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Australian Champion Epi Golden Girl
Owned by Cara Hawkins

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Photo   Adrahil A Secret Of Keepsakes  (Australian Champion) [WA] (Lisa)
Photo   Adrahil Burning With Desire [NSW] (Rick Carter)
Photo   Adrahil Frank The Butcher  (Australian Champion) [NSW] (Rick Carter)
Recent Photo Uploaded   Adrahil Fred The Fireman [NSW] (Rick Carter)
Photo   Adrahil In The Midnight Hour [NSW] (Rick Carter)
  Adrahil Little Susie [NSW] (C Roberts)
Photo   Adrahil Oh So Proud [NSW] (Rick Carter)
Photo   Adrahil Piece Of My Heart  (Australian Champion) [NSW] (Peta Reid)
Photo   Adrahil Shot By N Angel  (Australian Champion) [NSW] (Rick Carter)
Photo   Adrahil Shotgun Love  (Australian Champion) [NSW] (Courtney and Simon Locke)
Photo   Adrahil Written In The Stars  (Australian Champion) [NSW] (Jane.)
Photo   Allamanda Chanelle [SA] (Mrs G. Keley)
Photo (*) Allamanda Man Power  (Champion) [QLD] (Ann Parker)
Photo (*) Allamanda Navajo Warrior [QLD] (Ann Parker)
Photo (*) Allamanda White Lightning  (Aust Ch) [NSW] (Kimberley Pearce)
Photo   Allamanda Zias Girl [NSW] (Lisa Nikolovski)
Photo   Allsan A Star is born  (Ch) [NSW] (A L & S webster)
Photo   Allsan A Star Is Born  (Australian Champion) [VIC] (K A and S F Arndt)
Photo (*) Allsan Beleive in Me  (CH) [NSW] (Pam Brennan & Nancy Gate)
Photo (*) Allsan Bold As Brass [NSW] (Alby)
Photo (*) Allsan fame n Fortune  (aust Champion) [NSW] (A L & S webster)
Photo   Allsan Fame N Fortune  (Aust ch) [SA] (Lyn Gilliam)
Photo   Allsan I Am A Midnite Gift  (Aust ch) [SA] (Lyn & Roy Gilliam)
Photo   Allsan I Am A Perfict Gift  (CH) [NSW] (A L & S webster)
Photo   Allsan I Am Arising Star  (GRAND CHAMPION) [SA] (Lyn Gilliam)
Photo (*) Allsan I am what U C  (Aust Ch) [QLD] (June Evans)
Photo   Allsan iam Abeutiful Star  (Ch) [NSW] (a l & S Webster)
Photo (*) Allsan Iam Aiming High  (Grand Ch) [NSW] (A&S Webster)
Photo (*) Allsan Iam So Good  (Grand Champion) [NSW] (A&S Webster)
Photo   Allsan Little Melody  (Aust ch) [SA] (Lyn Gilliam, Yorkmanor)
Photo   Allsan Midnight Melody  (Australian Grand Champion) [NSW] (Lyn Gilliam)
Photo   Allsan Midnite Majic  (BIS & BISS (Ch) Australian Champion) [SA] (Lyn Gilliam)
Photo   Allsan Ode To Patrick  (Aust ch) [SA] (Lyn & Roy Gilliam)
Photo   Alsan Start Of Something Big [NSW] (Al &s, Webster)
  Amorechi Aim For Fame  (Grand Ch) [QLD] (Ray & Naomi Drews)
Photo   Armanichi Battle of Wills  (Aust Gr Ch) [VIC] (Mrs Sue Sparkman)
Photo   Bendonichi Elsa Mexicana [VIC] (Monica Scott)
Photo   Bendonichi Greta Garbo [VIC] (Ms. G. Donnan)
Photo   Bendonichi Jean Harlow [VIC] (Ms. G. Donnan)
