RUBISS CH Lilrock Da Rhaegal Targaryen (AI)


Rhaegar has come to our home from our lovely friend Katrina @ Lilrock, forever blessed and honoured to have my very own Lilrocker!

Rhaegar was awarded RUNNER UP BEST IN SHOW under Breed specialist Reece Fry (AUS)

Results Under Specialist Judges

Mr Andy Land, Winzack (IRE) SBTCV Champ Show February 2018

D/Brindle, Clean in skull with no loose flesh, decent length muzzle and clean lipped, nice amount of angle through stop, good reach of neck, correct front and rear assembly, level top line, good width to thighs, another decent youngster who’s height to weight balances well, moved ok.

Mrs Joanne Rasche, Anvilhart (AUS) SBTC ACT


1st - Very close between 1 and 2, just a little more head maturity on this boy. Black brindle boy with good head proportions. Excellent pigment, dark eye and correct ears. Presenting a lovely outline, albeit quite immature and would love to see him when he does body up. Angulated well front and rear and handled brilliantly for a young boy.

Mr Frank Reader, (UK) SBTC VIC

2nd - B/Brindle. Good head, nice muzzle length, clean lipped, correct bite, good length of neck, straight front, good front and rear assembly. Moved well.

Mr Peter Rhodes, (UK) SBTC VIC

3rd - Black/Brindle that impressed with front and rear angulation producing a positive gait holding the topline on the move. Ample sized head and muzzle proportions, good stop and clean enough in lip. Neat ears, not as dark in eye as 2. Straight well boned front, deep brisket and low tail set and carriage.

Mr Reece Fry, (AUS) SBT ACT


1st. A well balanced black dog with a typical head. Well placed rose ears, deep stop and pronounced cheeks. Correct scissor bite and clean lips. Strong, straight front with deep chest. Level topline flowing to strong, well-muscled rear. Moved around the ring with purpose.

Miss Helen Wall, (UK) SBT ACT

3rd. Nice head of good size, eyes and ears correctly set. Mouth good with correct bite. Front ok with ample round bone. Nice body with level topline and good hind angulation. Moved and handled well

Mr Pieter Tjerkstra, Bomchassa (AUS) Ku-Ring-Gai Kennel Club Champ Shows May 2018 - BEST PUPPY IN GROUP

Rhaegar takes out his first CC (19 points) under Judge Demetris Christodoulou (Cyprus)

Rhaegar PUPPY IN SHOW at North Of The Harbour winter international shows under Judge Shaun Watson (Cyprus)

JUNIOR IN SHOW under judge Mrs Robyn Williams NSW

Rhae finishes his Title In style with a BEST IN GROUP & RUNNER UP BEST IN GROUP!!

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Pedigree for RUBISS CH Lilrock Da Rhaegal Targaryen (AI)
Sire : Crossguns Dellboy (UK) S: UK Ch/AM Ch Bullrich Bismarck At Crossguns (DEU) S: Ashstock Red Miller JW (UK)
D: Ch VDH/GBF Ooh La La Bullrich Von Amadis
D: Crossguns Jessie (UK) S: Aymstaff Mamello (UK)
D: Ch Crossguns Memphis Belle (UK)
Dam : Ch Lilrock Da Devil N Disguise S: Ch Brohez Archibald Da Rogue ET S: Toploader Black Falcon
D: Ch Jeolena Black Dahlia
D: Ch Mokuishla Shivaree S: Knockon Heard A Rumour At Crossguns (IMP UK)
D: Mokuishla Goodnight Moon

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