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Aust Ch Featherdale Knights Kiss
(Kay Fallowfield & Jon Endycott)

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NZ Afonderi All the Way May (JISS LISS Ch) (N McBurney & J McBurney)
NZ Afonderi Armed N Red E (BIS MRBISS MBIG MRBIG MRUBIG Ch) (J McBurney & N McBurney)
NSW Afonderi Armed N Red E (NZ Ch.) (Brackman/McBurney/Ryan)
NZ Afonderi At the Red E (Ch) (J McBurney & N McBurney)
NZ Afonderi Calico Jack (BISS MRBISS Ch) (N McBurney & J McBurney)
NZ Afonderi Enough All Red E (R & H Winch)
NZ Afonderi Lil Scallywag (Ch) (N. McBurney & J. McBurney)
NZ Afonderi Maid Marian (J McBurney & N McBurney)
NZ Afonderi Red E Maid (IISS LISS Ch) (N McBurney & J McBurney)
NZ Afonderi St. Elmos Fire (LISS) (Stephen Barton)
VIC Alclare A Hard Days Night (AI) (K Gilbert, S& C Tolley)
NZ Alclare Eleanor Rigby ( Imp Aust) (NZ Ch) (Sue Lawless)
VIC Alclare Raise your Glass (K Gilbert, S& C Tolley)
VIC Alclare Shes The One (Australian Champion) (K gilbert. S & C Tolley)
SA Alclare Ticket To Ride (AI) (L & P Griffiths)
NSW Arithon All the Way (Aust Ch) (Jane Gregor / Katarina Burns)
ACT Arithon Awsten (Aust Ch) (Jane Gregor)
NT Arithon Eirian (BIS, RUIS, RUISS, MBIG, MRUIG Champion) (Nicola & Peter Llewellyn-Jones)
ACT Arithon Eirianwen (Jane Gregor)
NSW Arithon Just Rewards (Australian Champion) (Gail Marsh)
NSW Arithon Myfanwy (J Gregor)
ACT Arithon Seeing Red (Australian Champion & Neuter Grand Champion) (Jane Gregor)
NZ Ashke Bonnie At Brynmor (MBVISS NZ Ch) (Kelly Te Reo)
VIC Bryndoain Aeronwyn Seren (AI) (imp Nz) (Australian Champion) (K Gilbert, S & C Tolley)
NZ Bryndoain Aeronwyn-Sioned (A.I) (J.McBurney & N.Ryan)
NZ Bryndoain Cool Charm RBIS (CH) (Sue Lawless)
NZ Bryndoain Ffion Magregor (M Richards and S Lawless)
VIC Bryndoain Fields of Poppies ( imp NZ) (K Gilbert, S & C Tolley)
NSW Bryndoain G I Joe (IMP NZL) (CH) (Angela Henderson)
NZ Bryndoain Hot Summer Knight (NZ CH) (S Lawless)
NZ Bryndoain Joe Cool (Ch RUBIG LIS) (Sue Lawless)
NZ Bryndoain Just Too Cool At Brynmor (BIS BISS RBIS MBIG MRIG NZ Ch) (Kelly Te Reo)
NZ Bryndoain Maiden Ngaio (NZ Ch) (Sue Lawless)
NZ Bryndoain Playin-it-Cool with Afonderi (LISS NISS CH) (J McBurney & N Ryan)
NZ Brynmor Elysian (NZ Ch) (Kelly Te Reo)
QLD Brynmor Evenstar (Imp NZ) (Aust Ch) (Bruce & Bev Cornish)
NZ Brynmor Febe (Ch) (Kelly Te Reo)
NZ Brynmor Great Scott (NZ Ch) (Kelly Te Reo)
NZ Brynmor Hello Sunny (NZ Ch) (Kelly Te Reo)
NZ Brynmor Isabelle (NZ Ch) (Kelly Te Reo)
NZ Brynmor Ivy League (NZ Ch) (Kelly Te Reo)
NZ Brynmor Jacob's Ladder (NZ Ch) (Kelly Te Reo)
NZ Brynmor Kool Kash (Kelly Te Reo)
NZ Brynmor Ladies League (Kelly Te Reo)
NZ Brynmor Levi Rocks (Kelly Te Reo)
NZ Brynmor Red Daisy at Dana (NZ Ch) (M R & C Catley)
NZ Brynmor Red Damsel at Dana (Ch) (Martin&Coralee Catley)
NZ Brynmor Red Elmo (BIG MRUBIG MRUBISS NZ Ch) (Kelly Te Reo)
NZ Brynmor Red Enchantress of Afonderi (BIG OISS NZBISS Ch) (Jacqueline McBurney)
NSW Bushwacker Hot Pursuit via Highclaire (UK) (Aust Ch) (Mrs Sylvia Brackman)
QLD Canobi Racing Stripes (Mr R & Mrs L Watts)
QLD Canobi Ruby Tuesday (Mr R & Mrs L Watts)
