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Breed - Rhodesian Ridgeback

Location : NSW
Dog Contact : Kathy
Email :
Listing Added : 30-Aug-14

Chilli is a 3 year old pure bread from Zambuana Lodge dob 26/9/11
She is microchipped, desexed and up to date with all Vaccinations

Chilli attended puppy school and is well socialised. She is submissive and very well behaved around other dogs, she loves having a run at our local dog park but is not very good with recall so needs to be kept fenced in at all times.
She does like to chew if she gets bored so needs to be walked at least once a day and will need to be rehomed with a companion.

She is very affectionate and can get excited and jump a bit so may not be appropriate for young children, in saying that, I do believe with an attentive owner she would be very eager to learn and receptive to some consistent training.

We are only rehoming Chilli as our circumstances have changed and we can no longer provide her with as much attention as she deserves. We will be very sad to see her go but glad to know that she will be with someone who can provide her with loads of love.

Please Contact Kathy Cosentino in NSW on if you are interested. Chilli is in NSW

Breed - Siberian Husky

Location : Mandalong, NSW
Dog Contact : Anna
Phone : 0403 833 204
Email :
Listing Added : 13-Aug-14

Siberian Husky
2 Year Old Male
Located : Berkshire Park, NSW

I entered this world with the pedigree name of Wolfgirl Rockie. When the time comes to leave this mortal coil it will be with a name more suited to who I am at the core – a true Rockstar.

I have looks. I have charisma. I have an artist’s soul and a poet’s passion. Obstinate to the core I hide a deep, dark secret. As I begin to trust you I will turn my ears on and reveal my layers of… marshmallow. I reward your perseverance by bestowing the most tentative of kisses, becoming bolder as time moves on. I pretend to suffer through huggles, but deep down you’ve discovered yet another weakness of mine.

I live for a life full of adventure and inclusion, known to take to the open road all by my lonesome when my needs weren’t being met. 6ft+ colourbond and gap proof fencing will play it safe, but really, something as simple as a friendly playmate is enough to keep me home. You there more often than not? Bonus!

Happy to chase your spotlight at any other time don’t be offended if I ignore you in favour of my canine entourage. Unless there’s a treat on offer, at which time I am happy to break up play and partake of those delicious morsels of goodness. For a big boof I am surprisingly gentle when taking them from between the palms of a child’s hands. Zoomies are a particular joy in life – with my brakes not quite 100% any children in the family should be 7+, dog savvy and bomb proof.

I’m ready to climb the heights with you by my side. Are you ready to take me to the top?

Adoption Fee - $400
Includes desexing, microchip, C5 vaccination, heartworm test / treat, internal and external parasite treatment, microchip transfer and lifetime registration in NSW

Breed - Siberian Husky

Location : Berkshire Park, NSW
Dog Contact : Anna
Phone : 0403 833 204
Email :
Listing Added : 3-Aug-14

Siberian Husky
10 Year Old Male
Located : Berkshire Park, NSW

Kimba is the name, making you fall for me is my game. You will be awed by my gentle, quiet demeanour. My little-boy-lost chocolate browns will reel you in. Your heart will turn to mush with my first tentative kiss.

I, in turn, will shatter your illusions when I introduce you to the pep in my step and the pure cheekiness in my heart. Twilight years? PFFT! So OK, I may no longer be able to run a marathon but you still won’t be able to catch me. Snoozing the day away is my definition of “the life” but come walkies time and I’m like a horse out of the barrier. I must reach and anoint the first tree I see before it has the chance to move on me. After that it’s pretty much a mutual admiration society as to how pleasurable I am to walk.

By the time you reach my age you have a past. Mine is slowly becoming a distant memory but I am not a fan of above the head movements. I cower. I almost hit the deck. I back away from you. Yet give me a second to approach you of my own free will and pretty soon we’re tight. For life.

I adore being around my people especially if they come bearing these things known as treats. I gently take them from your hands, slobber all over them, drop them to the floor… then walk away. Unless they’re unhealthy treats - my nose knows and you just try keeping them away from me!

At times I’m independent, wanting to do my own thing. At others I’m with you in the thick of things. Especially when the kids are running amuck - I will neither confirm nor deny I encourage their shenanigans, but rest assured I will supervise to ensure they are adhering to acceptable standards of childhood antics.

I greet all canine friends with friendliness and interest, but will make it known I tolerate no obnoxious behaviour. As I can get somewhat rambunctious in play it’s best they are of a similar size.

By now you’ve fallen in love me, and are wondering whether you have the fortitude to welcome me into your life. Realising that you may not theoretically have me for a long time, I can promise you that it will be a good time.

Adoption Fee - Donation to ABR
Includes desexing, microchip, C5 vaccination, heartworm treat / test, internal and external parasite treatment and lifetime registration in NSW

Breed - Bull Terrier

Location : Central Coast, NSW
Dog Contact : Christine Albina
Phone : 0421 325 094
Email :
Listing Added : 28-Jul-14


Pinky is 5 years old, but he certainly doesn't act it! This little gentleman is full of “Joie de Vivre”. He's got a cheeky smile and a twinkle in his eye that keeps you wondering what he's going to do next (or what he's been up to, already!)

The cheeky little face hides a remarkably sweet and easygoing nature, although he will need a good exercise session twice a day to keep him in shape. He has the classic solid Bull Terrier body, which never benefits from being overweight. He's not big, but he is brave and willing to give anything a try!

Pinky is quite well-mannered, but would definitely benefit from some further training, if only to increase his confidence with other dogs. He is a Bully through and through – cheeky, funny, and mostly his ears are used for nothing else except decoration – but he is also sweet, loyal and obedient.

Pinky adores children and is remarkably gentle with them, despite his nuggety build and high energy. He would be perfect for an active family who love to involve their dog in as many family activities as possible.

Pinky is vaccinated, desexed, wormed and heartwormed. Please contact Christine on 0421 325 094, or fill in an application form.

NSW Bull Terrier Rescue Inc is an independent, self funded registered, not for profit charity run by a small group of dedicated volunteers. Our aim is to rescue and rehome Bull Terriers in need throughout NSW and beyond.

All our dogs are vet checked, desexed, microchipped, wormed and vaccinated prior to adoption.

Registered Charity ABN: 41 122 671 997.

Donations of $2.00 or more are tax deductible and are very much appreciated. Please email us if you would like to consider sponsoring NSWBTR, thank you.

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