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 Tahgaen Benchmark
Owned by Paul Boyd & Gordon Reynolds

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  Alhambra Ricky Gervaise [WA] (N J Boekelman)
Photo   Alhambra Shirley Bassey [QLD] (J & T Sharpe and M & K Keely)
Photo   Amblespring Cinque Bella  (Ch) [SA] (T & S Webb)
Photo   Amblespring Cinque Riki  (Ch) [SA] (T & S Webb)
Photo   Amblespring Claude Carbon [SA] (Alex Heitmann)
Photo   Amblespring Coco Chanel  (Ch) [SA] (Trevor & Sonia Webb)
Photo (*) Amblespring IL Mondo  (Ch) [SA] (T, S & J Webb)
Photo   Amblespring Louis Roederer [SA] (T & S Webb)
Photo (*) Amblespring Ralph Lauren  (Ch) [SA] (Trevor & Sonia Webb)
Photo   Amblespring Vueve Clicquot  (Aus Ch) [TAS] (Trevor & Sonia Webb)
Photo   Amelish Lady O glen  (Aust Ch) [NSW] (K and T Denny)
Photo (*) Amelish Mr Monk [NSW] (K& T Denny)
Photo   Amelish Person Of Interest [NSW] (K&t Denny)
Photo   Amelish Pride O Erin  (Aust Ch) [NSW] (Kevin and Tracey Denny)
Photo   Amelish Trust No One [NSW] (K&t Denny)
Photo   Arawhiti Love Calling Earth  (NZ CH) [NZ] (Lyn Sumner)
Photo (*) Arawhiti Mr Fahrenheit  (NZ Grand CH & Aust Sup Ch) [NZ] (Nigel and Robynne Trainor)
Photo (*) Arawhiti O Wot A Buzz [NZ] (Nigel & Robynne Trainor)
Photo   Arawhiti Rock DJ  (NZ CH) [NZ] (Nigel and Robynne Trainor)
Photo   Arawhiti Shoot N Star (Imp NZ)  (Aust Grand Ch) [VIC] (Chris Stobbie/Robert and Wendy Stobbie)
(*) Arawhiti Sir Psycho Sexy [NZ] (Aleisha & Denise Velenski & A Trainor)
Photo   Arawhiti Uniquely Me [NZ] (Lyn Sumner,& Nigel and Robynne Trainor)
Photo   Arawhiti Wot u lookn at  (NZ Grand Champion) [QLD] (N Trainor, R Stockham)
Photo   Artedosa imp sp [SA] (mrs K Callery)
Photo   Ashanti Lilli Marlene [NZ] (LynSumner)
Photo   Ashanti Rose Royale [NZ] (Lyn Sumner)
Photo   Ashanti Santorini  (NZ CH) [NZ] (Lyn Sumner)
Photo   Azucroft Dressed In Black [NSW] (Robynne Woolcock)
Photo (*) Azucroft Jailhouse Rock  (Aust Ch) [NSW] (Robert & Yvonne Lauder)
Photo   Azucroft Mickie James  (Aust Ch) [NSW] (Rikki Touzell)
Photo (*) Azucroft Saintly  (Grand CH) [NSW] (Mrs K Perkiss)
Photo   Azucroft Wears Prada [SA] (Sarah Auld (nee Bennett))
Photo (*) Azudance Little Lion Man  (Aust Ch) [NSW] (Miss M Lauder)
Photo (*) Azudance On Broadway  (Aust. Grand Ch) [NSW] (Miss M Lauder)
Photo   Azudance Singing In The Rain  (Ch) [NSW] (Helen Stanford)
Photo   Baghasdail Be Blest  (Aust Ch) [VIC] (Anita Stewart)
Photo   Bascena U Cant C Me [NSW] (Rikki Touzell)
Photo   Beautelle B Leevit Ornot  (Aust CH) [SA] (Miss A Marsden & Mr S & Mrs J Wraith)
Photo   Beautelle Sea Breeze  (Ch) [VIC] (Kinsheran Kennels)
Photo (*) Birchlands Crown Choice (Imp NZ)  (Aust Ch) [SA] (Renee and Jo Hartnett)
Photo (*) Birchlands Crown Royal (IMP NZ)  (Aust Ch) [SA] (Merchant/Hartnett/Rasche/Parker)
