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Name : Cary & Adriana

Town : Murrumbateman, NSW

Phone : 0427459585

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Home to 7 GRAND CHAMPIONS Since 1991 we have successfully bred multiple Best in Show winning Grand Champions, Champions and Obedience Title holders. From our breeding winning France, Germany & Austria. Our Staffords are handled by children of all ages at shows in Junior handlers competitions showing they have sound temperaments are highly intelligent animals who are very affectionate especially with children. We have no hesitation in recommending the Stafford as an ideal family pet

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Prefix : VANSTAFF (Staffordshire Bull Terrier)

Since 1991 we have successfully bred & owned 32 Champions 7 Grand Champions and multiple Best in Show & Runner up Best In Show winners as well as Obedience Title holders. Our aim is to conform to the standard to produce healthy Staffords of sound temperament.

We receive many enquiries about BLUE STAFFORDS. We do not, have not and never will BREED FOR COLOUR. No ethical breeder should. The fact that blue litters now take up around 90% of puppy listings is scary and you only have to look and compare to see the quality that isn't there. The fact remains that a blue Stafford does not properly conform to the breed standard. Blue is allowed as a colour, true; but the nose leather MUST be black, the coat colour should be rich, the eye should be as dark as possible and the nails should be dark in reflection of the coat. This is genetically impossible with the blue gene as it is a dilute of the black/brindle gene.
It is an unfortunate truth that many of these blue breeders will breed purely for money and NOT for the betterment of the breed. They put dog to bitch and only think about the colour of the puppies to be thrown and NOT whether they are health tested, true to the breed standard, true to type and of excellent temperament. They think of now and NOT of 3-4 generations down the track. Worst of all, they incessantly breed recessive gene to recessive gene NOT CARING OF WHAT GENETIC FAULTS SUCH A MATING WILL PRODUCE OR WHAT THEY ARE DOING TO OUR BREED IN THE LONGTERM.

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