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Name : Panagiotis Pallas & Maria Linardatos

Town : Oakleigh South, VIC

Phone : 0434689604

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Prefix : KAVKAZANGEL (Caucasian Shepherd Dog)

KAVKAZ ANGEL is a professional breeding Kennel of Caucasian Shepherd Dogs.
We offer selective breeding from Ukraine and Russian Foundation dogs and source blood lines from all over the world.
Our aim is to popularise these dogs in Australia and help people find a truly strong and gorgeous animal.

The Breeders of KAVKAZ ANGEL KENNEL are working hard to raise the puppies of each litter to be strong, balanced, with calm nature and protective to their territory. At the same time healthy and well built. All puppies are raised in the Breeders house and get some basic training as well as time to interact with other animals of the household (rabbit-cat-bird-dogs).

The Caucasian Shepherd Dog is a dog with over 2,000 years old roots in the remote mountainous region of the Caucasus in southeastern Europe and KAVKAZ ANGEL KENNEL aims to breed Caucasian Shepherd puppies in order to save and improve the Caucasian Shepherd Breed's best qualities.

Breeding requires knowledge and experience of the Breed, something that the Breeders of KAVKAZ ANGEL KENNEL have, as they have been owners of Caucasian Shepherd Dogs for over 25 years.We are open to your questions before and after the purchase of a puppy .

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