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Name : Pam Kilburn

Town : Junee, NSW

Phone : 0409341933

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Clubs : Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club NSW.Wagga Wagga and Districts Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club.Junee Kennel Club. Coolamon Ganmain Kennel Club

Pennyflower Kennels have been established since 1987 I have been actively involved in showing, obedience, agility, flyball, exhibitions,promotion of the breed & of course breeding for the betterment of the breed with the emphasis on improving & maintaining the quality of the breed.I am a Junior Handler Judge, Breed Assessor and terrier and toy judge, I am also a Non Sporting ANDWORKING DOG open show JUDGE..I also show and breed Sealyham terriers.My latest kid on the block is my Cesky Terrier

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Prefix : PENNYFLOWER (Sealyham Terrier)

My first Sealyham KELLINGTON WELSH DRAGON was purchased in 2002 from the Brennans in Victoria

The second arrived some 18 months after that.Ramakel Remarkable.

"Chance" Polrose Pylosopher at Zippor(impUK) who is well on his way to his Grand title Followed soon after.

There have been a couple of home grown sealys who have given great pleasure and who have also become Australian Champions.

My latest Sealy is Hungarian, Gaeloway Fleur De Lis he has been with me since May 2014.

My Love affair with the Sealys is as strong as ever.

I have owned terriers all my life I have owned and bred Staffordshire Bull Terriers since 1987 and to date have no less than 52 titled Staffords.
I have become completely besotted by the Sealys.
They are a unique and wonderful breed. I undertake to continue to promote this loving animal for it is truly sad that this breed is endangered they have so much to offer as a pet and a show dog. May I add they may also be a working dog. They are excellent hunters, being earth dogs, and I have actually had mine working the cattle. They are sociable and have mixed well with the Staffords.

Next Litter Planned: Unknown

Prefix : PENNYFLOWER (Staffordshire Bull Terrier)

"The Rainbow Kennels" where every accepted colour is available from time to time including blue.
Pennyflower now has over 50 titles in 25 years
including obedience and two Malaysian Champions.Type temperament health and colour are all important here.All stock is eye tested and breeding stock hip scored,when new bloodstock is introduced.L2HGA, HC and DNA profiles have been done on all resident dogs.During my time as a breeder and exhibitor I have become an accredited microchip implanter, an acreddited Breed Assessor, registerd Junior handler judge, a registerd steward, and qualified to judge terriers and toys, open shows for non sporting and working dogs. The health happiness and soundess of my dogs over the years has been well established.

Next Litter Planned: Unknown

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