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Australian Supreme Ch Goldmaid Red Rocket
Owned by Debbie Meagher

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Photo (*) Afonderi Armed N Red E  (BIG MRUBIG Ch) [NZ] (J McBurney)
Photo   Afonderi At the Red E  (Ch) [NZ] (J McBurney & N Ryan)
Photo   Afonderi Enough All Red E [NZ] (R & H Winch)
Photo   Afonderi Lady Maid For Brynmor [NZ] (Kelly Te Reo)
Photo   Afonderi Red E Maid  (IISS LISS Ch) [NZ] (N Ryan & J McBurney)
Photo   Afonderi St. Elmos Fire  (LISS) [NZ] (N Ryan & J McBurney)
Photo   Alclare A Hard Days Night [VIC] (K Gilbert, S& C Tolley)
Photo   Alclare Eleanor Rigby (AI) Imp Aust [NZ] (Sue Lawless)
Photo   Alclare Raise your Glass [VIC] (K Gilbert, S& C Tolley)
Photo   Alclare Shes The One [VIC] (K gilbert. S & C Tolley)
Photo   Arithon All the Way [NSW] (Jane Gregor / Katarina Burns)
Photo   Arithon Awsten  (Aust Ch) [ACT] (Jane Gregor)
Photo   Arithon Eirianwen [NSW] (Jennifer Conquest)
Photo   Arithon Just Rewards  (Australian Champion) [NSW] (Gail Marsh)
Photo   Arithon Seeing Red  (Australian Champion & Neuter Champion) [ACT] (Jane Gregor)
Photo   Bryndoain Cool Charm RBIS  (CH) [NZ] (Sue Lawless)
Photo   Bryndoain Hot Summer Knight [NZ] (S Lawless)
Photo (*) Bryndoain Joe Cool  (Ch RUBIG LIS) [NZ] (Sue Lawless)
Photo (*) Bryndoain Just Too Cool At Brynmor  (BISS RUBIS MBIG NZ Ch) [NZ] (Kelly Te Reo)
Photo   Bryndoain Playin-it-Cool with Afonderi  (LISS NISS) [NZ] (J McBurney & N Ryan)
Photo   Brynmor Elysian  (NZ Ch) [NZ] (Kelly Te Reo)
Photo   Brynmor Evenstar (Imp NZ)  (Aust Ch) [QLD] (Bruce & Bev Cornish)
Photo (*) Brynmor Great Scott  (NZ Ch) [NZ] (Kelly Te Reo)
Photo   Brynmor Hello Sunny  (NZ Ch) [NZ] (Kelly Te Reo)
Photo   Brynmor Isabelle  (NZ Ch) [NZ] (Kelly Te Reo)
Photo   Brynmor Ivy League  (NZ Ch) [NZ] (Kelly Te Reo)
Photo   Brynmor Red Damsel at Dana  (Ch) [NZ] (Martin&Coralee Catley)
Photo (*) Brynmor Red Elmo  (BIG MRUBIG MRUBISS NZ Ch) [NZ] (Kelly Te Reo)
Photo   Brynmor Red Enchantress of Afonderi  (BIG OISS NZBISS Ch) [NZ] (Jacqueline McBurney)
Photo (*) Bushwacker Hot Pursuit via Highclaire (UK)  (Aust Ch) [NSW] (Mrs Sylvia Brackman)
Photo   Canobi Sugar Coated Candygirl [QLD] (Robert & Lynell Watts)
Photo   Canobi Sweet Talking Candyman [QLD] (Les Allen & L Watts)
Photo (*) Cobcroft Camelot Quest  (Aust.Ch.) [NSW] (Jan MacLean/ Gloria Haynes)
Photo   Dana Autumn-Rose [NZ] (Mrs Coralee Catley & Mr MR Catley)
Photo   Dana Red Satin And Lace [NZ] (Mrs Coralee Catley & Mr MR Catley)
  Dellkarn Daisy Rose ADM4 ADO JDM4 JDO GD SDM SPDM  (T. CH. AG. CH. 400) [VIC] (Mrs H M Eaves)
Photo (*) Don's Audacity (Imp. Sweden) [TAS] (P. & R. Ellis - Tazlon Kennels)
Photo   Dyfodol Idyllic Rose  (Aust. Ch.) [TAS] (L. Moore & P. & R. Ellis)