NSW Cobcroft Camelot Quest (Aust.Ch.) (Jan MacLean/ Gloria Haynes)
NSW Cobcroft Carnarvon (Ch.) (Jan MacLean)
VIC Cochagwyn Hidden Agenda (Aust CH.) (Mr P & Mrs R Valletta)
VIC Cochagwyn Just Do It JD SD SPD (Mrs H M Eaves)
VIC Cochagwyn The Power of One (Terry Van Ewyk)
NZ Dana Autumn-Rose (Mrs Coralee Catley & Mr MR Catley)
NZ Dana Light My Fire (NZ Ch) (C Catley and M Catley)
NZ Dana Red Satin And Lace (Mrs Coralee Catley & Mr M R Catley)
VIC Dellkarn Daisy Rose ADM4 ADO JDM4 JDO GD SDM SPDM (T. CH. AG. CH. 400) (Mrs H M Eaves)
TAS Don's Audacity (Imp. Sweden) (P. & R. Ellis - Tazlon Kennels)
TAS Dyfodol Din Allegro T.D. (Lindel Moore)
TAS Dyfodol Din Cadenza T.D. (Lindel Moore)
TAS Dyfodol Din Dolce (Ruffles'/Morrison)
TAS Dyfodol Idyllic Rose (Aust. Ch.) (L. Moore & P. & R. Ellis)
WA Esspree Dashingly Devilish (AI) (Australian Neuter Champion) (Rachel Yeo)
WA Esspree Moon light Rendezvous (Julie & Karen Hiscott)
WA Esspree Moon light Romance (Julie & Karen Hiscott)
WA Esspree Perfect Honour (Australian Supreme Champion) (J&D Hiscott)
WA Esspree Perfect Ruby (Australian Champion) (J&D Hiscott)
NSW Featherdale Celtic Goddess (AI) (Aust Ch) (Kay Fallowfield & Jon Endycott)
SA Featherdale Celtic Monarch (AI) (Aust CH) (Ms Susan Arwen)
NSW Featherdale Dragons Knight (Aust Ch) (Kay Fallowfield & Jon Endycott)
NSW Featherdale Fearless Fighter (Aust Ch) (Kay Fallowfield & Jon Endycott)
VIC Featherdale Inner Magic (Ch) (Gwen & Richard McEvoy)
NSW Featherdale Inner Spirit (Aust Ch) (Jon Endycott)
NSW Featherdale Knights Kiss (Aust Ch) (Kay Fallowfield & Jon Endycott)
SA Featherdale Velvet Dragon (Aust Neut Champion) (Ms Susan Arwen)
NSW Featherdale Welsh Dragon (Aust Ch) (Kay Fallowfield & Jon Endycott)
QLD Forget Me Not Des Vauriennes (Imp Neth) (Australian Champion) (Donna Bruckner)
NSW Goldmaid Dangerous Player AI (Supreme Champion) (DL & L Meagher)
NSW Goldmaid Diamond Duke (Australian Grand Champion) (Kim Stagg)
NSW Goldmaid Dutch Storm (Multi BISS, RUBISS, Aust Grand Ch) (Debbie Meagher)
QLD Goldmaid Dutch Treat (Aust Ch) (Bruce & Bev Cornish)
NSW Goldmaid Everybody Duck (Aust Ch. Neuter Ch.) (D & L Meagher)
NSW Goldmaid Game On AI (Australian Grand Champion) (DL & L Meagher)
NSW Goldmaid Its Showtime (Aust Ch) (Jan MacLean)
WA Goldmaid Perfect Storm (Australian Champion) (Julie & David Hiscott)
NSW Goldmaid Rafferty Rules (Aust. Ch.) (J A MacLean)
VIC Goldmaid Red Merlin (Australian Champion) (Kylie Gilbert, Clare & Stephen Tolley)
NSW Goldmaid Red Rocket (Australian Supreme Ch) (Debbie Meagher)
QLD Goldmaid Showme th Money (B & B Cornish)
NSW Goldmaid Strike Me Wild (Multi BIS, MBISS, Australian Supreme Champion) (Debbie Meagher)
NSW Goldmaid The Game Begins (Australian Champion) (Debbie & Laura Meagher)
NSW Goldmaid Topaz Terror (Australian Grand Champion) (Debbie Meagher)
NSW Goldmaid Way Too Cool (AI) (Australian Champion) (D & L Meagher & Mal Perry)
NSW Goldmaid Wild Style (Multi BIS, BISS, Australian Grand Champion) (Debbie Meagher)
NZ Gwynne of Llanfair (Shane & Maxine Brannigan)
QLD Hartset Wings Ofan Angel (BIG Aust Ch) (Jenny Hampton)