Photo   Brynfield Black Tie Affair  (Australian Champion) [QLD] (Debbie Angel & Margaret Whitfield)
Photo   Brynfield Hotoff Thpress  (Supreme Champion) [QLD] (Debbie Angel & Margaret Whitfield)
Photo   Burchfield Dimonds On Ice (Ai)  (Ch) [NSW] (Carolyn Burch & Melinda Perrett)
Photo   Burchfield Dream Catcher [NSW] (C Burch/M Perrett)
Photo   Burchfield Nordic Ice (ai)  (Ch) [NSW] (Carolyn Burch)
Photo   Burchfield Secret Dreams [NSW] (C Burch/M Perrett)
Photo   Burchfield Thomas Magnum  (Ch) [NSW] (Carolyn Burch & Melinda Perrett)
Photo   Burlishcharm Beauty [NSW] (Denise Dwyer)
Photo   Burlishcharm Runvor Ice [NSW] (Denise Dwyer)
Photo (*) Calvdale Smooth Criminal (Imp UK)  (Australian Champion) [VIC] (Ms S Raine&Mr E Glass Mr K&L Brown)
Photo   Cardhu Deal Or No Deal  (AUST CH) [VIC] (Lyn Ayres)
Photo   Cardhu Flat Bush Burning [NSW] (E & M Borg)
Photo   Cardhu Flatbush Dreaming [VIC] (Jan Waite)
Photo   Cardhu Honky Tonk Woman  (Aus Ch) [VIC] (Jan Waite)
Photo   Cardhu Love That Man [VIC] (Jan Waite)
Photo   Cardhu Scents of Power (Multi BIS, BISS, Multi RUBIS, RUBISS, Multi BIG, Multi RUBIG, Muliti CIS & CISS)  (Aust CH) [NSW] (E & M Borg)
Photo   Cardhu Scentually Yours  (Aust CH:) [NSW] (E & M Borg)
Photo   Cardhu Strictly Whatever [VIC] (Jan Waite)
Photo   Cardhu Tainted Love  (Aust Ch) [VIC] (Lyn Ayres)
Photo   Cardhu Under My Thumb [NSW] (E & M Borg)
Photo   Cardhu When You Believe [VIC] (Jan Waite)
Photo   Cardhu Who Dares Wins  (Aus Ch) [VIC] (Jan Waite)
Photo   Cathatina Duke Of Hazard [QLD] (Elizabeth McShane)
  Cathatina Whispers In The Wind [QLD] (Sharyn Phillips & Catherine Williams)
Photo   Coranderrk Delta Dawn  (Aust CH) [WA] (Denise Mosley)
Photo   Coranderrk Designer Label  (BIS RUBISS Aust Gr Ch) [ACT] (G & F Quinlan)
Photo   Coranderrk Faith  (Aust Ch) [ACT] (G and F Quinlan)
Photo   Coranderrk Flame Tree  (Aust Ch) [ACT] (G and F Quinlan)
Photo (*) Coranderrk Timeless  (Aust Ch) [ACT] (B E and Dr J A O'Shannassy)
Photo   Coranderrk True Blue  (Aust Ch) [ACT] (G and F Quinlan)
Photo (*) Coranderrk Wild One  (Aust Grand Ch) [ACT] (Meaghan O'Shannassy)
Photo   Deferlee Fateful Attraction  (Aus Ch.) [NSW] (R.W. & L Corbett)
Photo   Deferlee Kiwi Express [NSW] (R W&L Corbett & D &R Stockham)
Photo   Deferlee Matilda Blue  (Aus Grand Ch) [NSW] (Rob & Lee-Ann Corbett)
Photo   Deferlee Starof Therings  (MBIS BISS MRUIS/RUISS Supreme Ch) [NSW] (Deferlee Kennels)
Photo   Fairsky Boston Strangler CCD  (Neut Ch) [VIC] (Lyn Ayres)
Photo   Flashboy Gift to Thorneycroft [NZ] (Mrs W van Diepen)
Photo (*) Fraelighte Checkered Flag [TAS] (Mrs C Gangell & Ms S Gangell)
Photo   Fraelighte Fantom Menace  (MBISS MBIS Aust Supreme Ch) [QLD] (Kaye McGhie & Jessica Jolly)
Photo (*) Fraelighte Feel The Beat  (Aust Ch) [NSW] (Mrs K Perkiss)