Photo (*) Esspree Perfect Honour [WA] (J&D Hiscott)
Photo   Esspree Perfect Ruby [WA] (J&D Hiscott)
Photo   Featherdale Fearless Fighter  (Aust Ch) [NSW] (Kay Fallowfield & Jon Endycott)
Photo   Featherdale Inner Magic  (Ch) [VIC] (Gwen & Richard McEvoy)
Photo   Featherdale Inner Spirit  (Ch) [NSW] (Jon Endycott)
Photo   Featherdale Knights Kiss [NSW] (Kay Fallowfield & Jon Endycott)
Photo   Forget Me Not Des Vauriennes (Imp Neth)  (Australian Champion) [QLD] (Donna Bruckner)
Photo   Goldmaid Dutch Treat  (Aust Ch) [QLD] (Bruce & Bev Cornish)
Photo   Goldmaid Everybody Duck  (Ch) [NSW] (Debbie Meagher)
Photo   Goldmaid Its Showtime  (Aust Ch) [NSW] (Jan MacLean)
Photo   Goldmaid Look At Moi  (Australian Champion) [VIC] (K Gilbert, S & C Tolley)
Photo   Goldmaid Perfect Storm  (Australian Champion) [WA] (Julie & David Hiscott)
Photo   Goldmaid Rafferty Rules [NSW] (J A MacLean)
Photo (*) Goldmaid Red Merlin  (Australian Champion) [VIC] (Kylie Gilbert, Clare & Stephen Tolley)
Photo (*) Goldmaid Red Rocket  (Australian Supreme Ch) [NSW] (Debbie Meagher)
Photo   Goldmaid Strike Me Wild  (Multi BIS, MBISS, Australian Supreme Champion) [NSW] (Debbie Meagher)
Photo   Highclare Little Swamp Duck (UK)  (Ch) [NSW] (Mrs. S. Brackman)
Photo   Laugharne Exotic Gem OMaesgwyn (AI)  (Aust Dual Ch (T)) [VIC] (Youlla Kyriacou & David Read)
Photo   Laugharne Extreme Adventurer (AI)  (Ch) [SA] (Trevor and Beth Marschall)
Photo   Laugharne Nordic Light  (Aust Champion, BISS, RUBISS) [VIC] (Youlla Kyriacou & Dave Read)
Photo   Laugharne Treasure Trove CDX [SA] (Andrew and Janet Robins)
Photo   Laugharne Viva La Duck ( AI)  (Ch) [SA] (Trevor and Beth Marschall)
Photo   Laugharne Wild Storm JD, ET, RN,CCD  (Ch) [SA] (T& E Marschall and S. Garrett)
Photo   Lornelane Lady On Stage  (BIS Aust Ch) [NSW] (Robyn Fitzgerald)
Photo (*) Lornelane Simply Wicked  (Aust. Ch.) [NSW] (Jan MacLean)
Photo   Lornelane The Enchanter  (Aust Grand Champion) [NSW] (Jan MacLean)
Photo   Lornelane The Pendragon  (Aust. Ch.) [NSW] (J. MacLean)
Photo   Lornelane Totally Wicked  (Aust.Ch.) [NSW] (Jan MacLean)
Photo (*) Maesgwyn Duke of Marma TD  (Aust Champion, BISS) [VIC] (Youlla Kyriacou & Dave Read)
Photo (*) Maesgwyn King of Hearts (AI) TD  (Ch) [VIC] (T Van Ewyk/Y Kyriacou & D Read)
Photo   Maesgwyn Light OLaugharne  (Aust Ch) [SA] (B & T Marschall/Y Kyriacou & D Read)
Photo   Maesgwyn Queen of Hearts (AI)  (Aust Ch) [VIC] (Youlla Kyriacou & Dave Read)
Photo   Maesgwyn Red Baron of Marma [VIC] (Youlla Kyriacou & Dave Read)
Photo   Maesgwyn Star Ruby TDX  (Aust Champion, BISOS) [VIC] (Youlla Kyriacou & Dave Read)
Photo   Mycroft Machynlleth [NSW] (S.J.Brackman)
Photo   Mycroft Mayahuel [NSW] (S.J.Brackman)