Photo   Bendonichi Marlon Brando [VIC] (Ms. G. Donnan)
Photo   Bendonichi Prince Charming [VIC] (Monica Scott)
Photo (*) Bettachi Imflash Starman  (Aust Champion) [SA] (Dianne & Kylie Sunman)
Photo   Bramver's Power Of Love At Toyopet (imp Japan) [QLD] (Hej Bright)
Photo   Bramvers Abner (Imp Jap)  (Champion) [QLD] (Hej Bright)
Photo (*) Bramvers Little Bear (Imp Jap)  (Aust Ch) [SA] (K Sunman & K & R Schonrock)
Photo (*) Braperemi Blessed By Benedict  (Aust Ch) [QLD] (D.Horwell)
Photo   Braperemi Iron Will  (Australian Champion) [NSW] (K A Cunningham)
Photo (*) Braperemi Killinem  (Aust Ch) [NSW] (E Reid)
Photo   Braperemi Nothing Compares  (Ch) [NSW] (P Reid)
Photo   Braperemi Shotinthdark  (Grand Ch) [NSW] (Peta Reid)
Photo   Burrunbarchi Channel [VIC] (Trulore Kennels)
Photo   Cairford Murder She Wrote [NSW] (D & R Byrne)
Photo   Cairford Partylikethersnotmoro [NSW] (D & R Byrne)
Photo   Calysta All Or Nothing [NSW] (C & S Locke)
Photo (*) Calysta Blaze Of Glory  (Australian Champion) [NSW] (Courtney and Simon Locke)
Photo   Calysta Brew N The Best  (RUBISS Australian Champion) [NSW] (Courtney & Simon Locke)
Photo   Calysta Forever More  (Australian Champion) [NSW] (Courtney and Simon Locke)
Photo   Calysta Jewelin Thecrown [NSW] (Courtney & Simon Locke)
Photo   Calysta Werent Born To Follow  (Australian Champion) [NSW] (Simon and Courtney Locke)
Photo (*) Cameogems Twinx Comet  (Aust CH) [WA] (P & E Chandler)
Photo   Carinhas Georgy Girl [VIC] (Kim Anderson)
Photo   Carinhas Gold Class  (Aust CH) [VIC] (Kim Anderson)
Photo   Carinhas Lexus Aurora [VIC] (Kim Anderson)
Photo   Chardell Bound For Glory  (CH) [NT] (Mrs D Chard (Chardell Kennels))
Photo (*) Chardell Snow Hawk  (BIS Aust Grand Champion) [NT] (Diane Chard - Chardell Kennels)
Photo   Chardell XFactor [NT] (Sarah Gordon)
Photo   Cheekychi Best O Ze Best  (INTERNATIONAL CH,Aust CH,Czech CH,R/U BISS,BISS) [NSW] (Sheree Simkova)
Photo   Cheekychi Blonds Have More Fun  (Aust Ch) [NSW] (Tracey Wright)
Photo (*) Cheekychi Fly The Banna  (MULTI BISS Aust Champion) [NSW] (Tracey Wright)
Photo (*) Cheekychi Im Impressed  (Aust CH) [NSW] (Tracey Wright)
Photo   Cheekychi Must B N Angel  (Australian Champion) [NSW] (Cara Hawkins)
Photo   Cheekychi Pure Blonde [NSW] (Tracey Wright)
Photo   Cheekychi Sweet Talker  (BISS Aust Ch) [VIC] (Tracey Wright & Emma-Lee Slavin)
Photo   Chidolls Decadence [VIC] (Mrs Sue Sparkman)
Photo   Chidolls Ferrari Enzo  (BISS Australian Champion) [VIC] (Leonie Bohm)
Photo   Chidolls Glitzy Glam  ((MULTI) BISS, RUBIS Australian Champion) [VIC] (Leonie Bohm)
Photo   Chidolls Miss California  (Australian Grand Champion) [VIC] (Mrs Sue Sparkman)
Photo   Chidolls Ooh La La Billie  (Australian Champion) [VIC] (Sue Sparkman)
