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 Jalerran’s Wrath Of The Furyans (Imp USA)
Owned by K Williams

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Photo   Aarak Petite Danseues  (Australian Champion) [WA] (Candy Baker)
Photo   Aarak Picasso  (Ch) [TAS] (Arctickara Kennels)
Photo   Aarak Seppala Wolf (AI)  (Aust Ch) [WA] (Mrs M Patterson)
Photo   Adreenz Amazing Grace  (Ch) [NZ] (Gayleen Speeden)
Photo   Adreenz Classic Wild Rose [NZ] (Mrs Gayleen Seeden)
Photo   Adreenz Jupiters Fire In Gold  (Ch) [NZ] (Mrs Gayleen Speeden)
Photo   Adreenz Moonlight Mist [NZ] (Gayleen Speeden/Heather Warren)
Photo   Adreenz Silver Strike [NZ] (Mrs Gayleen Speeden)
Photo   Adreenz Starlight Silver  (CH) [NZ] (Mrs Audrey Fullerton/Mrs Gayleen Speeden)
Photo   Adreenz Sweet Victory [NZ] (Mrs Gayleen Speeden)
Photo   Aeukanmanuva All That Jaz  (MULTI BIS/BISS Aust SUPREME CH/ NZ Ch/NEU Ch) [NSW] (Brendon & Caroline Yate)
Photo   Aeukanmanuva MacKenzie  (MULTI BIS Aust CH & Phil GR CH) [NSW] (Brendon & Caroline Yate)
Photo   aeukanmanuva Music Queen  (MULTI BIS CH) [NSW] (Amanda Becconsall)
Photo   Aeukanmanuva Mystery Girl  (MULTI BIS/RBIS) [NSW] (BW & CJ Yate, A)
Photo   Aeukanmanuva Stars in Stripes  (CH) [NSW] (Brendon and Caroline Yate)
Photo   Aeukanmanuva Thats All Folks  (RUBISS CH) [NSW] (Brendon & Caroline Yate)
Photo   Aeukanmanuva You're The One [NSW] (Brendon & Caroline Yate)
Photo (*) Aeukanmanuva Your The Boss  (RBISS NZ CH/AUST CH) [NSW] (G Speeden B & C Yate)
Photo   Aeukanmanuva Your The Boss with Adreenz (imp Aust)  (RUBISS,NZ & Aust Ch) [NZ] (Gayleen Speeden, B & C Yate)
Photo   Almytee Spirit Of The Wolf [QLD] (Alan-John & Karen)
Photo   Alyeshka Angels Strike Bak  (Ch) [NZ] (M Quinn,)
Photo   Alyeshka Behind Enemy Lines  (NZ Ch    ) [NZ] (B & A Benade)
Photo   Alyeshka Devils Edge  (Ch) [NZ] (M Quinn,)
Photo (*) Alyeshka Energy Never Dies SD  (BISS NZ Ch) [NZ] (S Halliday & T Letele - Alyeshka Kennels)
Photo   Alyeshka Little Miss Perfect (Imp NZ)  (Multi BIS & RBISS Aust Supreme Ch & NZ Grand Ch) [NZ] (S Halliday, T Letele & C Karam)
Photo   Alyeshka Little Miss Perfect (Imp NZ)  (Multi BIS & BISS Aust Supreme Ch & NZ Grand Ch) [NSW] (S Halliday, T Letele & C Karam)
Photo   Alyeshka Perfect Lil Story [NZ] (Sarah Halliday & Tamzin Letele)
Photo (*) Alyeshka Pump up the Volume  (BIS NZ Ch) [NZ] (S Halliday & T Letele - Alyeshka Kennels)
Photo   Alyeshka Rocking the Beat  (NZ Ch) [NZ] (S Halliday & T Letele - Alyeshka Kennels)
Photo   Alyeshka Tickled Pink (IMP NZ)  (Multi BIS, Aust Ch, Nz Ch.) [NSW] (Turner,Sparham, Halliday,Letele &Karam)
Photo   Anevay Two To Tango  (BIG / RUIG) [QLD] (Charlenne Aldridge)
Photo   Annajak Caught Red Handed [QLD] (J.killick ,a.mundy & D.woods)
Photo   Annajak Takin Out The Trash [ACT] (Angela Mundy & Dianna Woods)
Photo   Anyka Avenue Tolda [QLD] (S.Baker)
Photo (*) Anyka Dreamcatcha Romeo [NSW] (C.Fitzgerald & S.Baker)
Photo   Anyka Jupiters Casino (Imp Aust)  (NZ Ch) [NZ] (Gayleen Speeden)
Photo (*) Arcticfox Red Rust  (AUST CH / BIS / RUIS) [QLD] (G Hansen/Simounds)