Photo   Mycroft Meadow Lark [NSW] (Sylvia Brackman)
Photo   Mycroft Meredith  (Ch.) [NSW] (Sylvia Brackman)
Photo   Mycroft Merlion [NSW] (S.J.brackman)
Photo   Mycroft Mountain Ash (Imp Aust) [NZ] (J McBurney & S Lawless)
Photo   Mycroft Mountain Dell  (Aust Ch) [NSW] (Kay Fallowfield & Jon Endycott)
Photo   Nantyderi Taliesyn (Imp NZ)  (Aust & NZ Ch) [NSW] (R & G McEvoy)
Photo   Pintettea Frances Phoebe [QLD] (Donna Bruckner)
  Pintettea Hocus Pocus [TAS] (Chris Lowe)
Photo   Pintettea Moondust [QLD] (B & B Cornish)
Photo   Plattwood Darcy TD  (Aust Champion) [VIC] (Youlla Kyriacou & David Read)
Photo   Radiantmist Spectacular Image (AI)  (CH) [NSW] (Richard & Gwen McEvoy)
Photo   Redfrith Charlie Brown (imp UK)  (RUBIS/MBIG./Aust Ch) [QLD] (Bruce & Bev Cornish)
Photo (*) Redhedz Arvel Star  (AUST CH) [SA] (Sue & Joe Nickholds)
Photo (*) Redhedz Dafi Star [SA] (Mr P and Mrs L Griffiths)
Photo   Ricochez Auryn Rhenffrew  (MBIS.MRUBIS. Aust. Supreme Champion) [QLD] (Bruce & Bev. Cornish)
Photo   Ricochez Auryn Rhianwyn  (MBISS MBIS MRUIS MBIG MRIG AUST SUPREME CH.) [QLD] (Jenny Hampton)
Photo   Ricochez Auryn Talyessin CCD CD RN RA RE  (MBIS, MRUIS Supreme Champion) [NT] (Nikki & Peter Jones)
Photo (*) Ricochez Bedwyr Dyllan  (MBIS MRIS MBIG MRIG AUST SUPREME CH.) [QLD] (Jenny Hampton)
Photo   Ricochez Dyfri Addiena  (MBIG, MRUIG Champion) [NT] (Nikki & Peter Jones)
Photo   Ricochez Dyfri Emyr  (Aust. Ch.) [QLD] (B. & B. Cornish)
Photo   Ricochez Dyfri Lili Rhoslyn JD  (T.CH.) [VIC] (Mrs Heather Eaves)
Photo   Ricochez Enfys Rhoda [QLD] (Mr R & Mrs L Watts)
Photo   Ricochez Enfys Sian  (BIS BIG MRIG AUST CH.) [QLD] (J.Hampton & B & B Cornish)
Photo   Ricochez Faleiry Cadawalder  (Aust. Ch.) [QLD] (Bruce & Bev. Cornish)
Photo   Ricochez Faleiry Ercwlff  (Aust. Ch.) [QLD] (Bruce & Bev Cornish)
Photo   Ricochez Faleiry Gabrielle  (Aust. Ch.) [QLD] (Bruce & Bev. Cornish)
Photo   Sarabande Sea of Dreams(AI) imp UK  (Aust. Ch.) [QLD] (B & B. Cornish)
Photo   Shandwick Raffles (imp UK)  (MBIS. MBISS Aust.Supreme Ch.) [QLD] (Bruce & Bev Cornish)
Photo (*) Slyvkin Tin Soldier (AI)  (NZ CH) [NZ] (Mr M & Mrs C Catley)
Photo   Slyvkin Tristan  (Multi BIS Australian Grand Champion) [ACT] (Jane Gregor)
Photo   Talladji Betathn Therest  (Australian Champion) [VIC] (K Gilbert, S & C Tolley)
Photo (*) Tazlon Deldu Gilmore  (Aust. Ch.) [TAS] (P. & R. Ellis)
Photo   Tazlon Delduo Winston  (Aust. Ch.) [TAS] (P. & R. Ellis)
Photo (*) Tazlon My New Magician (iid)  (Aust. Ch.) [VIC] (Paul & Rebecca Valletta)
Photo   Tazlon Twice As Nice [TAS] (P. & R. Ellis)
Photo   Tazlon Twice The Fun [TAS] (P. & R. Ellis)
Photo   Tazlon Witchdon Willow [TAS] (P. & R. Ellis)

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