Photo   Chidolls Shelby Cobra [VIC] (Sanrita Chihuahuas)
Photo   Chidolls Sparklee [VIC] (Leonie Bohm)
Photo (*) Chihevn Dream Spirit  (Australian Champion) [QLD] (Mrs J.Mannell)
Photo   Chimala Jewel Of The Nile [NSW] (Kimberley J Pearce)
Photo   Chisanchi Cookies N Cream [QLD] (Sandi Lee)
Photo   Chisanchi Rogues Lil Rascal [QLD] (Mrs S Lee)
Photo   Chitoy Cavalleria Xanadu [VIC] (Nicky Kisler)
Photo   Chitoy Iolanthe Xanadu [VIC] (Vin & Maureen Seppings - CHITOY)
Photo   Chitoy Misstique Xanadu  (Aust. Ch.) [VIC] (Vin & Maureen Seppings - CHITOY)
Photo   Chitoy Orpheus Xanadu [VIC] (Vin & Maureen Seppings - CHITOY)
Photo   Chitoy Viva Le Romeo [VIC] (Vin & Maureen Seppings - CHITOY)
Photo   Cogglyn Watta Boy [NSW] (Anna & Peter Schultze)
Photo   Da Vinci of Kaybelle  (NZ.CH) [NZ] (Cheryl & Peter McKay)
Photo   Da-Lady-Jemima of Teddee  (NZ. CH.) [NZ] (Cheryl McKay)
Photo (*) Dearchi Beau Washington  (Multi BISS/Multi RUBISS/AUSTRALIAN GRAND CHAMPION) [VIC] (Mrs K.M. Dearness)
Photo (*) Dearchi Brodie Washington [VIC] (K.M.Dearness)
Photo (*) Dearchi Cadel Washington  (Australian Champion) [VIC] (K. M. Dearness)
Photo (*) Dearchi Chad Chippafield [VIC] (K.M.Dearness)
Photo   Dearchi Crystal Moonlite  (Australian Champion) [VIC] (K.M. Dearness)
Photo   Dearchi Dreams R Made  (BIS Australian GRAND Champion) [QLD] (Amanda Thompson)
Photo   Dearchi Fairyfloss at Seymour  (ch) [NSW] (P & J Coyte)
Photo   Dearchi Fancy Ribbons [VIC] (K.M. Dearness)
Photo   Dearchi Follow That Dream [VIC] (K.M. Dearness)
Photo (*) Dearchi Heza Sizzler [QLD] (Mrs J.M.Mannell)
Photo (*) Dearchi Kimba Washington  (Australian Champion) [VIC] (Ms. A. Parkin.)
Recent Photo Uploaded   Dearchi Livin The Dream [QLD] (Amanda Thompson)
Photo   Dearchi Miss Xanadu  (Aust. Ch.) [VIC] (Vin & Maureen Seppings - CHITOY)
Photo   Dearchi motown Melody  (BISS/R/U BISS AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) [VIC] (K.M. Dearness)
Photo   Dearchi Scoota Washington [VIC] (K.M. Dearness)
Photo (*) Dearchi Sonny Washington  (ROYAL R/U GROUP/multi R/U BIS/multi BISS/multiRUBISS AUSTRALIAN GRAND CHAMPION) [VIC] (Mrs Kathy Dearness (Dearchi))
Photo   Dearchi Sugarcandy at Seymour  (Australian Champion) [VIC] (Goh Mui Hwa(Singapore))
Photo   Dearchi Viva Xanadu  (Aust. Ch.) [VIC] (Vin & Maureen Seppings - CHITOY)
Photo   Dearchi Xanadu Quintana  (BIS/RUBIS Australian Grand Champion) [VIC] (Vin & Maureen Seppings - CHITOY)
Photo   Decerto Diamond Dazzler  (Aust. Ch) [QLD] (Dianne horwell)
Photo   Diamonchi Rokabili Rebl [QLD] (R James)
Photo   Diamonchi Russian Kosak  (Aust Ch) [QLD] (R James)
Photo   Eevyon Akamaru [QLD] (R James)
Photo   Eevyon Celestic Umbra [QLD] (R. James)
