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Name : Kathleen O'Donnell

Town : Emu Park, QLD

Phone : 07 4938 8216

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Clubs : Australian Terrier Club Qld, The Irish Glen Of Imaal Terrier Sporting Club of Ireland,

I have been breeding dogs for over forty years and Aussies for 22 years. I find the Aussie a wonderful breed to live with and enjoy their big dog mentality. I started with 11/12inch dogs and with careful breeding have got the size back to the standard of 10inches. I was told that it was because of the improvement in the dog foods available that all dogs were bigger, and to accept that. I couldn't so have proved they can be bred to correct size and weight, and also BLUE/TAN coats not black/tan

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Prefix : TAUFIELD (Australian Terrier)

A small kennel with Multi in Group and in Show wins both All Breeds and Specialty Shows. in NZ and Aus
Both Red & Blue/Tan
I have been breeding correct size (10in) Aussies for many years now and proud of the fact althought they often look small against the big dogs in the ring today also have very little creep in my Blue/Tan dogs

I have exported dogs to Europe who have gone on to become Multi Champions.

Cliftop & Taufield Kennels have just Imported a beautiful Blue/Tan dog from the famous Ralindi Kennel in Scotland

Aussies are a wonderful breed to live with and are true blue Australian in their outlook. Good with all ages from 8mths to 80yrs
Puppies available occasionally

I have been a member of The Australian Terrier Club of Qld since 1994 and held various positions including Treasurer and Cent Auction Secretary during this time I have been the Editor of the club newsletter since 2007

I have decided to give up breeding at this time and so no more litters

Next Litter Planned: Unknown

Prefix : TAUFIELD (Glen of Imaal Terrier)

A wonderful breed to live with. Loves people and if socialised properly will get on with other dogs.
They were bred in the Glen Of Imaal, County Wicklow, Ireland and is a very old breed. they were bred to Kill Badger and other vermin and were also used as a turnspit dog. Imagine a wheel-like contraption (like a mousewheel) in which the dog was placed and as it walked it turned the meat over the fire. So the dinner was cooked. There is a drawing of a turnspit on my web site coursty of The Irish Kennel Club

The GLEN is prone to the eye disease PRA this disease can now be tested for with a DNA blood test and all GLEN'S should be tested before leaving their BREEDER and come with a CERTIFICATE OF STATUS (CLEAR, CARRIER or AFFECTED) If the parents are both DNA PRA CLEAR then puppies will be Parentage clear if this is the case then a copy of the parents cert will suffice

I am in the process of bringing a female from Ireland so will be looking to breed middle to late 2014 it will be good to have different bloodlines in Australia a boy will follow the girl later on
I have now imported 2 glens a bitch and a dog so hopefully we will have litters in 2015

Next Litter Planned: Unknown

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