avalon holiday units, NSW

Accommodation Name - avalon holiday units
Location - batemans bay, NSW (1-3 avalon st)
Contact Details - 02 44724204
Type of Accommodation - Self Contained Unit/Cottage

Details - Two bedroom fully self contained units next to dog friendly beach, off season $300 per week.
3and half stars.

Rating -   (Out of a possible 5 ... 5 being excellent)

This review was submitted on 12-Jul-2004 by jane and david mcbride

Details - Avalon units are in a great location - not really walking distance to the shops at Batemans Bay nor Batehaven, if you need groceries but flat for cycling or if you're energetic and fit!
The beach, situated a couple of minutes walk from the units, is Corrigans but it's time share only, which means you CAN'T have the dogs on the beach with you during the day ( only between 5pm and 9am in summer time)and even then you must be careful not to walk near the caravan park.

This can be a problem if you're expecting to spend time on the local beach with your dog; otherwise, the only beach that accepts dogs 24hr off leash is gorgeous Tomakin 20km away and Broulee but the latter insists on leashes on at all times which is a nuisance.The unit complex (all ground floor) does have a small pool, however, so you can cool off, if you dont feel like driving to Tomakin every day.

The biggest problem you will face is that you can NEVER leave your dogs unattended in the unit ( and this is quite reasonable, knowing some dogs!) and the property is NOT fully fenced so dogs must be kept on leash at all times except when inside. This means you WON'T be able to go out at night for a meal unless you find alfresco dining somewhere nor do your shopping. Batemans Bay mall does NOT allow dogs, even though it's open air so you cant even have a coffee/snack with your dog tethered - this was disappointing to find out upon arrival!
Batehaven (same distance in different direction from units) has a really nice patisserie which has some outdoor seating so you CAN tether your dog there.

The road the units are on is quiet and so there is little chance of a dog being run over unless it takes a bolt up to the main road, a considerable distance away.Each unit has a small verandah and a small patch of grass where the dogs can relieve themselves.There is some grass running up behind the units, too but bring your insect repellant - mozzies galore!

The 5 units themselves are basic but very clean and comfortable and cosy.Each unit has a bright, sunny outlook in the mornings but the bathrooms are very dark (not that that matters terribly!)There is a carport for each unit and you can fit a boat and trailer in, too.
The owners live on site and are very accommodating.There are some free dvds videos available which saves you a drive to Batehavens ( which has an excellent video store-you may need it-we did since the weather was very, very changeable).
There is a cosy bbq area near the pool with two big tables and another couple of bbqs next to the other units.Gas is supplied, as are the bbq utensils.
The local boat ramp is good.Bbar conditions obviously vary but we saw quite a few fish being caught.
We would definitely stay there again .We liked the quiet location and, in the end, it didnt matter that we didnt have a 24hr dog-friendly beach we could walk to because we didnt end up going to the beaches every day, anyway.We just made sure that someone stayed at home with the dogs (which were allowed inside) whilst the other zipped up the road to get groceries or take away.
If you're young and kidless and want a night out you may have to re-consider taking the dog here since there is no pet-sitting available ( unless you can ask a fellow holiday-maker) but holidaying with dogs has its drawbacks, anyway but, if you're anything like us, you'll be grateful for any chance to have a break away with your pooches!

The only reason we rated this property as a 3 / 5 is because its lack of fencing and suitability for leaving dogs unattended at any time and the fact that the local beach is not 24 hr dog friendly otherwise if you know of these problems ahead of time,this place affords a very pleasant stay!

Rating -

This additional information was submitted on 13-Feb-2008 by EJ

Details - the cost is $380 in the off season, pet friendly beach, leash free,and they just love it!

Rating -

This additional information was submitted on 7-Jan-2007 by jane mcbride

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