Photo   Eevyon Cerulean Geisha [QLD] (R. James)
Photo   Eevyon Lucarios Gambit [QLD] (R. James)
Photo (*) Egdim Indiana Jones  (Australian Champion) [VIC] (K.M. Dearness (Dearchi Kennels))
Photo   El Toro Chips Off Old Block  (AUST CH/NZ CH) [WA] (P & E Chandler)
Photo   El Toro Classy Lady(imp Nz)  (Aust Ch) [WA] (P & E Chandler)
Photo   El Toro Spark In The Dark  (NZ Ch) [NZ] (Y Tester S Jones)
Photo   El-Toro Chips of Ebony  (NZ. CH.) [NZ] (Cheryl & Peter McKay)
Photo   El-Toro Chips Of Marble (IMP NZ)  (CH) [NSW] (PW and JP Coyte)
Photo   El-Toro Chiquita  (NZ. CH) [NZ] (Cheryl & Peter McKay)
Photo   El-Toro Hot to Trot of Teddee (Imp NZ)  (BISS Australian Champion) [NSW] (Cara Hawkins)
Photo   El-Toro Josephine Smokey Blue  (NZ. CH.) [NZ] (Cheryl & Peter McKay)
Photo   El-Toro Satchee Supremo  (NZ. CH.) [NZ] (Cheryl & Peter McKay)
Photo (*) El-Toro Taranaki Buddy-Boy(imp NZL)  (Aust. Ch) [NSW] (B.G.& C.S. Riddell)
Photo   El-Toro Taranaki Pearl (Imp N.Z.)  (Ch) [NSW] (B.G & C.S.Riddell)
Photo   El-Toro The Sky's The Limit (Imp NZ) [NT] (Nicki Gibson)
Photo (*) El-Toro The Taranaki Terror (Imp NZ)  (Aust & NZ Ch) [QLD] (J. Mannell)
Photo (*) Eldivino Maestro Boston  (NZ Ch) [NZ] (Kathy Morton)
Photo   Eldunde Paws F Aplaws  (Aust Ch) [SA] (Karen Tucker)
Photo   Elmexicano Akira [QLD] (R James)
Photo   Epi Golden Girl  (Australian Champion) [NSW] (Cara Hawkins)
Photo   Epi Must B N Idol  (Australian Champion) [NSW] (Cara Hawkins)
Photo   Epi Numero Uno [NSW] (Jennifer Conquest)
Recent Photo Uploaded   Epi With A Twist [NSW] (Cara Hawkins)
Photo   Espero Blazing Saddles [NSW] (Mrs Pam Brennan and Ms Deborah Kent)
Photo   Espero Diamonds Are Forever  (AUST. CHAMPION) [SA] (Mrs.I. Nichools)
Photo   Espero Hit Man [QLD] (Ann Parker)
Photo   Espero Merci Beaucoup  (Aust Ch) [NSW] (V Morse)
Photo   Espero Pistol Packn Mama  (BIS/BISS/R/U BISS Aust CH) [NSW] (Pam Brennan)
Photo   Forangee Emily Grace [VIC] (Cathy Stirling)
Photo   Forangee Time To Tango [VIC] (Ms A Parkin)
Photo (*) Gates Mr Debut  (Aust.Ch.) [QLD] (Ms J.Callan)
Photo   Gyplea Apricot Delight [NSW] (Jayde)
Photo   Gyplea LittleHussler [VIC] (Sonya)
Photo (*) Hollychi Black Magic  (Aust CH) [VIC] (David Sempel)
  Hollychi Dare to Dream [VIC] (Karen McCabe)
  Hollychi Diamonds In The Sky [VIC] (Kathy Fry)
  Hollychi Honeysuckle Hugs [VIC] (Karen McCabe)
Photo   Hollychi Lady Antebellum  (Ch) [VIC] (Karen McCabe)
Photo (*) Hollychi Ned Kelly  (Aust CH) [VIC] (Nathan Sempel)
Photo (*) Hollychi Right Royal Charlie  (Australian Champion) [VIC] (KA And SF Arndt)
Photo   Hollychi Sonnys Irish Lady  (Champion) [VIC] (Mrs K. McCabe)
  Hollychi Sweet Magnolia [VIC] (Karen McCabe)
