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Aust Ch Oakway Bring Outh Crowd
(Mrs N Watson)

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NZ Amorosa Constance (Jackie Howell)
NZ Amorosa Honeysuckle (Tania McLardy)
NZ Amorosa Starry Eyed Surprise (Ch) (Tania & Jacob McLardy)
NZ Amorosa Sweet Disposition (Ch) (Mrs Tania McLardy & Mr Jacob McLardy)
VIC Barad Baxter Bread Baker (Aust Champion) (Mrs S Bingham/ Ms A Donnan)
QLD Barad Brechin Cathedral (Aust Champion) (J Blackwood and J McBain)
QLD Barad Brechin Cathedral (Aust Ch) (Jennifer Blackwood)
NSW Barad Cheechako (S Bingham and S Roughley)
TAS Barad Deepest Emotions (Aust Champion) (Barad Kennels)
TAS Barad Imizwelo (Aust Champion) (Di Wazny)
VIC Barad Katzenjammer (Aust Champion) (Ms S Bingham/Ms A Donnan)
TAS Barad Lomatia (Aust Champion) (Barad Kennels)
TAS Barad Mighty Mars (Aust Champion) (Barad Kennels)
VIC Barad Mighty Mars (Mrs S Bingham)
TAS Barad Misty Mountain (Aust Champion) (Barad Kennels)
TAS Barad Mountain Cathedral (IID) (Aust Champion) (Barad Kennels)
SA Barad Paisley Cathedral (Aust Champion) (Barad Kennels and Tunamara Kennels)
VIC Barad Waiting To Sin (Aust Champion) (Barad Kennels)
NZ Beesholme Babsy Magoo (Jackie Howell)
ACT Belloiggy Aurelia (Mr G Sporne & Mrs M Ashton-Sporne)
NSW Berizza Baby Im Worth It (Aust Ch) (Anu K Lummevaara)
NSW Berizza Black Sails At Sunset (Aust Ch) (Anu K Lummevaara)
NSW Berizza Californication (Ch) (Steve & Debbie Albert)
NSW Berizza Every Breath U Take (NEUT CH & SUP CH) (Anu K Lummevaara)
NSW Berizza Every Move U Make (Aust Ch) (Anu K Lummevaara)
NSW Berizza Hollywood On Ice (Aust Ch) (Anu K Lummevaara)
NSW Berizza Honey On Top (Ch) (R Taylor)
NSW Berizza Hugo Boss (Multi BIS BISS Aust Grand Ch) (Anu K Lummevaara)
NSW Berizza Leave Me Breathless (Anu K Lummevaara)
VIC Berizza Like a Sunrise (Aust Ch) (Leisl Wood & Anu Lummevaara)
NSW Berizza Permission To Shine (Aust Ch) (Anu K Lummevaara)
NSW Berizza Poetic Justice (Aust Grand Ch) (Anu K Lummevaara)
QLD Berizza Pretty Vegas (GRAND CH) (Anu K Lummevaara)
VIC Berizza Snow White (Ch) (Bernadette James)
NSW Berizza Storybook Romance (Grand Ch) (Anu K Lummevaara)
QLD Berizza Sunset Blvd (SUP CH) (Anu K Lummevaara & Megan Petersen)
NSW Berizza The Golden Ratio (R Taylor)
NSW Berizza Theory Of Everything (Aust Ch) (Anu K Lummevaara)
NSW Berizza Truly Madly Deeply (Steve & Debbie Albert)
NSW Berizza What Happens In Vegas (Aust Ch) (Anu K Lummevaara)
NSW Berizza With Silver Lining (Grand Ch) (Anu K Lummevaara)
NSW Berizza Worth The Wait (R Taylor)
VIC Berrizza Sea If I Care (CHAMPION) (Geoffrey T Gillies)
VIC Bindahlena Black Eyed Susan (Aust Ch) (Leisl Wood)
VIC Bindahlena Daydreams Come True (Aust Ch) (Leisl Wood)
VIC Blanerne Fields of Gold (Zanbellia Kennels)
NSW Blanerne Jannas Ercole (Ch) (Katherine Alexander)
VIC Blanerne Peggy Sue (Zanbellia Kennels)
