Hun J Ch., HRV. Ch, Aust Ch Pitchka Ksyusha (Imp Russia)

[centre] Ptichka Ksyushacentre]
Hungarian J Ch, HRV Ch. (Croatia), Aust Ch,
WW 2017 Ch. BOS, Excellent. Judge. Dr. E. Yerusalimsky. (Russia)
"Kyushu", arrived in Australia early December 2017.
In Nov. Ksyucha surprised us by winning. Ch. Bitch an. BOS (147 entries of long coats), at the World Show in Leipziger2017, exhibited by Christa Guntendorfer (LuxuryToyPaw Russian Toys. - Austria), Expertly handled by son Pierre. Thank you both for purchasing an showing in Europe during her quarentine stay. Kyushu is beautiful red sable long coat.

Shows are all critiqued. " Excellent. female, nice size, lovely head, ears & expression, balanced
angulations, correct top line an good temperament".

Commencing showing before Christmas, I am looking forward to getting to know this young lady. She joins my successful black/tan long coat Ch Chapster Atrianna bred by Bev Chapman.

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Pedigree for Hun J Ch., HRV. Ch, Aust Ch Pitchka Ksyusha (Imp Russia)
Sire : CW Bruce Lee. B/t. L/c. RKF 3190060 S: Ch Rus, Gr Ch RKF, Mol. Blr, RTU,Est. Lat. LIT, 4xCW Sokrovishe Zhanetty Zvezdny Malchik RKF 1319932 (red brown. L/c S: Ch Rus CW Barri. PK 0001739 P (red L/c)
D: Babetta RKF 1143720 R (b/t L/c)
D: Bravo Zhar Sherry. RKF 2041652 Red brown L/c S: Moskovskaya Igruschka Amurchik RKF 1319030 R. (Red sable L/c)
D: Bravo Zhar Lana RKF 1701025 R. (Red sable L/c)&
Dam : Yuma Vom Grand-Toy. RKF 4776997 S: Galaxie D'Amour Gambit. LV /10 VDH-VK 120183. (Red brown. L/c) S: Ch Lat, Est,Blr,Lit, Djaz-Band Sorvi-Golova RKF 1867232 (red brown L/c)
D: Ch Ger, VDH, EUJW Sheer Sheri RKF 2105951. (B/t L/c) S: Ch J Rus, Ch Rus, Grand LIt, Lat, Mol, Slv, Est. Balt 2XCW. (Brown Tan. L/c)
D: Sher Yuna RKF 1337846 R. (Red sable L/c)

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