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Name : Angie & Laurie Swain

Town : Mangrove Mountain, NSW

Phone : 0243741030

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Clubs : Border Terrier Club of NSW, The British Terrier Club

We have been breeding terriers for over 20 years and always with the thought that the most important achievement is a healthy and sound dog, anything after that is a bonus. Puppies are raised with a great deal of T.L.C. to give them a good start in life, be they for show or pet. The first question we will ask a potential buyer is: 'Do you have a good, dog-proof fence around your property'? In the case of the Irish, is it high enough? As terriers are hunters, we consider this a MUST!

Breeder Listings

Prefix : GLENBOYD (Border Terrier)

Glenboyd Kennels have been breeding B.T.'s for many years, producing a number of champions. Blue & Tan, Red and Grizzle are represented in our kennels. Our Borders are bred to be A typical with loving personalities and joy of life.

Next Litter Planned: Unknown

Prefix : GLENBOYD (Irish Terrier)

We have been breeding Irish Terriers for many years and always the consideration is to breed true to type, happy, healthy puppies. Irish are definitely the 'clowns' of the terriers, always wanting to make you smile. They are active, agile and energetic so if you want to add an Irish Terrier to your family a good fence is a must. Puppies sometimes available for a pet, a show dog or obedience dog - you will be sure of a loving companion.

Next Litter Planned: Unknown