NSW Blanerne Teefertwo (Ch) (Katherine Alexander)
NSW Bluezepp Casual Affair (Aust Ch) (Jann Kennedy)
NSW Chiant Ziggy Stardust (Miss K Elder, Ms S Reeve, Miss A Aldridg)
VIC Clovelly Good Golly Miss Molly (Aus champ) (Robyn Davidson)
VIC Clovelly High Asa Kite (MBISS, BIS SUPREME CHAMPION) (Clovelly Kennels)
QLD Delco Dress In Black (Grand CH.Neut GR.CH.Delco Dress In Black) (Mrs.E.Colbert)
QLD Delco Heaven Sent (Champion) (Mrs C Ballard)
QLD Delco Wait For It (E.T) (Sup Ch) (Mr T & Mrs K Yardley)
NSW Delco Wait For The Magic (Ch) (Cheryl & Ken Hodge)
NSW Diavolino's Luminscence (AustCh/AmCh/CanCh) (Mary Keast)
QLD Furperson Ace of Diamonds (CH) (A&T Dixon)
QLD Furperson As If By Magic (Aust. CH) (A & T Dixon)
QLD Furperson Blythe Spirit (Ch) (A & T Dixon)
QLD Furperson Drawn to Temptation (Aust CH) (A & T Dixon)
QLD Furperson For Romanums Delight (T & A Dixon)
QLD Furperson Formums Legacy (T & A Dixon)
QLD Furperson Once Upon a Time (Aust. CH) (A & T Dixon)
QLD Furperson Once Upon A Time (CH) (Tui & Alaina Dixon)
QLD Furperson Wardrobe Mistress (T & A Dixon)
QLD Furperson Whats Up Doc (CH) (T & T Dixon)
NT Galig Cacciatrice (Aust Ch) (Clare Flattum)
QLD Galig Cheeky Alice (Gwendoline Letzer)
NT Galig Fonteyn (Clare Flattum)
NSW Galig Letz Danz (Grand Aust Ch) (Mr G Sporne & Mrs M Ashton-Sporne)
QLD Galig Letz Partie (Aust Ch) (Mrs G Letzer/Clare Flattum)
NT Galig Letz Partie Till Dusk (Clare Flattum)
QLD Galig Midnight Finesse AD JD GD SD (Ms AL Hamond)
QLD Galig Midnight Rhapsody ADM JDM ADO JDO GDX SDX SPDX (CH) (Ms AL Hamond)
QLD Galig Midnight Tallisman (CH) (Ms AL Hamond & Mrs G Letzer)
QLD Galig Oakwood Twist (Aust. Ch.) (Mrs Gwendoline Letzer)
QLD Galig Romanz N Rhapsody (Aust Ch.) (Mrs Linnet Loh)
ACT Galig Sweet Sweet Laelia (Aust Ch) (Mr G Sporne & Mrs M Ashton-Sporne)
NT Galig Tart In A Tux (Aust Ch) (Clare Flattum)
QLD Gemvir Eternal Flame (Lisa Ferraris)
NSW Giocattlo Rhapsody De Minuit (G Sporne & M Ashton-sporne)
NSW Giocattolo Clair De Lune (G Sporne And M Ashton-sporne)
NSW Gioia Mia's Mouline Rouge at Honore (Imp USA) (American Grand Champion) (SL&M Reeve / J Hardwicke)
QLD Igmajik Astro Boy (Lisa Ferraris)
SA Igmajik Peggy Sue (Australian Champion) (Tunamara Kennels)
VIC Integra's A Little Party At Skyefall (IMP USA) (American Champion) (Mr C. Gregory)
NSW Integra's Hifalutin (imp USA) (American Champion) (SL&M Reeve & J Hardwicke)
WA Kaasha Aim Straight (Mark & Jeni Sach)
WA Kaasha Angel Of The Night (Australian Champion) (Mark & Jeni Sach and Rachel Hunter)
WA Kaasha Eye Candy (Australian Champion) (Mark & Jeni Sach)
WA Kaasha Fizzy Sherbet (Mark & Jeni Sach)
WA Kaasha Flight Of The Angels (Mark & Jeni Sach)
WA Kaasha Hot Sticky N Sweet (Mark & Jeni Sach)
WA Kaasha Little Miss Sunshine (Aust Ch) (Anita Howe)
WA Kaasha Mr Topsy Turvy (Aust Ch) (Mark & Jeni Sach)
