Jumadabey Pallavi

Yuri is recommencing his show career slowly, (after a horrific paddock accident, that almost claimed his life) which has seen him out of the ring for over 14 months, prior to which he was a very prolific in group and in show award winner as a puppy.
He has endured 2 spinal operations, endless physiotherapy and manual handling, including holding his front via a special harness to be able to "walk" him to the toilet, to get him back on 4 legs that would eventually support and function for him to have a good chance at a "normal" life.
Looking forward to what 2018 may have in store for this lucky puppy, who is so cheeky, loves stealing shoes, sunglasses, wallets, underwear, socks and whatever he can find.
During his whole life his tail has never stopped wagging, even under heavy medication.
Yuri will be wearing special harnesses as he can no longer wear a chain or collar attached to a lead, due to the chances of causing the injury again.
We hope to have him ready for the show ring soon, with all fingers crossed.

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Pedigree for Jumadabey Pallavi
Sire : Gr Ch Walili Ak Ilaman S: Oudalans Adu S:
D: Umia Ak Ilaman S:
Dam : Ch Worgeordie Endidi Na'ema (imp UK) S: Swala's Simba Ujjimaa S:
D: Tibhawins Themis S:

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