Photo   Arcticfox Show Business  (AUST CH) [QLD] (G Hansen)
Photo   Arctickara Dream Weaver  (Aus Ch) [TAS] (Arctickara Kennels)
Photo   Arctickara Kohana (AI) [TAS] (Arctickara Kennels)
Photo   Arctickara Night Trooper [TAS] (Arctickara Kennels)
Photo   Arctickara Takoda(AI)  (MULTI BIS / RUBIS / MBIG / AUST CH) [QLD] (C Aldridge / Arctickara Kennels)
Photo   Arctickara Tayanita (AI) [NSW] (Arctickara Kennels / S Gray)
Photo   Arcticpalace Allo Poppett  (AUST CH) [NSW] (Rob & Heather Kite)
Photo (*) Arcticpalace Cool Jude  (BIS AUST. SUPREME CH) [NSW] (C & R Foster / L Trajkovski)
Photo   Arcticpalace Miami Goddess  (Supreme Ch.) [NSW] (Craig & Robyn Foster)
Photo   Arcticpalace Miami Princess [NSW] (C & R Foster)
Photo   Arcticpalace Miami Splash  (Aust. Ch.) [NSW] (C & R Foster)
Photo (*) Arcticpalace Miami Warrior  (Aust Ch) [NSW] (Craig & Robyn Foster)
Photo   Arcticpalace Miss Devious  (Aust. Supreme CH.) [NSW] (C & R Foster)
Photo (*) Arcticpalace Mr Miami  (Aust. Ch.) [NSW] (Craig & Robyn Foster)
Photo (*) Arcticpalace Mr President  (AUST CH) [NSW] (C & R Foster)
Photo   Arcticpalace Royal Gem  (AUST CH) [NSW] (C & R Foster)
Photo   Arcticpalace Snow Bunny [NSW] (Olivia Brunton & C & R Foster)
Photo   Arcticpalace Snow Crystal  (BIS. & R/up BISS. Aust Supreme Ch. Neut Ch.) [NSW] (Craig & Robyn Foster)
Photo (*) Arcticpalace Snow Vroom Vroom [NSW] (C & R Foster)
Photo   Arcticpalace Spirit of Miami  (AUST. CH.) [NSW] (Craig & Robyn Foster)
Photo   Articpower Bad Influence [NSW] (Articpower Siberians)
Photo   Articpower Bringing Sexy Back [NSW] (M&P Rose)
Photo   Articpower Exotica [NSW] (Katie & Michael Fayth)
Photo   Articpower Trick or treat [NSW] (Articpower Siberians)
Photo   Articpower Voodoo Child  (Australian Champion) [NSW] (Articpower Siberian Huskies)
Photo   Articpower Wiggle It [NSW] (Sam Leonard & Michelle & Peter Rose)
Photo (*) Articpride Fast 'N' Furious (Imp Aust)  (NZ CH) [NZ] (Rebecca Stewart)
  Articwolf as Good As Gold [NSW] (E&M Hardwicke)
Photo   Asleda Keep On Talking [NSW] (A.M. Hodgson/R. Hodgson)
Photo   Asleda Whatuthinkdontmatter [NSW] (A.M. Hodgson/R. Hodgon)
Photo   Asryn Always Forever  (Aust Ch) [SA] (K Bryant , L Fox & A Wittenberg)
Photo   Asryn Dream Quest  (Ch) [SA] (Karen Bryant)
Photo   Asryn Dream Quest A.I.  (Champion) [VIC] (Maurie & Jenny Boase)
Photo   Asryn Dream Seeker  (Aust Supreme Ch) [SA] (Karen Bryant & Ashley Wittenberg)
Photo   Asryn Lightning Strikes  (Grand Ch) [SA] (Ashley Wittenberg & Karen Bryant)
Photo   Asryn Romany Gold  (Multi BIS / BISS Aust Supreme Ch) [SA] (Karen Bryant & Ashley Wittenberg)
Photo (*) Avalanches Astro Starnavigator [ACT] (Steven Curtotti)
Photo (*) Avalanches Axel Ice Man [NSW] (Erin Hogben)
Photo   Avalanches Bling Bling [ACT] (Mr Steven Curtotti)
Photo   Bannerbrite Badge of Honour (Imp AUST)  (NZ Ch) [NZ] (Mrs L Khan)
Photo   Bannerbrite Hwy T Heaven  (AUST CH) [QLD] (Mandy Schelbach)
Photo (*) Bannerbrite Kalishnakov  (Aust / NZ CH) [NSW] (Bannerbrite Kennel)