WA Kaasha Ringmaster (Mark & Jeni Sach)
WA Kaasha Send In The Clowns (Mark & Jeni Sach)
WA Kaasha Song Sung Blue (Aust Ch) (Mark & Jeni Sach)
QLD Kaasha Stormy Night (Mr M & Mrs J Sach & Mr J & Mrs M Field)
QLD Kaasha Trend Setting Trinity (Jason & Melissa Field)
SA Kosmos Angel On My Shoulder (C Flattum & A Divola)
SA Kosmos Florentine (Aus Ch. Neut Ch.) (Ashleigh Divola & Clare Flattum)
SA Kosmos Heart Of Eternity (Neut Ch) (C Flattum & A Divola)
NT Kosmos Kissed By An Angel (Clare Flattum)
NT Kosmos Koh I Noor (Aus Ch) (Clare Flattum)
NT Kosmos Winston Blue (Neut Ch) (Clare Flattum)
VIC La Cascata All The Kings Men (Bernadette James)
VIC La Cascata Talk Of The Town (Ms B James)
NSW Laexotica Affirmation (Sue Roughley & Laexotica Kennels)
SA Lamarque Flightofancy (Aust Ch) (Nerida Gontar)
SA Lamarque Once In A Blue Moon (Nerida Gontar)
SA Lamarque Petite Lisette (CH) (Mrs Nerida Gontar)
SA Lamarque Premier Amour (Ch) (Nerida Gontar)
NSW Maplewood's Be Dazzled (imp USA) (American Grand Champion) (S Reeve / J Hardwicke)
NSW Maplewood's Top Of The Mark (imp USA) (American Champion) (SL&M Reeve / J Hardwicke)
SA Marchwind Georgia On My Mind (imp USA) (Australian & American Champion) (Tunamara Kennels)
NSW Marchwind Stevia (Imp USA) (AUST CH AM GRAND CH) (SL&M Reeve & J Hardwicke)
QLD Merikaez Amazing Grace (Alicia Keast)
QLD Merikaez Candy Crush (Alicia Keast)
VIC Merikaez Dancin With The Devil (Zanbellia Kennels)
QLD Merikaez Dream Catcher (Alicia Keast)
QLD Merikaez Elegant Eli (Alicia Keast)
QLD Merikaez Exquisite Gem (Alicia Keast)
QLD Merikaez extreme delight (Ch) (Alicia keast)
NSW Merikaez Flavius (Ch) (Mary Keast)
TAS Merikaez Miramiracle (iid) (Ch) (Mary Keast)
TAS Merikaez Miss Tyque (Ch) (Mary Keast)
NSW Merikaez Mist Fantom (Ch) (Mary Keast)
NSW Merikaez Ultimatum (Ch) (Mary Keast)
NSW Merikaez X Factor (Mary Keast)
NSW Merikaez Xcellence (Ch) (Mary & Adrian Keast)
TAS Merikaez Yellow Gold (Aust Ch) (Noelene Watson)
NZ Merikaez Yorick (Ch) (Jackie Howell)
NSW Mira Lakota [impUSA] (Aust Grand Ch & Am Ch) (G&C Wright and M Keast)
NZ Moonstruck Blueberry Pie at Beesholme (Jackie Howell)
NZ Moonstruck Eeka Mouse (Ch) (Jackie Howell)
SA Moonstruck Louis Phillipe (Imp NZ) (CH) (Mrs Nerida Gontar)
TAS Oakway Bring Outh Crowd (Aust Ch) (Mrs N Watson)
QLD Oakway Dreams Of Karma (BISS Ch) (Sheree Richards)
ACT Oakway Dreams Of Kisses (Margot Keast)
QLD Oakway Gold Escort (Aust. Supreme Ch.) (Jill Marks)
QLD Oakway Gold Reign (Australian Champion) (Jill Marks)
QLD Oakway Jubilation (Aust. Sup. Ch.) (Jill Marks)
NSW Oakway Reign Ov Fame (Mrs. Maureen Friend)
QLD Oakway Reign Ov Glory (Jill Marks)
NSW Oakway Royal Performance (Aust Champion) (Mrs Maureen Friend)
QLD Oakway Sheer Elegance (Aust. Ch.) (Jill Marks)
TAS Oakway Silver Coin (Aust Ch) (Noelene Watson)

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