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Name : Eva

Town : Carindale, QLD

Phone : 0422761856

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Clubs : Dogs QLD

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Prefix : KEELAP (Schnauzer (Miniature))

Contact : Eva
Location : Brisbane, QLD
Phone: 0422761856
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Hello from Keelap (which stays for Kind, Eminent ,Elite, Loveable, Adventurous, Passionate).

I am a breeder with overseas experience of breeding, grooming, training and dog's show judging in my past (sinse1988).
My passion was Airedale Terriers and Schnauzers. 3 y ago I lost my Giant Schnauzer at 16 yo. As getting older had to restrict myself with size of my favourite breeds, so I switched my passion to Miniature Schnauzer and Lakeland Terrier, who differs completely by character and appearance, but they perfectly complement each other.
They are my total joy, love and fun. They live mostly indoor as family members, but have safe access to play outdoor when they wish. Both came from pure bloodlines

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