Photo   Bannerbrite Russian Roulette [NSW] (Lee & Bryan Khan)
Photo   Baykalskee HardDayz Nite  (Australian Champion) [NSW] (Craig & Jayne Schmarr)
Photo   Baykalskee Ignatius  (RU BIS Australian Champion) [NSW] (Craig & Jayne Schmarr & Amber Madgwick)
Photo   Baykalskee Indeed I Am  (Australian Champion) [NSW] (Craig & Jayne Schmarr)
Photo   Birindi Pawnee Spirit [VIC] (Cheryl Smart & Sophia Dalidakis)
Photo (*) Birindi Takin Care Of Bizness  (Champion) [VIC] (Maurie & Jenny Boase)
Photo   Bluemooska Whos Ya Daddy  (Ch    ) [QLD] (M Schelbach)
Photo   Bluemooska Yur Mydaddy [QLD] (M Schelbach)
Photo   Bluemooska Zorros Revenge  (CH) [QLD] (Mandy Schelbach)
Photo   Canyonlands Blk Crusade, MAOM  (MBISS AM GCH/ MBIS MBISS SUP CH) [VIC] (Samantha Hulme)
Photo   Canyonlands Bourbon St (IID)  (BIS BISS GRCH) [VIC] (S. Hulme)
Photo   Canyonlands Cotton Candy (AI), AOM  (Am GR CH / Can CH) [VIC] (Kominik Siberians - USA)
Photo   Canyonlands Eskimo Kiss  (Australian Champion) [NSW] (Craig & Jayne Schmarr and Katrina Fisher)
Photo   Canyonlands Foxxy Cleopatra (AI)  (CH) [VIC] (Samantha Hulme)
Photo   Canyonlands Groovy Baby (AI)  (Multi BIS/BISS SUPREME CH) [TAS] (Katrina Fisher)
Photo   Canyonlands Hi Ho Silver (AI)  (BISS CH) [NSW] (Rule-Steele, Taylor, Fisher, Turay)
Photo (*) Canyonlands Johny B Good (iid)  (Aust Ch) [QLD] (Janine Christensen)
Photo   Canyonlands Mystical Lady (ai)  (Korean CH) [NSW] (Top Gun Siberians - South Korea)
Photo   Canyonlands Navajo Sunrise (AI)  (RUBIS CH) [TAS] (Katrina Fisher - Canyonlands)
Photo   Canyonlands Once in A Blu Moon [NSW] (Amanda Becconsall)
Photo   Canyonlands Rum Runner (USA)  (BISS AM GR CH) [VIC] (Katrina Fisher & Frederick Cropsey)
Photo   Canyonlands Shiraz Nalowinds (USA)  (Multi BIS/BISS AM GR CH) [VIC] (Bonnie & Wayne Duarte - Nalowinds)
Photo   Canyonlands Sweet Cheyenne (AI)  (MBIS/RUBIS Aust Ch) [TAS] (Pamela Adams/Katrina Fisher)
Photo   Canyonlands Wolfgang (AI)  (Ch) [NSW] (N J Rule-Steele/A Taylor/S Turay)
Photo   Chalariz Cold Call  (Aust. Champion) [NSW] (C & J Chalkiotis)
Photo   Chalariz Cold Case  (Aust. Champion) [NSW] (C & J Chalkiotis)
Photo   Chalariz Cold Chisel  (Aust. Champion) [NSW] (C & J Chalkiotis)
Photo   Chalariz Dark N Stormy [NSW] (Andrew Peterson)
Photo   Chalariz Forever Frozen (AI)  (MULTI BIS Aust. Champion) [NSW] (C & J Chalkiotis)
Photo (*) Chalariz Frozen Image (AI)  (Ch) [NSW] (K. Ruskin)
Photo (*) Chalariz Frozen In Time (AI)  (RUBIS Aust. Champion.  ) [NSW] (C & J Chalkiotis)
Photo   Chalariz Special Edition CD  (Aust. Ch. Neut. Ch.) [NSW] (C Chalkiotis)
Photo   Chalariz Special List  (Multi BISS/ Multi RUBISS /RUBIS Aust Champion) [NSW] (Chris & Joanna Chalkiotis)
Photo   Chalariz Summer Storm [NSW] (C & J Chalkiotis / J Sheehy)
Photo   Chalariz The Dark Knight  (Aust. Champion) [NSW] (C & J Chalkiotis)
Photo (*) Chrisdons Dreams Of Miami Vice (imp Usa)  (BISS, BIS & R/Up BIS Aust. Supreme CH.) [NSW] (C & R Foster)
Photo   Coltava Dreams N Schemes  (Multi BIS Aust Ch) [NSW] (Melissa Burton)
