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Multi BIS/ BISS Aust Supreme Ch Paseya Rockit TotheStars
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VIC Acidreign Platinum Booty Lush ( huu clear) (Acidreign)
VIC Acidreign Quantumleap (HUU Clear ) (Acidreign)
VIC Angelsteen Winifred (CH) (Melissa Blandamer)
VIC Applaudabull Adem Mercenary (Leah Brookes)
NZ Arcon Last Man Standing (Anita Henderson)
SA AUST CH Eddybul Peter Perfect (Pauline Cattell & Laurie Edwards)
QLD Aylaraby Lord Montagu (Australian Champion) (L Ward)
VIC Babschester Lady Royale (Aust Ch.) (Wilhemina Wright)
VIC Badazz Judgement Day ( IMP NZ) huu clear (L Henricksen & S Wirth)
NSW Bakersbullys Janis Joplin (Lynn Sutton)
NZ Barmere Giggleswick Gal (NZ Ch) (Mrs D Morrison-Teirney)
QLD Beeman Magic Mike (S Hurford / K Todd / A & L Bearne)
NSW Beeman Sassy Sexy Wiggle (HUU CLEAR!!!) (Mr S Hurford& Miss K Todd)
NSW Beeman Vanilla Malt (MR L & MRS T Bowering)
VIC Bekaa The Lone Ranger (Ch.) (Bekaa Kennels)
VIC Bestobritish Queen Of My Heart (K Shaw)
SA Bestofdabest Onslo (Mr Barry Duncan)
QLD Bettabull Eye Candy (HUU Clear) (Maranda Lloyd & Lucas Perrett)
VIC Bewtifulbul Beastie Boy (Ben)
VIC Bewtifulbul Candy Chata Box (Ian and Karlene Wilson)
VIC Bewtifulbul Claybreaker (Ian and Karlene Wilson)
VIC Bewtifulbul Delectabul (Mr L Henricksen & Mrs S Wirth)
NSW Bewtifulbul I Want It All (Angela Reynolds)
QLD Bewtifulbul Missitandabit (HUU Clear) (Ms M Lloyd & Mr L Perrett)
VIC Bewtifulbul Pride and Joy (Ian and Karlene Wilson)
VIC Bewtifulbul Right On Track (Ian and Karlene Wilson)
VIC Bewtifulbul Sandmans Pride (Debra Lowe)
VIC Bewtifulbul She's The Bizness (Ian and Karlene Wilson)
NSW Biezerbuli Sherman (AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) (D Whillock / T Whillock)
VIC Bigvallybull sir luvvva bully (Bree Schneider)
VIC Boombulloom Bring It On (Nicole Zealey)
VIC Boombulloom Distant Dream (Aust. Ch.) (Jillian Holmes Boobulloom Bulldogs)
VIC Boombulloom Great Expectations (Jillian Holmes Boobulloom Bulldogs)
NSW Bostonlakes Baby Lets Cruise (B&L A Baker)
NSW Bostonlakes Hell Yeah Turn It Up (B&L Baker)
NSW Bostonlakes kingofthring (AI) (Aust Ch.) (B & L Baker)
VIC Bostonlakes The Undertaker (Darjoce Kennels)
QLD Bostonlakes Tonka Tuff (Mr A C & D N James)
NSW Bostonlakes Triple X (Aust Ch.) (B & L Baker)
NZ Bratrice Billabong (NZ Ch) (Mr L.R & Mrs R.B Taylor)
WA Bratrice Set Sail (aust ch) (G &o Meyer)
QLD Brigstock Hellbent Harry (Aust Ch) (Ms M L Halliday)
QLD Brigstock Memory Lane (Imp NZ) (Aust Ch) (Bridget Halliday)
VIC Brigstock Midnite Wispas (imp N.Z) (Darjoce Kennels)
QLD Brigstock Naughty Nellie (Bridget Halliday)
TAS Britbull Bart Iggins (australian supreme champion) (Ken And Sandra Winter)
