Ryall)
Photo   Bulldogdom ur so vain  (Australian Champion) [SA] (P& C Sutton ,Becci Dawson)
Photo   Bullestate Double Gold. [NZ] (Peter & Lyn Janssen.)
Photo   Bullestate Enzo Ferrari [NZ] (P & L Janssen.)
Photo (*) Bullestate Extra Special  (NZ Champ) [NZ] (Beverly Dudeck / Izabull Kennel)
Photo (*) Bullestate Lets Do It (IMP NZ) [VIC] (Rougle Park)
Photo (*) Bullestate Man Of Mystery IMP NZ [WA] (Sam & Jane Wigley)
Photo (*) Bullestate Nifty Norton  (RIS Gold Merit NZ CH) [NZ] (John & Elizabeth Morris)
  Bullestate Precious Gem IMP NZ [QLD] (Sam & Jane Wigley)
Photo (*) Bullestate Raisin Bear [NSW] (Leigh Hartill-law)
Photo   Bullestate Royal Dalton [NZ] (Peter & Lyn Janssen.)
Photo   Bullestate Royal Rage [NZ] (John & Elizabeth Morris)
Photo   Bullestate Splashn Gold Dust [NZ] (Peter & Lyn Janssen.)
Photo   Bullestate Trinket Box for Longlands  (RUBISS NZ CH) [NZ] (Tania Toa)
Photo   Bullestate Truly Elegant [NZ] (Peter & Lyn Janssen.)
Photo (*) Bullestate Zambuka Royale  (NZ CH) [NZ] (John & Elizabeth Morris)
  Bullmania bite the bullet [VIC] (S&J Wigley)
Photo   Bullmania Daddys Girl [VIC] (Jane Wigley)
Photo   Bullmania Memphis Raines  (Aust.Ch) [VIC] (Sam & Jane Wigley)
Photo (*) Bullmania Redy To Rumble [VIC] (Sam wigley)
Photo   Bullmania Shelby Mustang [VIC] (Sam & Jane Wigley)
(*) Bullmania Tonka Tuff [VIC] (S&J Wigley)
Photo   Bullmighty Did U Myth Me  (Australian Champion) [VIC] (L Dempsey , P& C Sutton ,)
Photo   Bullmighty Jagged Lil Pill [SA] (Becci Dawson)
Photo   Bullmighty Splasha Trubl  (Multi BIS, BISS Aust Grand champion) [SA] (Becci Dawson)
Photo   Bullmighty True Lies  (RUBIS Aust Champion) [SA] (Becci Dawson)
Photo   Bullmighty Worthda Trubl  (Aust Ch) [SA] (A Mckeown Y Smith Becci Dawson)
Photo   Bullyack Almost Famous [SA] (Bullyack Kennels)
Photo   Bullyack Cuddlepie  (Ch) [SA] (M. B. & C Ackland)
Photo   Bullyack De La Soul [SA] (M&B Ackland)
Photo   Bullyack King Of Pop  (Aust Ch) [SA] (M&B Ackland)
Photo   Bullyack Kssd Byn Angel  (CH) [SA] (M&B Ackland)
Photo   Bullyack Muskateller  (SUPREME CHAMPION) [SA] (Bullyack Kennels)
Photo   Bullyack The Commandor [SA] (M&B Ackland)
Photo   Bullyack The Don  (Ch.) [SA] (Bullyack Kennels)
Photo   Bullyack Thriller  (Aust. Grand Ch.) [SA] (M&B Ackland)
Photo   Bullybabe My Frankie Junior  (Aust Ch.) [VIC] (Brendan Bourke)
Photo   Bullybabe Rock My World [VIC] (L.Barnes)
Photo (*) Bullybabe Rock N Roll [VIC] (Mr B Bourke)
Photo   Bullybratz witchypoo [NSW] (Lynn Sutton)
Photo   Bullybratz Billion Dollar Baby [NSW] (K Love & J Bellamy)
Photo   Bullybratz Gangster Girl [NSW] (K Love & J Bellamy)
Photo   Bullybratz Lithea [NSW] (K Love & J Bellamy)
Photo   Bullybratz Medussa [NSW] (K Love& J Bellamy)
Photo   Bullybratz Mersulah [NSW] (K Love & J Bellamy)
Photo   Bullybratz Precious Posession [NSW] (K love& J Bellamy)
Photo   Bullybratz Red Desire [NSW] (K Love & J Bellamy)
Photo   Bullybratz Widow Maker [NSW] (K Love & J Bellamy)
Photo (*) Bullyforu Lil' Heartbreaker [NZ] (Rodney Johnston)
Photo (*) Bullyroyal Duke Of Hazards  (CH) [NZ] (Suzanne Campbell)
Photo (*) Bullyroyal Show Business [NZ] (Diane Harmon)
Photo   Bulsonparade American Honey  (AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) [QLD] (Amanda Elisaia)
Photo   Bumbullb Ballz N All  (Ch) [NSW] (Tracy Klaack)