Photo   Fraelighte Fly Me To The Moon (Imp NZ)  (Aust Ch) [QLD] (Kaye McGhie/Jessica Jolly/Paige O'Neill)
Photo   Fraelighte Foreign Dream  (Aust Grand Ch) [QLD] (Mr & Mrs D. & C. Rudd)
Photo   Fraelighte Formal Affair [QLD] (Kristofer Crane and Kaye McGhie)
Photo (*) Fraelighte Formula One  (MBIS & MBISS American/Canadian Ch & Aust Supreme Ch) [VIC] (Jessica Jolly & Kaye McGhie)
Photo (*) Fraelighte Full Frontal  (Aust. Grand. Ch.Swd. Ch) [NSW] (Mr R & Mrs Y Lauder & Miss K McGhie)
Photo   Fraelighte Fun And Games  (Aust Gr & NZ Ch) [VIC] (Jessica Jolly & Kaye McGhie)
Photo   Fraelighte In A Frenzy  (Aust Ch) [QLD] (Kaye McGhie & Jessica Jolly)
Photo   Fraelighte In The Fastlane [QLD] (Kaye McGhie & Jessica Jolly)
Photo   Fraelighte Secret Formula  (Aust Ch) [QLD] (Chikako Rudd)
Photo   Gaelforce Guernica [NT] (Nikki & Peter Jones)
Photo (*) Hathaway Feste [NSW] (Christine Streater)
Photo (*) High Score River-Runs-Wild (Imp Sweden)  (BIS Swedish Show Ch, Norwegian Show Champion & Australian Supreme Champion) [TAS] (Terry & Jeanne Skudder)
Photo   Jedaka Designer Belle  (BISS Aust Ch) [QLD] (Miss. K. R Jenkins)
Photo   Jedaka Here I Am [NSW] (Robynne Woolcock)
Photo   Jedaka I Am What I Am [QLD] (Miss K. R. Jenkins)
Photo   Jedaka Tell Em Their Dreaming  (Aust Ch) [TAS] (J Skudder & K Jenkins)
Photo (*) Kaetamy Golden Bandit  (BIS Aust Ch) [QLD] (E McShane)
Photo   Kaetamy Kant Touch This  (Aust. Ch.) [QLD] (E McShane)
Photo   Kaetamy Komand N Konker  (Aust. Ch.) [QLD] (Elizabeth McShane)
Photo   Kandawyn Ghost Drop [QLD] (E McShane)
Photo   Kinsheran Anastasia  (Aust Ch) [NSW] (L Cameron and R Tindall)
Photo   Kinsheran Arising In Time (ai)  (Aust Ch) [VIC] (Kinsheran Kennels)
Photo   Kinsheran Bagavad Gita  (Neutered Ch) [VIC] (Lyn Brown)
Photo   Kinsheran Cosi Fan Tutte  (Aust Ch) [VIC] (Kinsheran Kennels)
Photo (*) Kinsheran Darcy Dulton  (Supreme Champion) [VIC] (Anita Stewart)
Photo   Kinsheran Dorabella  (Ch.) [VIC] (Mrs A Stewart)
Photo   Kinsheran Etta James [VIC] (Anna Dixon)
Photo (*) Kinsheran Ferrando  (Aust Ch) [VIC] (Vin McPhee)
Photo (*) Kinsheran Kilimanjaro  (Supreme Champion / Multi BISS) [VIC] (Vin McPhee)
Photo   Kinsheran Kiss Chasey  (CH) [VIC] (M C Gostelow)
Photo   Kinsheran Manyanna  (Ch) [SA] (Trevor & Sonia Webb)
Photo   Kinsheran Nigella  (Ch) [VIC] (Kinsheran Kennels)
  Kinsheran Paschal [VIC] (Maureen Gostelow)
Photo   Kinsheran Time Honored  (Ch) [VIC] (Anita Stewart)
Photo   Kynadie Chart Topper  (GR CH) [SA] (D&M Harvey)
Photo (*) Kynadie Dubble Oh Sevn CD AD ET JD  (CH) [SA] (Mrs K McFarlane)
Photo   Kynadie Ghangeya  (Aust.Gr.Ch) [SA] (Alex Heitmann)
Photo   Kynadie Loving Image  (Ch) [SA] (Sarah Auld (nee Bennett))
Photo   Kynadie Time After Time [SA] (Manuela Harvey)
Photo   Kynadie Time and Time Again [SA] (Manuela Harvey)