TAS Britbull Our Man Stan Iggins (Ken and sandra winter)
QLD Britishpride Snow White (RUBISS    ) (A & L Bearne / K Todd / S Hurford)
NZ Britsbull More Than Words (NZ Ch) (Chad Kerapa)
NSW Bubbasbest Bobby Brown (Mario Pace)
QLD Buffalobully Fubu (S S Beel)
QLD Buffalobully OMG (BISS Aust Champ) (Jody Williams)
NSW Buffalobully Pardon (Sue Roughley)
NSW Buldawg Buzzin About (Ch) (Donna Whillock)
QLD Buldawg Cindy Jane (Cindy Elliott)
NSW Buldawg Maka Splash (Ch) (Robert & Carla Smith)
NT Buldawg Melissa (Kelly Dehne)
NSW Buldawg Our Man Godfrey (BISS BIS Ch) (Robert & Carla Smith)
SA Buldawg Rebel Rowser (R & C Smith)
NSW Buldawg Romping Around (Robert & Carla Smith)
NSW Buldawg Sunsplasher (Ch) (Robert & Carla Smith)
NSW Buldok Delta Dawn (Ch) (Tracy Klaack)
VIC Bulibrook Harriet (Aust Champ) (Karazma Kennels)
VIC Bulibrook Smashin Babe (Aust Champ) (Karazma Kennels)
QLD Bullantus Mr Flash Gordon (Edward Williams)
VIC Bulldazlyn Blitz em (Darjoce kennels)
SA Bulldogdom ur so vain (Australian Champion) (P& C Sutton ,Becci Dawson)
NZ Bullestate Double Gold. (Peter & Lyn Janssen.)
NZ Bullestate Enzo Ferrari (P & L Janssen.)
QLD Bullestate Precious Gem IMP NZ (Sam & Jane Wigley)
NSW Bullestate Raisin Bear (Leigh Hartill-law)
NZ Bullestate Royal Dalton (Peter & Lyn Janssen.)
NZ Bullestate Splashn Gold Dust (Peter & Lyn Janssen.)
NZ Bullestate Trinket Box for Longlands (RUBISS NZ CH) (Tania Toa)
NZ Bullestate Truly Elegant (Peter & Lyn Janssen.)
NZ Bullestate What A Surprise (Bev Kipa)
VIC Bullmania bite the bullet (S&J Wigley)
VIC Bullmania Daddys Girl (Jane Wigley)
VIC Bullmania Memphis Raines (Aust.Ch) (Sam & Jane Wigley)
VIC Bullmania Redy To Rumble (Sam wigley)
VIC Bullmania Shelby Mustang (Sam & Jane Wigley)
VIC Bullmania Tonka Tuff (S&J Wigley)
VIC Bullmighty Did U Myth Me (Australian Champion) (L Dempsey , P& C Sutton ,)
SA Bullmighty Every LIl Wispa (Becci Dawson)
SA Bullmighty Jagged Lil Pill (Becci Dawson)
SA Bullmighty Nuffn Left To Say (Becci Dawson)
SA Bullmighty Splasha Trubl (Multi BIS, BISS Aust Grand champion) (Becci Dawson)
SA Bullmighty True Lies (RUBIS Aust Champion) (Becci Dawson)
SA Bullmighty Worthda Trubl (Aust Ch) (A Mckeown Y Smith Becci Dawson)
SA Bullyack Almost Famous (Aust. Ch.) (Bullyack Kennels)
SA Bullyack Cuddlepie (Ch) (M. B. & C Ackland)
SA Bullyack De La Soul (M&B Ackland)
SA Bullyack Earth Angel (Bullyack Kennels)
SA Bullyack King Of Pop (Aust Ch) (M&B Ackland)
SA Bullyack Kssd Byn Angel (GRAND CHAMPION) (M&B Ackland)
SA Bullyack Muskateller (SUPREME CHAMPION) (Bullyack Kennels)
SA Bullyack The Commandor (M&B Ackland)
SA Bullyack The Don (Ch.) (Bullyack Kennels)
SA Bullyack Thriller (Aust. Grand Ch.) (M&B Ackland)
VIC Bullybabe Father To Son (Brendan Bourke)
VIC Bullybabe My Frankie Junior (SUPREME CHAMPION) (Brendan Bourke)