Photo   Coltava Tall Poppy  (Ch) [QLD] (Graham Hansen & Melissa Burton)
Photo   Crystalair Storm Warning  (Multi BIS Grand Champion) [VIC] (Brendan & Michelle Schier)
Photo   Darshiva Calm B For The Storm [NSW] (Michele Kearney)
Photo   Darshiva Dances With Wolves [NSW] (Michele Kearney, Col & Ros Seare)
Photo   Darshiva Narla Ov Lion King [NSW] (Michele Kearney, Mark & Toni Woodcock)
Photo   Darshiva Prairie Storm [NSW] (Michele Kearney)
Photo   Darshiva Russian Fortune [NSW] (Michele Kearney)
Photo   Darshiva Trouble In Paradise [QLD] (Ros Seare)
Photo   Darshiva Wolf Spirit [WA] (Michele Kearney & Nieves Maylor)
Photo   Desaran Charmed Perfection [NSW] (Olivia Brunton)
Photo   Gus of Subahka SDCH  (CH) [NZ] (Deane & Heather Wald)
Photo   Highlander's Made In America (Imp USA)  (AM/CAN/AUST CH) [VIC] (Katrina Fisher)
Photo (*) Huricane's Vroom - Vroom Vroom (imp Usa)  (R/UpBIS. AUST. CH.) [NSW] (C & R Foster)
Photo   Icepower Abracadabra ET  (Ch) [NSW] (Donna Byles)
Photo   Icepower Guinevere ET  (Multi BIS Ch) [VIC] (Donna Byles & Jennifer Boase)
Photo (*) Icepower Halloween  (Multi BIS Aust. Ch) [NSW] (D Byles and K Konowec)
Photo   Icepower Independence  (Aust GRAND Ch) [QLD] (Mandy Schelbach)
Photo   Icepower The Benchmark  (Multi BIS/MBISS CH. SUP. CH.) [VIC] (Jenny Boase & D Byles)
Photo   Icespirit Cantits De Favole [NSW] (N & M Church)
Photo   Icespirit Fortune Hunter  (CH) [NSW] (N & M Church)
Photo   Icespirit Im Tuum Venefica [NSW] (N & M Church)
Photo   Icespirit Ms Incandescent [NSW] (N & M Church)
Photo   Icespirit Prognatus A Nephilim [NSW] (N & M Church)
Photo   Icespirit Umbra Basium Dhampir  (Champion) [NSW] (N & M Church)
Photo   Illahee Carmen Electra  (BIS CH) [VIC] (Mr B & Mrs M . Schier)
Photo (*) Illahee Code Red  (BISS/RUBIS & MBIG AUST CH) [VIC] (Michelle Fisher)
Photo (*) Illahee Danntes Inferno  (BISS & Multi BIS Aust GR Champion) [VIC] (Charlene Fisher)
Photo   Illahee In Your Dreams  (Ch) [TAS] (Arctickara Knls / C Fisher)
Photo   Illahee Weekend Hustler  (CH) [VIC] (Tracy Livingstone and Charlene Fisher)
Photo   Innisfree Yukon Duke (imp USA) [WA] (Utopialand Kennels)
Photo   Inuvik Joie De Vive  (CH) [NZ] (Mrs Gayleen Speeden)
Photo   Jalerran’s Wrath Of The Furyans (Imp USA) [QLD] (K Williams)
Photo   Jentol Jinxs Ode To Chance [WA] (Jenny Boekelman)
Photo   Jentol Tessas Western Warrior [NSW] (Trudi Bienke - Wolfgirl Kennels)
Photo   Kabanae High Calibre [TAS] (Tammy Clarke & Brenda Nielsen)
Photo (*) Karnovanda's The Time Lord (Imp USA)  (Aust CH) [NSW] (Lee Khan)
Photo   Kazyon Iron Fist (AI) [VIC] (S. Hulme)
Photo   Kazyon Masquerade (AI)  (CH) [VIC] (S. Hulme)
Photo   Kiriay Double Oh Seven (exp Singapore)  (Malaysian & NZ Ch) [NZ] (Ms Rae Bank (NZ) Hadi Santoso (Indo))
Photo (*) Koolmove Action Attraction [ACT] (Angela Mundy)
Photo   Koolmove Action Hero  (R/Up BISS. CH) [NSW] (Jenny Campbell & Ian Mercer)
Photo   Koolmove Born This Way [NSW] (Jenny Campbell & Ian Mercer)
Photo   Koolmove Diamond Doll [WA] (Desiree & Steve Case)
