Dreistleigh Chocolate Chip


Banjo is a loving Chocolate and White long coat.

He has a perfect 6x6 scissor bite

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Pedigree for Dreistleigh Chocolate Chip
Sire : Elcasita Ace of Spades (black & white LC) S: Elcasita Fire Fox (red & white LC) S: SUP.CH.Wachowa Riley Brown (choc, tan & white LC)
D: Monzito Fluffy Girl (tan & white LC)
D: Elcasits Lyla Rose (Blue & white SC) S: Braperemi Marshmellows (white, cream LC)
D: Sanharchi Indi Blue (Blue & tan SC)
Dam : Dreistleigh Ancho Picante (Fawn, white LC) S: Hollychi Royalty Time (Fawn, white LC) S: CH>Reynosa Time For A Tosca (Gold, sable LC)
D: CH.Hollychi Sonnys Irish Rose (Red, sable & white LC)
D: Wheachi Chantly Lace (Cream & White LC) S: CH>Wheachi Rebel Knight (Cream SC)
D: CH>Shanelli Dixie Chick (White & Apricot SC)

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