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Name : Debra

Town : Central Victoria, VIC

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Clubs : VCA, Labrador Retriever Club of Victoria, Four Paws K9 Training, Fun For Dogs Canine Education

- Registered Breeder - Qualified Dog Trainer - VCA Member - LRCV Member - In excess of 20 years experience in dog ownership, training, care, breeding and handling

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Prefix : LIGHTNINGLAB (Labrador Retriever)

Lightninglab Labradors - Labradors that BLITZ the competition!


I've had Labradors in my life since I was 3 years old. My dogs are part of my family - beloved pets, best friends and great companions.

As a steward of the Labrador breed, I have a responsibility to ensure I am breeding sound dogs, staying true to type and temperament. My breeding dogs have had their hips and elbows scored - their results coming in well below the breed average. DNA testing has cleared my bitch of any inherent diseases. As she is not a carrier, her puppies cannot be affected.

My foundation sire is Kumbelin Kanbigur Mel - a direct descendant of the incomparable Kupros Master Mariner, recognised as one of the most influential sires of the modern Labrador. Kumbelin Kanbigur Mel was a beautiful black boy, his classic type harking back to his English forebears. He was extremely loyal and possessed the biddable and kind temperament Labradors are admired for.

My foundation bitch is Lukilab Daisy Duke. A lovely yellow girl, she is a model blend of both show and working lines possessing a certain 'joie de vivre' coupled with a beautiful, kind nature. She is a delightful dog - an absolute joy to have as a member of my family.

Should a LightningIab puppy come into your life, they will need to become a much loved and involved member of your family. They will repay your love with undying loyalty, devotion and love their entire lives

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