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Name : Jill Fowler

Town : Huskisson, NSW

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Clubs : Shoalhaven Dog Training Club , FCC NSW

I am dedicated to the promotion of the German Spitz mittel as a working dog in the Obedience ring. I have titled the following mittels in performance: Merrifox Girlie CD, CH Atetak Feelin Foxy CD ,Ch Merrifox Snugazza Bug CCD,CD: Neut Ch Merrifox Heltaskelta RN;Ch Llancarfan Wild Condor CCD,RN; Ch LLancarfan Jingle Bells CCD RN . I am not a breeder but a trainer of performance dogs. I am one of a tiny group of handlers who have triple titled mittels

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Prefix : MERRIFOX (German Spitz (Mittel))

There has been a mittelspitz in my life since 1990 since my friendship with one of the founders of the breed in Australia, the late Bev Hughes of the iconic ATETAK with the purchase of two outstanding bitches Ch Atetak Feelin Foxy CD / two passes CDX and her half sister Ch Atetak Black Ice.

I am proud to be the founder of the FIRST and still ONLY AFFILIATED Inc club for the breed in Australia, being secretary for 7 + years. I stepped down to concentrate on performance rather than conformation events.
My successes with my dogs to date:

1,Merrifox Girlie CD
2,Ch Atetak Feelin Foxy CD and two passes CDX
3. Ch Merrifox Snugazza Bug CCD,CD RUBOB Sydney Royal, BOB Canberra Royal for two years,multi classes in group awards and a highly consistent trial first place winner
4 Neut Ch Merrifox Heltaskelta RN
5 Ch Llancarfan Wild Condor CCD,RN
6 Ch LLancarfan Jingle Bells CCD RN
7 Ryfrost Venus Doom RN
8 Ch Merrifox Eskimo Joe

Both my Champion Feelin Foxy CD , Champion Llancarfan Jingle Bells CCD RN are still in 2018 the ONLY mittel bitches in Australia to have titled in BOTH Conformation and Obedience/Rally.. Merrifox is synonymous with performance success

This breed requires mental & physical stimulation for it to reach its potential.

"Pedigree indicates what the animal should be.
Conformation indicates what the animal appears to be.
But performance indicates what the animal actually is."
Author unknown


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