NSW Highclare Little Swamp Duck (UK) (Ch) (Mrs. S. Brackman)
SA Laugharne Aint She Sweet (AI) CCD JD (Ch) (Trevor Marschall and Sharon Garrett)
SA Laugharne Always A Lady (AI) (Ch) (Trevor Marschall and Sharon Garrett)
SA Laugharne Be My Treasure (AI) (CH) (T J Marschall & S Garrett)
SA Laugharne Beyond Belief (AI) (CH) (TJ Marschall & S Garrett)
VIC Laugharne Exotic Gem OMaesgwyn (AI) (Aust Dual Ch (T)) (Youlla Kyriacou & David Read)
SA Laugharne Extreme Adventurer (AI) JD, CCD (Ch) (Trevor Marschall and Sharon Garrett)
VIC Laugharne Nordic Light (Aust Champion, BISS, RUBISS) (Youlla Kyriacou & Dave Read)
SA Laugharne Thunder Storm (Ch) (Beth and Trevor Marschall)
SA Laugharne Treasure Trove CDX (Andrew and Janet Robins)
SA Laugharne Viva La Duck ( AI) (Ch) (Trevor and Beth Marschall)
SA Laugharne Wild Storm JD, ET, RN,CCD, AD (Ch) (Sharon Garrett)
SA Laugharne You Can Fly Harry (AI) (Aust Gr Ch) (Sharon Garrett)
NSW Llanrhos Cordelia (Aust Ch) (Robyn Fitzgerald)
NSW Llanrhos Llewelyn (Robyn Fitzgerald)
NSW Lornelane Fantasy (Ch) (Jan MacLean)
NSW Lornelane Lady On Stage (BIS Aust Ch) (Robyn Fitzgerald)
NSW Lornelane Le Fay (Aust Champion) (Jan MacLean)
NSW Lornelane Luck Be A Lady AI (J.A. MacLean)
NSW Lornelane Myth N Magic (Aust Ch) (Jan MacLean)
NSW Lornelane Pagan Potion (Aust Ch) (J. MacLean)
NSW Lornelane Simply Wicked (Aust. Grand Ch.) (Jan MacLean)
NSW Lornelane Spellcaster (Australian Champion) (Jan MacLean)
NSW Lornelane The Enchanter (Aust Grand Champion) (Jan MacLean)
NSW Lornelane The Pendragon (Aust. Ch.) (J. MacLean)
NSW Lornelane Totally Wicked (Aust.Ch.) (Jan MacLean)
VIC Maesgwyn Carmen Lucia Ruby (Aust Ch) (R & P Valletta/ Y Kyriacou & D Read)
VIC Maesgwyn Duke of Marma TD (Aust Champion, BISS) (Youlla Kyriacou & Dave Read)
SA Maesgwyn Girl of Cornwall (E Gard/Y Kyriacou & D Read)
VIC Maesgwyn King of Hearts (AI) TD (Grand Ch, BISS, RUBISOS) (T Van Ewyk/Y Kyriacou & D Read)
NSW Maesgwyn Liberty Belle Ruby (Angela Henderson)
SA Maesgwyn Light OLaugharne (Aust Ch) (B & T Marschall/Y Kyriacou & D Read)
VIC Maesgwyn Queen of Hearts (AI) (Aust Ch) (Youlla Kyriacou & Dave Read)
VIC Maesgwyn Red Baron of Marma (Aust Ch, RUBISOS) (Youlla Kyriacou & Dave Read)
VIC Maesgwyn Sir Ross Poldark (Youlla Kyriacou & Dave Read)
VIC Maesgwyn Star Ruby TDX (Aust Champion, BISOS) (Youlla Kyriacou & Dave Read)
QLD Mycroft Machynlleth RN AD JD (Aust Ch) (Kathy & Brenton Andrew)
NSW Mycroft Marlowe (Sylvia Brackman)
NSW Mycroft Mayahuel (S.J.Brackman)
NSW Mycroft Mountain Dell (Aust Ch) (Kay Fallowfield & Jon Endycott)
ACT Mycroft Must Be Me (Aust Ch) (Jane Gregor)
NSW Mycroft Must Be Summer (Sylvia Brackman)
NSW Mycroft My Billy (S J Brackman)
NZ Nantyderi Myrddin At Brynmor (Ch) (Kelly Te Reo)
NSW Nantyderi Taliesyn (Imp NZ) (Aust & NZ Ch) (R & G McEvoy)
SA Pintettea Enchantment (Mrs M Ahrens)
TAS Pintettea Hocus Pocus (CH) (Chris Lowe)
QLD Pintettea Moondust (Aust.Ch.) (B & B Cornish)
VIC Plattwood Darcy TD (Aust Champion) (Youlla Kyriacou & David Read)
TAS Radiantmist My Destiny (AI) (P. & R. Ellis)

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