Photo   Bumbullb Boo T Lishus (rubiss)  (AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) [NSW] (D.Whillock)
Photo   Bumbullb Hooker Heels  (AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) [NSW] (D.whillock)
Photo   Bumbullb Inmy Red Hyheelz  (Aust Ch) [SA] (Shirley Hall)
Photo   Bumbullb Muffn Top  (AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) [NSW] (D.whillock)
Photo (*) Bumbullb Pokaface  (AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) [NSW] (D.Whillock)
Photo (*) Bumbullb Withya Pantz Down  (AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) [NSW] (D.Whillock)
Photo   Bushypark Honey Bear [NZ] (Rodney Johnston)
Photo   Bushypark Rambling Rose [NZ] (Rodney Johnston)
Photo   Bushypark's Panda Bear [NZ] (Rodney Johnston)
Photo   Cambull Book Of Spells [NZ] (Suzanne Campbell)
  Canute Aphrodite [NZ] (Hazel Willcock)
(*) Canute Atropos [NZ] (Hazel Willcock)
Photo (*) Canute Mr Gabriel Grub [NZ] (Shaun Kelly)
Photo   Canute The Placid One [NZ] (Chad Kerapa)
Photo (*) Canute Xtreme-Makeover [NZ] (Beverly Dudeck/Hazel Willcock)
Photo   Castlerock Tom Dooley at Mattbridge [NZ] (Amanda Rutherford)
Photo   Charmabul Family Jewels [NSW] (Greg & Kerry)
Photo   Charmabul Rumour Haz It [NSW] (Greg & Kerry)
Photo (*) Cherryday's Likely Lad ( UK IMP) [SA] (Adrian Avery)
Photo   Chloson Shes The One [VIC] (Brendan Bourke)
Photo   Cleo Patra Of Kadabra (Imp NZ)  (MULTI RUBISS Aust Grand Champion) [SA] (Cherie Terry)
Photo   Codera Stand And Deliver At Cabulldog ( IMP NZL ) [VIC] (Carolyn .Thomas)
Photo (*) Compatibull Eddie [NSW] (Cec Mustafa)
Photo (*) Coswecan Georgedthird  (Ch) [NSW] (G. Chandler)
Photo   Craigrossie Bnditlkbekm  (Grand Champion) [SA] (M&B Ackland)
Photo   Daddy's Girl of Bushypark [NZ] (Rodney Johnston)
Photo (*) Darjoce Bad Moon Rising [VIC] (Rebecca Coulter)
Photo (*) Darjoce Big man in town [VIC] (Daryl & Jodie Primmer)
Photo (*) Darjoce Big Man In Town [VIC] (Jodie)
Photo (*) Darjoce Naughty Nigel  (Ch) [VIC] (Ian Woodhouse Marg Woodhouse)
Photo (*) Darjoce Naughty Nigel [VIC] (Ian and Margaret Woodhouse)
Photo (*) Darjoce No Second Prize  (BISS AUST CHAMPION) [VIC] (Darjoce kennels)
Photo   Darjoce Norma Jean [VIC] (Darren & Jos Payne)
Photo   Darjoce Ring In [NSW] (B & L Baker)
Photo   Darjoce Short Shortz  (Aust Ch.) [VIC] (Brendan Bourke)
Photo   Darjoce Show No Mercy (ai) [VIC] (Jodie Stevenson)
Photo (*) Darjoce Showdown  (Aust Ch) [QLD] (Bridget Halliday)
Photo   Darjoce Spice Girl [VIC] (I & K Wilson)
Photo   Darjoce Tabloid Junkie  (RUBISS) [VIC] (Darjoce kennels)
Photo   Delrose Lady Bella [VIC] (Rosealee Hall)
Photo   Dewbull Our Jezzabell  (Aust Champ) [SA] (Cherie Terry)
Photo   Dewbull Red Dawn  (Aust Champ) [SA] (Cherie Terry)
Photo   DexLum Devine Mystery [QLD] (DexLum British Bulldogs)
Photo   DexLum Platnum Impact [QLD] (DexLum British Bulldogs)
Photo   Digabul Miss Moneypenny  (Aust Ch) [TAS] (Miss S.M.Chan)
Photo   Doghollow Little Jimmy [NSW] (Sue Roughley)
Photo   Doohandawg Hezza Corker [QLD] (Lisa Bearne)
Photo (*) Doohandawg Hezza Cracker [QLD] (Shannon Bailey)
Photo (*) Doohandawg I Shotda Sheriff  (AUST CH) [WA] (Nino Siciliano)
Photo   Doohandawg Shezza Meltn Moment [QLD] (Lisa Bearne)
Photo   Doohandawg Yippee Ki Yay  (Australian Champion) [QLD] (MRC. WOODROW & Mrs L Bearne)
Photo (*) Doukraan Collateral Coup [NZ] (Tricia Kraan & Kieran Douds)