Recent Photo Uploaded   Koolmove Final Destination (AI) [NSW] (J. Campbell & I. Mercer)
Photo   Koolmove First Class (AI) [NSW] (Jenny Campbell & Ian Mercer)
Photo   Koolmove In Vogue [NSW] (Jenny Campbell & Ian Mercer)
Recent Photo Uploaded   Koolmove Just One Kiss (AI) [NSW] (J. Campbell & I. Mercer)
Photo   Koolmove Lets Tango [TAS] (Tracey Heenan)
Photo   Koolmove On Consignment (AI)  (CH) [NSW] (Jenny Campbell & Ian Mercer)
Photo   Koolmove Paint The Town Red [NSW] (M Kearney, J Campbell & I Mercer)
Photo   Koolmove Precious Cargo (AI)  (BISS Multi BIS Supreme Ch) [TAS] (Tracey & Kayla Heenan)
Photo   Koolmove Son of A Dude [VIC] (D.Fennell, J.Campbell & I. Mercer)
Photo   Koolmove Special Delivery (AI)  (R/Up BIS CH.) [NSW] (Jenny Campbell & Ian Mercer)
Photo   Koolmove Started Witha Whisper [NSW] (Jenny Campbell & Ian Mercer)
Photo   Kortierra On The Edge  (RUBISS Multi BIS Supreme CH) [TAS] (Tracey Heenan)
Photo   Kortierra Summers Edge  (BIS CH) [TAS] (Tracey Heenan)
  Kouklitsas Thor [NT] (C Harrison & R Burgess)
Photo (*) Lihuk Empire Strikes Bak (Imp Aust)  (Multi BIS NZ Indo/Malaysian/NZ Grand Ch) [NZ] (S Halliday & T Letele - Alyeshka Kennels)
Photo   Lihuk Hollywood Diva [NSW] (Trudi Bienke - Wolfgirl Kennels)
Photo   Lihuk Miami Glow  (BIG/RUIG Aust Ch) [NSW] (Anne-Marie Hodgson)
Photo   Lihuk Salch [NSW] (Trudi Bienke - Wolfgirl Kennels)
Photo   Lihuk Shesa Beauty [NSW] (Trudi Bienke - Wolfgirl Kennels)
  Mekalani Slush Fund [NSW] (Lee Khan)
Photo   Melandar Design Special  (NZ CH) [NZ] (Mrs B Morris)
Photo   Melandar Heaven's Halo  (CH) [NZ] (Nardine Theodore)
Photo   Melandar Iced Gemma SDCH  (CH) [NZ] (Deane & Heather Wald)
Photo   Melandar Made To Order (Imp NZ)  (Aust Ch) [VIC] (Tracy Livingstone)
Photo   Melandar Moonraker (Imp NZ) [TAS] (Arctickara Kennels)
Photo   Melandar Morning Star (Imp NZ) [TAS] (Arctickara Kennels)
Photo   Melandar Red by Design at Rothkeal  (CH) [NZ] (Bettina Morris)
Photo   Mikulov Cool Montie  (Champion) [NSW] (Ms O Brunton)
Photo   Mikulov Etched In Frost ET RN DWDF.S  (CHAMPION) [NSW] (Richard & Mara Herba)
Photo   Mikulov Frock Star ET [NSW] (Richard & Mara Herba)
Photo (*) Mikulov Full Metal Jacket ET DWDF.S  (SUPREME Champion) [NSW] (Richard & Mara Herba)
Photo (*) Mikulov It Begins Again [NSW] (Caroline Yate)
Photo   Mikulov Jingle All The Way RN ET DWDF.S  (CHAMPION) [NSW] (Richard & Mara Herba)
Photo (*) Mikulov The Magics In Me  (Aust Ch) [SA] (Ross , Tracy & Ashley Wittenberg)
Photo   Mikulov Want More Bling  (Aust Ch) [ACT] (Steven Curtotti)
Photo (*) Myla's Precision Point (IMP USA)  (BISS/MULTI BIS. AM CH & AUST SUPREME CH) [NSW] (Molly Rule-Steele)
Photo   Nalowinds Magic of Icepower (Imp USA)  (BIS/BISS Aust Gr Ch) [NSW] (D Byles)
Photo   Nanook's Winter Sun (IMP CAN)  (CAN CH AUST CH) [QLD] (Danny and Tash Willson)
Photo   Naukans Spiritus Novus Sanguis [NSW] (N & M Church)
Photo   Newtok High Society [NSW] (Julie & Eric Greathead /Newtok Siberians)
Photo   Newtok High Voltage [NSW] (Newtok Siberians)

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