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Name : Patricia Fulcher

Town : Trafalgar, VIC

Phone : 0400234356

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Clubs : Fox Terrier Club of Victoria INC

Foxier is a small boutique breeder specialising in Smooth Haired Fox Terriers. Our lines were started by Bill Larken of Kennilglen prefix, from which all our dogs descend.

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Prefix : FOXIER (Fox Terrier (Smooth))

FOXIER is a select boutique kennel devoted to the continuity of the lively enthusiastic big dog in a small body - the Smooth Fox Terrier. FOXIER is privileged to be carrying on the 60+ years that Bill Larkin (Kenilglen Kennels) and his father before him, devoted to the breed in Victoria and his kindness in passing on his lovely dogs to us. So our foxies have a very long lineage.

If you have never owned a foxy terrorist before take a look at the information on the history of Smooth Fox Terriers found here .

FOXIER litters are carefully planned and researched to produce sound, quality puppies. Temperament of the Mum and Dad for the puppies is the first consideration. This ensures that any puppies have a fabulous nature and become a delightful addition to any family. FOXIER puppies are raised in a home environment so that they fit right into yours. They already know how to use a dog door before they go to their forever home, so are easy to house train.

FOXIER Kennels have a rigorous approval process for any puppies and are very careful where we place our puppies. We also take the time to ensure we answer every enquiry we get about our beloved Smooth Fox Terriers.

Next Litter Planned: July, 2020

Prefix : ALLEANZO (Lagotto Romagnolo)


ALLEANZO kennels is a boutique breeder with a passion for the Lagotto Romagnolo breed and nurturing the long-term future of the breed within Australia. ALLEANZO derives from the Italian word “alliance” as we have aligned with authoritative breeders in Australia.

ALLEANZO Lagotto Romagnolo are sweet tempered, quick to learn and loving dogs that will enliven any home. Their coat is hypoallergenic, so for those with allergies they are a good choice, if you are prepared to maintain their coat properly. We urge you to research the Lagotto Romagnolo and a good place to start your research is

ALLEANZO competes at Conformation Dog Shows to be able to ensure we breed from the best parents. Careful research is put into planning ALLEANZO puppies to ensure that our puppies are of the right temperament for family life. All ALLENZO puppies are raised in a home environment, with the aid of puppy culture techniques, so they can transition and adjust well when they move into your home.

All potential ALLEANZO puppy homes are stringently vetted to ensure the perfect long-term homes for our puppies. Expect a questionnaire to be completed and your home to be vetted before any approval to purchase is agreed.
If you believe you can offer an amazing enriching home to one of these wonderful playful clowns, an ALLEANZO Lagotto Romagnolo, email us today.

Next Litter Planned: Unknown

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