Photo (*) Doukraan Goldzilla  (Ch) [NZ] (John Lacey)
Photo (*) Doukraan Hellbent for Glory [NZ] (Tricia Kraan & Kieran Douds)
Photo (*) Doukraan Leonardo Da Vinci [NZ] (T van der Pauw Kraan & K Douds)
Photo   Doukraan Lucille Bull  (Bronze Merit Ch) [NZ] (T van der Pauw Kraan & K Douds)
Photo   Doukraan Prominence [NZ] (T Kraan & K Douds)
Photo (*) Doukraan Stellar Charm  (RUBISS    ) [NZ] (T Kraan & K Douds)
Photo   Doukraan Stellar Genesis [NZ] (Tricia Kraan & Kieran Douds)
Photo   Dreamrock Heavenly Red Ruby At Phatheadz  (NZ CH) [NZ] (Michael & Krissie Dellow)
Photo   Eddybul Down Under  (Australian Champion) [ACT] (Laurie Edwards)
Photo   Eddybul English Rose [ACT] (Laurie Edwards)
Photo   Eddybul Girls Got Rhythm [QLD] (Laurie Edwards & Patrice Johansen)
Photo   Eddybul Hells Bells  (Ch) [ACT] (Laurie Edwards)
Photo   Eddybul Mr Crown Prosecutor  (MULTI B.I.S, MULTI RU-B.I.S SUPREME Champion) [ACT] (Laurie Edwards)
Photo   Eddybul Mr Tambourine Man [ACT] (Laurie Edwards)
Photo   Eddybul Standn Deliver  (BISS, MULTI-B.I.S & MULTI RUBIS Australian Supreme Champion) [ACT] (Laurie Edwards)
Photo   Eddybul Stop And Stare [ACT] (Laurie Edwards)
Photo   Eeya Storm Driver [SA] (Mr.B.J.Duncan)
Photo   Elhanan Orphan Annie  (Ch) [VIC] (Selina Cadzow)
Photo   Embolden Brown Sugar [NSW] (R & N Taylor)
Photo   Embolden Elise [NSW] (Miss Justine Clegg (Royalicious Kennels))
Photo   Embolden Fantasma (AI) [NSW] (R & N Taylor)
Photo   Embolden Fire N Ice  (Aust. Champion) [NSW] (Rick & Narelle Taylor)
Photo (*) Embolden Hobtop Tribute (AI)  (Aust Ch :) [NSW] (Miss J.Clegg (Royalicious Kennels))
Photo   Embolden Illusionist  (Aust Champion) [SA] (Cherie Terry)
Photo (*) Embolden Knight Rider (AI)  (BISS Aust Ch.) [NSW] (R & N Taylor)
  Embolden Lady Capulet [VIC] (Ian&Marg Woodhouse)
Photo   Embolden Magenta  (Aust Ch) [NSW] (Rick & Narelle Taylor)
  Embolden Mannequin [NSW] (JP Gemmell)
Photo (*) Embolden Montblanc (Imp Aust)  (NZ CH) [NZ] (L Burgess, K Neale & K Anderson)
Photo   Embolden Mystique [NSW] (Rick & Narelle Taylor)
Photo   Embolden Right Said Fred  (BISS Aust. Ch.) [NSW] (Rick & Narelle Taylor)
Photo (*) Embolden Royal Flush !! HUU CLEAR [SA] (Cherie Terry)
Photo (*) Embolden Rule Breaker  (RUBIS Aust Ch) [NSW] (Rick & Narelle Taylor)
Photo   Embolden Strika Pose (imp Aust) [NZ] (Tania Toa)
Photo   Fullbren Gossip Girl  (BISS   ) [QLD] (Lisa Bearne)
Photo (*) Fullbren Wilbur Wild  (GRAND CHAMPION multi BIS multi BISS multi RBIS) [QLD] (Lisa Bearne)
Photo   Globull Crunch Time  (Aust Ch.) [VIC] (P & A West)
Photo   Globull Infusion  (Aust Ch.) [VIC] (Mr P & Mrs A West)
Photo (*) Globull Maximum Impact  (RUBIS RUBISS Aust Champion) [QLD] (Mrs L Bearne)
Photo   Hallaby Logical Reason  (CH) [VIC] (Melissa Blandamer)
Photo   Headshot First Edition  (Aust Ch) [NSW] (Graham and Lisa Robinson)
Photo   Headshot Renaissance [NSW] (Graham and Lisa Robinson)
Photo   Headshot Rubenesque [NSW] (Graham and Lisa Robinson)
Photo   Headshot Special Edition  (Multi RUBIS BISS Aust Ch) [NSW] (Mr G & Mrs L Robinson)
Photo   Hobtop Peggy Sue (imp UK)  (Aust Ch.) [NSW] (Rick & Narelle Taylor)
Photo   Izabull Starzinyoureyes (Imp NZ) [VIC] (Mr Qui La & Mr Guowie Shao)
Photo (*) Izabull Xtramarks [NZ] (Beverly Dudeck)
Photo   Janayin Anything U Can Do (AI) [VIC] (L Dempsey & J Jansz)

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