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Name : Pam Calvert-Maher

Town : Perth, WA

Phone : 0419 854 635

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My goal is to produce healthy puppies that will provide many years of companionship. All my dogs are DNA Tested for Copper Toxicosis. I have tried all DNA tests as they become available and biopsy all dogs on neutering, I will continue to try any new health test. The health of my puppies is paramount, they are all DNA tested before they leave home.

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Prefix : AUSBED (Bedlington Terrier)

Healthy home reared puppies, true to type with excellent temperaments. We only breed from tested clear parents and test all puppies for Copper Toxicosis. As my oldies are sterilised they are biopsied to check their livers for signs of damage, so far all have been clear of the disease. Most dogs are tested for congenital and non congenital eye diseases prior to mating and have all tested clear.

Ausbed is based on leading Australian bloodlines, and we have added from 3 UK kennels to add to the Australian gene pool. Our aim is quality.

Ausbed Bedlington Terriers can be found in WA, Victoria, SA, NSW, Queensland, Canberra and have added to the gene pool in Finland and New Zealand. At home, in Canning Vale, they are usually found playing in the garden or sleeping on the furniture in the family room. Please visit our website for more information.

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