A Vina Van Village, NSW

Accommodation Name - A Vina Van Village
Location - Vineyard (Sydney), NSW
Contact Details - 96271847
Type of Accommodation - Caravan/Camping Ground

Details - Dog people are put in the Olympic Cabins (which were used as accomodation during the Sydney Olympics). 2 cabins are contected by a large undercover deck complete with outdoor seeting and a BBQ. Large grassed (lite) area opposite cabins. Very quiet, security gates. Cabins have small fridge, and microwave, and full crockery. Be prepared though, if it is cold, to ask for extra blankets.

Rating -   (Out of a possible 5 ... 5 being excellent)

This review was submitted on 26-Jul-2004 by Belinda

Details - I work at Avina Van Village
It is recommended that you ring first to make sure what you are booking is what you want.
The Caravan Park is offering accommodation for humans and dogs are permitted on the premises we do not offer accommodation for dogs, but we can offer you a dog kennel or crate if pre-arranged for a fee.
If you require any information about the park before or whilst you are staying, the office is open 7 days a week, till 6pm and then the phone is diverted to the manager, so the office can be accessed 24 hours for emergencies
If when you stay with us, you brake some think or something is broken, we have a maintenance contractor that can usually fix small thing quickly and major things reasonably quickly,
If a deposit is paid for a specific, Villa, Site, Ensuite, than that is what you would get. It would only not be available if a deposit wasn’t paid, as this would not be a confirmed booking or the particular accommodation may be out of order or under maintenance.
We are on a 50 acre rural property and yes there can be ants, and they are usually where food is stored incorrectly or spilt, it is recommended to have any food in the fridge or in sealed containers common sense really.

Rating -

This additional information was submitted on 15-Dec-2011 by Misty Wilkie

Details - New owners since other ratings. And they have done a lot of rennovations to cabins, and still are working on them.
A great place to stay with dogs. Large fenced exercise yard. Dogs allowed on veranders or in cars, so we just set up soft crates on the veranda.
Very clean, and very friendly hosts. A great place to stay with dogs.
They are getting harder and harder to get.

Rating -

This additional information was submitted on 29-Jul-2011 by S & G

Details - Stayed in the budget cabin for the Sydney Royal......being a budget cabin it had more than expected in regards it had air con. There was a large lawn area in front of the cabin to park the car and trailer. I was not offered anywhere to exercise the dogs but there was apparantly somewhere.

However....the shower was full of a sea of black ants and the water pressure too poor to wash them all away!!! and overnight the ants also got into the fridge and all through the food. The only thing I could salvage was stuff in cans. And the couch was also full of ants and couldn't be sat on.

Although a general problem in caravan parks but seemed excessive in this one, was the number of people drinking heavily and sitting in the walk ways (they looked to be owned vans not rentals) and a very very loud party was permitted to go on until 4am.

So the cheap $80 cabin ended up costing me over another $50 worth of food and a sleepless night.

I will rate 2/5 and those 2 only because they allow dogs and places that allow dogs are getting hard to come by.

Rating -

This additional information was submitted on 17-Apr-2010 by SB

Details - We stayed here in October 09 for the Flyball Nationals. We are lucky enough to have a camper so the dogs could stay inside. I booked a site with an ensuite loo because I don't like the idea of my youngest son going to the toilet on his own.

When we arrived we found that we didn't have what we booked for. They gave us the key to the baby bathroom instead (which meant he couldn't go on his own and the door handle fell of completely) and when I queried it I was more or less told "tough luck" by one incredibly rude woman. I've never stayed anywhere that the "hosts" have been so horrible.

A number of people who were there for the comp were unhappy with either the accommodation (not what they booked) and the rude staff/owners.

I give them a rating of 2 only because they allow dogs.

Rating -

This additional information was submitted on 13-Jan-2010 by Sharon Dwyer (2tollers)

Details - although they have a paddock for the animals to run around they dont offer anything other than that.
the dogs or animals have to sleep outside and only has a roof no walls to block rain or cold weather.
for the lucky ones who own a dog trailer than you atleast have that for them to sleep in but if you dont be prepared to tie them to a rail and hope for the best.
very up setting

Rating -

This additional information was submitted on 27-Sep-2004 by kate

Details - Forgot to mention it is 35 minutes from Erskine Park and about 20 minutes to Castle HIll Showground. They even provide written directions to get to Erskine Park. How good is that??

Rating - No rating given

This additional information was submitted on 26-Jul-2004 by Belinda

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