Photo   Hollychi White Diamonds  (Grand Champion) [VIC] (Mrs K. McCabe)
Photo   Incasunrise Indigo [QLD] (Ann Parker)
Photo (*) Jaja Buffulo Bear [QLD] (Mrs J.Mannell)
  Jaja Buffulo Bill [QLD] (Ray & Naomi Drews)
  Jaja Dallas [QLD] (Ray & Naomi Drews)
  Jaradisechi Heavenly Romeo [VIC] (Karen McCabe/ J.Jordan)
Photo   Jaradisechi kissed by an Angel [VIC] (Karen McCabe/J.Jordan)
Photo   Jatona Tina's Arena [NSW] (D.G. & J.Y, Herboldt (Jatona Chihuahua))
Photo   Jayjess Lil Darlin  (Aust Ch) [SA] (E, C & G Teakel)
Photo   Jennichis Believe In Dreams [QLD] (J Richardson)
  JenniChis Lone Piper  (MCIG Australian Champion) [QLD] (Jennifer McKell)
Photo   JenniChis On Wings Ov An Angel [QLD] (Jennifer McKell)
Photo (*) JenniChis Rhythm N Blues  (Australian Champion) [QLD] (Jennifer McKell)
Photo   JenniChis Stairway To Th Stars [QLD] (Jennifer McKell)
Photo (*) Kaliente Argyle  (Supreme Champion) [NSW] (D & R. Byrne)
Photo   Kedar Bring It On [NSW] (Ros Bailey)
Photo   Kedar Domino Effect  (Aust Champion) [NSW] (Mrs K M Morris)
Photo   Kedar Henry's Snowball [NSW] (K M Morris)
Photo   Kedar Mi Poly  (Aust Ch) [NSW] (Mrs K Morris)
Photo   Kedar Never Ending Rumour [NSW] (Mrs K M Morris)
Photo   Kelvisite Heartbreaker [NSW] (Miss K A Cunningham)
Photo   Kelvisite Highlights  (RUBISS Australian Champion) [NSW] (K. Cunningham)
Photo   Kelvisite Naughty Henry  (RUBIS RUBISS Australian Champion) [NSW] (Miss K A Cunningham)
Photo   Kelvisite Sweet Like Poison [NSW] (K.Cunningham)
Photo   Kelvisite Sweet N Sour [NSW] (Miss K A Cunningham)
Photo (*) Kfinch Aussie Idol  (BIS & BISS Aust Grand Ch) [SA] (Dianne & Kylie Sunman)
Photo   Kfinch Australian Idol  (CH) [NSW] (D.G. & J.Y, Herboldt (Jatona Chihuahua))
Photo   Kfinch Hes Got Talent [WA] (Aristic Kennels)
Photo   Kfinch Honky Tonk Girl [NSW] (Anna & Peter Schultze)
Photo   Kfinch Pick the Winner  (Aust. CH.) [NSW] (K Finch / M West)
Photo   Kfinch Undercover Cop  (Australian Champion) [NSW] (Kris Finch & Cara Hawkins)
Photo (*) Kristy's Pride Bloody Sunday( imp NL) [QLD] (Mrs J M Mannell)
Photo   Kuchukopek Midnite Akira  (Ch) [SA] (Irene Nicholls)
Photo   Kuchukopek Midnite Venus  (AUST. CH) [SA] (Irene Nicholls)
Photo   Lanas Legacy Orlando imp Latvia  (nz ch) [NZ] (Y Tester)
Photo   Lovitchi Jason Jnr [VIC] (Melissa Smith)
Photo   Lovitchi Master Yoda [VIC] (Melissa)
Photo   Mancuso Little Charmer  (MCIG Australian Champion) [QLD] (J. Richardson & J. McKell)
Photo   Mancuso Master Of The Game [NSW] (P & J Coyte)
Photo   Manoah Mi Good As Gold [NSW] (Ros Bailey)
Photo   Manoah My Cute Possum [NSW] (Ros Bailey)
Photo   Manoah Star Attraction [NSW] (R Bailey)

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