Photo   Kynadie Time Is Of The Essence  (Aust Ch) [SA] (Manuela Harvey)
Photo   Kynadie Turn Back Time [SA] (Mrs Carolyn Bennett & Mrs Sarah Auld)
Photo   Larona Ahead of the Game [WA] (N J Boekelman)
Photo   Larona Lace Teddy  (BISS Aust Ch) [QLD] (Sharyn Phillips)
Photo   Larona Living On The Edge [QLD] (Sharyn Phillips)
Photo   Larona Memoir  (Aust . Ch) [QLD] (Sharyn Phillips)
Photo   Larona Memories [NSW] (Robynne Woolcock)
Recent Photo Uploaded   Larona Twirl For Effect (AI) [QLD] (R Arnott & S Phillips)
Photo   Larona Wing and a Prayer  (Aust Ch) [QLD] (Sharyn Phillips)
Photo (*) Larona Wings Of An Eagle  (Aust Ch) [QLD] (Sharyn Phillips)
Photo (*) Maketawa Fire Storm  (Aust Ch) [QLD] (Karen Jenkins)
Photo   Margalit Grace Devine [WA] (Jean Saville)
Photo   Margalit Im So Devine  (Aust Ch) [NSW] (Miss T Perkiss)
Photo   Mertoness Princess Polly CCD ET  (Ch Neut Ch) [NSW] (Helen Stanford)
Photo (*) Mewsdale All You Want  (Multi BISS, BIS Aust Ch) [VIC] (Mrs S Gillingham & Mr R & Mrs M West)
Photo   Mewsdale Cat ona hottin Roof  (Aus Ch) [VIC] (Mr G & Mrs S GILLINGHAM)
Recent Photo Uploaded   Mythril A Brick In The Wall (A.I) [VIC] (Lyn Ayres)
Photo (*) Nabridyne New Kid In Town [SA] (Sarah Auld (nee Bennett))
Photo (*) Ndolge Think Big  (Aust Ch) [NSW] (JV & TA Sharpe and Amanda Borg)
Photo (*) Ngaruru Dont Stop Me Now  (Aust & NZ Grand) [NZ] (E livingston, I Mitchell, R Trainor)
Photo   Ngaruru Fat Bottomed Girl at Arawhiti [NZ] (Nigel, Robynne and Amy Lee Trainor)
Photo (*) Oakspur Academy Replay  (Aust Ch) [QLD] (Mr S A Farmer)
Photo   Oakspur Ambers Boy [WA] (Miss A Medlock)
Photo   Oakspur Classic Springtime [NSW] (E & M Borg)
Photo   Oakspur Classic Summer Breeze  (Aust Ch    ) [QLD] (Mrs Dawn Farmer)
Photo (*) Olbah Only The Beginning  (Ch) [WA] (Mrs N J Boekelman)
Photo   Olbah Precious Gift  (Ch) [WA] (Mrs N J Boekelman)
Photo   Olbah Thunda Bolt N Lightning  (Ch.) [QLD] (Terry & Kelli Wesener)
Photo (*) Ozdezign Captain Barbossa [QLD] (Mrs L Mijatovic)
Photo   Ozdezign Captain Jack [QLD] (Ozdezign Kennels)
Photo   Ozdezign Dancez With Glitz [QLD] (Ozdezign Kennels)
Photo   Ozdezign Hell Yeah (Multi Class in Group Winner) [QLD] (Ozdezign Kennels)
Photo   Ozdezign Hells Bells (Multi Class in Group & Royal Class Winner)  (AUST CH) [QLD] (Ozdezign Kennels)
Photo   Ozdezign Princess Warrior (Multi Class in Group Winner) [QLD] (Ozdezign Kennels)
Photo   Ozdezign Storm Edition  (MBIS MRUBIS RUBISS AUST CHAMPION) [QLD] (Ozdezign Kennels)
Photo   Ozdezign The Black Pearl [SA] (Mrs K Callery)
Photo   Ozdezign Thunda Rox Oz (Multi Class In Group Winner)  (AUST CH) [QLD] (Ozdezign kennels)
Photo   Ozdezign Thunda Struk (Multi Class in Group, in Show & Royal Class Winner)  (AUST CH) [QLD] (Ozdezign Kennels)
Photo (*) Penita Back To The Future  (Aust Ch) [VIC] (S and J Wraith/J Skudder)
