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Contact :
Leah Ryan
Location :
Londonderry NSW
Phone :
0408 477 223
Email :
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VEDAMEA Rough Collies are professional breeders, established in 1979. Bred and reared on five acres of lush green paddocks at the foot of the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, Australia, our Collies run free with lots of fresh air and sunshine and abundant room to bound around in a happy and well-adjusted lifestyle. A wholesome natural diet produces sound and healthy animals. Our experience and appreciation for the value of a true working dog is linked to our strong rural roots. Although most breeds today are not required to work as such, we believe retaining this working ability is essential to produce Collies suitable as show dogs, for obedience or just simply good companions - healthy in body and spirit.

The Collie has an aesthetic value shared by few other breeds. They are always willing to please with wonderful temperaments and a great desire to be with you. They are wonderful dogs for almost anyone.

Vedamea Collies has a small, responsible breeding program reflecting our commitment to relevant genetic testing. We have imported numerous quality Collies over the years to infuse into our breeding program, ensuring not only improvement of breed type, but also the introduction of new bloodlines ensures continued good health to our lovely breed.

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