Dual Ch (RO) Neut Ch Willowpark Custom Made CD RM JD HNAscd

There is almost nothing this boy can't do. At 4 years of age he has achieved -

A class in show winner and a multi class in group winner

He won Best Headed in Show at the September 2013 ACD Society of NSW specialty show.

Winner of the Advanced A Rally O at the 2014 Sydney Royal

He earned his first herding title before his first birthday, now titled on sheep, cattle and ducks. He earned his HSAs as a 1yo, HSAc as a 2 yo and his HSAd and HNAc as a 3yo. He will certainly progress further up the ranks.

Zac has won separate High in Trial's on all 3 stock types- sheep, cattle and ducks at all breeds herding trials. This makes him one of only a few dogs of any breed to accomplish this in Australia

He has his CD obedience title and is now competing in the Open class. He won at his first time in Advanced Rally O and he also has two Jumping Dog passes.

Zac was a certified government School Pet Education dog.

He has featured in Channel 10, SBS and ABC television commercials, along with print media such as Organic Gardener. His photo with the red kangaroo was for a Nat Geo documentary reenacting a kangaroo attack. He was simply amazing, working offlead and displaying controlled aggression on command, then relaxing between takes.

He has been piloted by many unfamiliar children in Child Handler classes.

But whats most special is he is the most devoted, loving dog I have ever owned and a very special ambassador for his breed.

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Pedigree for Dual Ch (RO) Neut Ch Willowpark Custom Made CD RM JD HNAscd
Sire : Burrenjup Hot Coals S: Jellendore Blue Smoke S:
D: S:
Dam : Willowpark Red Amy RN HT S: S:
D: S:

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