Photo   Penita Can't Fight Fate  (Aust Ch) [TAS] (T & J Skudder)
Photo   Penita I Believe In Miracles [QLD] (K. Jenkins & J. Skudder)
Photo   Penita Mixed Emotions  (Aust Ch) [TAS] (T & J Skudder)
Photo   Penita Time T Remember [VIC] (S and J Wraith/ J Skudder)
(*) Penita Turn Back Time [SA] (Mrs K M Callery)
Photo   Reibey Blue Birds Fly (AI)  (Aus Grand Champion) [NSW] (R & L Corbett)
Photo   Reibey Ice Maiden  (Ch) [QLD] (P & J Boyd)
Photo   Reibey Icehouse  (Aust Ch) [NSW] (L Cameron and R Tindall)
Photo (*) Reibey Paint It Black RN [VIC] (Mrs W Darnley)
Photo   Reibey Premiere Downunder (ai)  (Ch) [NSW] (S Lancaster & G Render)
Photo   Reibey Soolaimonn  (Ch) [NSW] (S Lancaster & G Render)
Photo   Reibey Thrilla in Manila [VIC] (Mrs Anita Stewart)
Photo   Reibey World Premiere (ai)  (Aust Ch) [NSW] (S Lancaster & G Render)
Photo   Reibey Yellow Brick Road (AI)  (Ch) [VIC] (Kinsheran Kennels)
Photo   Ronevolon Queen Ovthe Desert [SA] (J Rasche & R Hartnett)
Photo (*) Rosherville Duke Of Calvdale  (Aust CH) [SA] (Mr J Callery)
Photo   Rosherville Escape Route (AI)  (Aust Ch) [ACT] (Gavin and Fiona Quinlan)
Photo   Rosherville Glowing Ember (AI)  (Australian Champion) [WA] (Julie & Karen Hiscott)
Photo   Rosherville Thrilled by Escape (AI) [VIC] (Mrs L Brown)
  Rosherville Touch of Silk (AI) [VIC] (Ms S Raine and Mr E Glass)
Photo   Rosherville Touch of Tradition  (Aust Ch) [VIC] (Mrs L Brown)
Photo   Rowemaris Champagne On Ice [AI]  (Champion) [NT] (Nikki & Peter Jones)
Photo   Rowemaris Moment In Time [AI]  (MRUBIG) [NT] (Nikki & Peter Jones)
Photo   Rowemaris Perfect Storm  (Grand Ch) [VIC] (R & W Stobbie)
Photo   Rowemaris Reach for the Stars  (Supreme Champion) [VIC] (R & W Stobbie and C Stobbie)
Photo (*) Rowemaris Ready to Celebrate (AI)  (Ch) [VIC] (R & W Stobbie and C Stobbie)
Photo (*) Rowemaris Reason to Celebrate (AI) (Exp Sweden)  (Aust/Swedish/Norwegian Ch) [VIC] (R & W Stobbie and C Stobbie)
  Rowemaris Remember the Time (AI) [VIC] (R & W Stobbie and C Stobbie)
  Rowemaris Time After Time (AI) [VIC] (R & W Stobbie and C Stobbie)
Photo   Sabu In A Black Tuxedo  (Supreme Ch) [WA] (Natalie Boekelman)
Photo (*) Sailema Crusader Rider (Imp.NZ) [SA] (Surabhi Heitmann)
Photo (*) Sandicam Command N Conquer [VIC] (Cam Cavallo)
Photo   Sandicam Dancing Queen  (Aust Ch) [VIC] (Cam Cavallo)
Photo (*) Sandicam Gimme Gimme Gimme [VIC] (Cam Cavallo)
Photo   Sandicam Giorgio Armani [VIC] (Cam Cavallo & Jeanne Skudder)
Photo (*) Sandicam High Command  (Aust Ch) [VIC] (Cam Cavallo)
Photo   Sandicam Life In The Fast Lane  (Aust Ch) [VIC] (Cam Cavallo)
Photo   Sandicam River of Dreams [VIC] (Cam Cavallo)
Photo   Sandicam Royal Rendezvous [VIC] (Cam Cavallo)
Photo   Sandicam Slice O Heaven  (Aust Ch) [VIC] (Cam Cavallo)

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