VIC Bullybabe My Sweet Lady (Selina Cadzow)
VIC Bullybabe Rock N Roll (Mr B Bourke)
NSW Bullybratz witchypoo (Lynn Sutton)
NSW Bullybratz Billion Dollar Baby (K Love & J Bellamy)
NSW Bullybratz Burning Embers (K Love& J Bellamy)
NSW Bullybratz Elvira (K Love and J Bellamy)
NSW Bullybratz Gangster Girl (K Love & J Bellamy)
NSW Bullybratz Ginger Snaps (K Love and J Bellamy)
NSW Bullybratz Keep On Rollin (K Love and J Bellamy)
NSW Bullybratz Lithea (K Love & J Bellamy)
NSW Bullybratz Medussa (K Love& J Bellamy)
NSW Bullybratz Poppy Longstockings (K Love and J Bellamy)
NSW Bullybratz Precious Posession (K love& J Bellamy)
NSW Bullybratz Thats How We Roll (Kerrie Love & John Bellamy)
NSW Bullybratz Widow Maker (K Love & J Bellamy)
NZ Bullyforu Lil' Heartbreaker (Rodney Johnston)
NZ Bullyroyal Duke Of Hazards (NZCH) (Suzanne Campbell)
NSW Bumbullb Baggy Britches (AUSTRALIAN GRAND CHAMPION) (D Whillock)
NSW Bumbullb Ballz N All (Ch) (Tracy Klaack)
NSW Bumbullb Boo T Lishus (rubiss) (AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) (D.Whillock)
SA Bumbullb Inmy Red Hyheelz (Aust Ch) (Shirley Hall)
NSW Bumbullb Muffn Top (AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) (D.whillock)
NSW Bumbullb No Undi Mundi (Aust Champion) (Donna Whillock)
NSW Bumbullb Oompa Loompa (AUSTRALIAN GRAND CH) (D Whillock)
NSW Bumbullb Reg Grundies (AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) (D Whillock)
NSW Bumbullb Snazzie Tazzie (AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) (D Whillock)
NSW Bumbullb Withya Pantz Down (AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) (D.Whillock)
NZ Bushypark Honey Bear (Rodney Johnston)
NZ Bushypark Rambling Rose (Rodney Johnston)
NZ Bushypark The BigZ (Rodney Johnston)
VIC Cabulldog My Maggiesgirl (Carolyn.Thomas)
VIC Cabulldog My Missmolly (Carolyn .Thomas)
VIC Cabulldog My Royalrascal (Carolyn.Thomas)
VIC Cabulldog My Sweetheart (Carolyn Thomas)
NZ Canute Acheron (T Hubbard & H G Willcock)
NZ Canute Jack Daniels (T Hubbard)
NSW Charmabul Rumour Haz It (Greg & Kerry)
SA Cleo Patra Of Kadabra (Imp NZ) (MULTI RUBISS Aust Grand Champion) (Cherie Terry)
NSW Coswecan Georgedthird (Ch) (G. Chandler)
QLD Courtamar Petro (Edward Williams)
VIC Craigrossie Kinky Boots (Craigrossie Kennels)
SA Craigrossie Bnditlkbekm (Grand Champion) (M&B Ackland)
VIC Craigrossie Kundun (Aust Champ) (Karazma Kennels)
VIC Craigrossie Symphony (Aust Champ) (Karazma Kennels)
NZ Daddy's Girl of Bushypark (Rodney Johnston)
VIC Darjoce Big man in town (Daryl & Jodie Primmer)
VIC Darjoce Darius (Darjoce)
VIC Darjoce Naughty Nigel (Ian and Margaret Woodhouse)
VIC Darjoce Naughty Nigel (Ch) (Ian Woodhouse Marg Woodhouse)

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