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Australian Champion Ravenred Cat Balou
Owned by Ravenred Kennels

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Photo (*) Aces Lively-lad Of Melka  (NZ CH) [NZ] (Andrea Tansey)
Photo   Angelsun Celestial Bliss  (Ch) [VIC] (Heather Harrell)
Photo (*) Angelsun Celestial Galaxy  (Ch) [VIC] (Heather Harrell)
Photo   Angelsun Continuum [QLD] (Liisa Kersevani)
Photo   Angelsun Let Me Tell You  (Aust Ch) [VIC] (Heather Harrell)
Photo   Angelsun Live Long N Prosper [VIC] (William)
Photo   Bilbalina Celine  (AUST CH) [VIC] (Villanova Kennels)
Photo   Bilbalina Tonto  (AUST CH) [VIC] (Villanova Kennels)
Photo   Dabney's Sweet William, CD, BN, RE, AX, AXJ, CGC, TT, TDI.  (International Ch. Am. AKC & UKC Ch.) [SA] (A & A Dengler. (Masterkarn-semen only))
Photo   Daveren Mythic Legends at Masterkarn (Imp USA)  (Aust. Champion) [SA] (Masterkarn kennels)
Photo   Elstenberg Rheinemaiden [WA] (Masterkarn kennels)
Photo   Eva Gabor of Melka (Imp NZ)  (New Zealand Champion) [SA] (Masterkarn kennels)
Photo   FireDragon Empyrean King CCD JD ET  (Aust Ch) [SA] (W Jamie & Jo Grundy)
Photo (*) Guardian Absolutely Fabulous (AI) [NSW] (Guardian)
Photo   Guardian CelticGoddessOfHarmony  (Australian Champion) [NSW] (Guardian)
Recent Photo Uploaded   Guardian Ivys Fabulous Image (AI) [NSW] (Mrs S Dunn & Mr & Mrs Vowles)
Photo   Guardian Moon Goddess  (Grand Champion) [NSW] (Judith A Oliver)
Photo (*) Kaitler Dark Phoenix ET  (Grand. Ch) [NSW] (Mr & Mrs Vowles)
Photo   Kedwell's Eine Reise Mache CGN, HOF, ROM  (Am/Can Grand Ch.) [VIC] (Heather Harrell)
Photo   Laatain Baron, Finnish MVA  (American Champion) [QLD] (RAVENRED KENNELS (frozen semen))
Photo   Lili Marleen Of Melka  (NZ CH) [NZ] (Andrea Tansey)
Photo   Masterkarn BackNBlack  (Aust Ch/.Neuter Ch.) [VIC] (Heather Harrell)
Photo   Masterkarn BoyznBlack  (Australian Champion) [SA] (Jill Eastman - DAVEREN kennels - USA)
Photo   Masterkarn Echo Of Pure Dance  (New Zealand Champion) [SA] (Masterkarn kennels)
Photo   Masterkarn Fancy Free N Easy  (AUST. CH.) [SA] (J & A Fryer-& G.Harding)
Photo   Masterkarn FancyPants IsonFire [SA] (Masterkarn kennels)
Photo   Masterkarn I am Dream Mist [SA] (Masterkarn Kennels)
Photo   Masterkarn Legend Of Vulcan (imp-aust) [NZ] (Andrea Tansey)
Photo   Masterkarn My Ambition [SA] (Masterkarn kennels)
Photo   Masterkarn My Von Reiner Tanz (imp-aust) [NZ] (Andrea Tansey)
Photo   Masterkarn MyPureDanceforAtlas [SA] (Masterkarn kennels)
Photo   Masterkarn Pure Ambition  (Australian Champion) [SA] (Masterkarn kennels)
Photo   Masterkarn Some Like It Hot [SA] (Masterkarn kennels)
Photo   Masterkarn Totally Trashed [SA] (Masterkarn kennels)
Photo   Melka Atlas at Masterkarn (Imp NZ)  (Australian Champion) [SA] (Masterkarn kennels)
Photo   Melka Echo  (NZ CH) [NZ] (Andrea Tansey)
Photo (*) Nevars Man on a Mission - IMP USA  (BISS Australian & American Champion) [NSW] (Ravenred Kennels)
Photo   Ravenred Black Caesar [NSW] (Anne Machan)
Photo   Ravenred Cat Balou  (Australian Champion) [NSW] (Ravenred Kennels)
Photo (*) Ravenred Cats Crusader AI  (Australian Champion) [NSW] (M Harvey)
Photo   Ravenred Cats Crystal AI  (RUBISS Australian Champion) [NSW] (Nikki Sheeran & Anne Machan)
Photo   Ravenred Miss On a Misison  (Australian Champion) [ACT] (Mel Ezzy)
Photo (*) Ravenred Shoot Em Up AI  (Australian Champion) [ACT] (Mellissa Ezzy)
Photo   Ravenred Soo Smooth  (Australian Champion) [NSW] (Anne Machan)
Photo   Ravenred Supa Star  (Australian Champion) [VIC] (Lisa Prior)
Photo   Ravenred Wakin Upin Vegas AI  (Australian Champion) [NSW] (Ravenred Kennels)
Photo   Villanova Magda (AI)  (Aust Ch) [VIC] (Villanova Kennels)
Photo   Villanova Manfred (AI)  (Aust Ch) [VIC] (Villanova Kennels)
Photo   Villanova Monza (AI)  (Aust Ch) [VIC] (Villanova Kennels)
Photo   Winpara G.P. The Power of Money  (Ch) [QLD] (Kym Giller)
Photo   Xitamiz Moltaz  (American Champion) [NSW] (Lyn Stubby)
Photo   Ziggy Stardust Of Melka  (NZ CH) [NZ] (Andrea Tansey)

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