Am. Ch. Upland's Got The Moves

Jagger The New Boy On the Block

So what impresses me about this dog, let's just take a look at his 3 generation pedigree. In a three generation pedigree there are 2 parents plus 4 grandparents plus 8 great grandparents giving a total of 14 dogs. On Jagger's pedigree he has 14 individuals that make up his family tree pretty unique I think. So let's look at the numbers that surround Jagger.
1. Every dog on his pedigree has been titled, easy maths here that is 100%. Of those 4 have attained Grand Champion status (1 GCh., 1 GChS, and 2 GChB) that's 28.6% (1 d.p.) and you need to remember that it wasn't until 12th May, 2010 that the Grand Champion title came into existence. Many of his relatives were considered to be outstanding Field Spaniels of their day.
2. Let's look at coat color, 7 of his relatives are black, again easy maths here, that is 50%. So hopefully we can expect some black puppies if you get to use this boy at stud.
3. And finally what I noticed and impresses me the most is the titles his relatives have acquired not just at the front of their names but also at the back. Titles like RN, JH, TD, CDX and MH to name a few.
So keep an eye out for this boy. The paperwork is almost done and I am hoping to start showing him by July, 2018.

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Pedigree for Am. Ch. Upland's Got The Moves
Sire : GCh. Ch. Promenade Pierce The Viel S: GChB Ch. Promenade Pay It Forward S: GChS Ch. Winfarthing Pride & Prejudice RN SH
D: Ch. Promenade Party Down Under
D: Ch. Promenade Primrose Lane S: GChB Ch. Freedoms Playing With The Gang
D: Ch. Promenade Party Doll
Dam : Ch. Upland's Walk On The Wild Side S: Ch. Calico's Major Impact RN JH S: Ch. Calico's Moving Picture CDX RN MH
D: Ch. Calico's Queen Of The Road CDX TD
D: Ch. Freedom's Holiday Spirit RN TD S: Ch. Wicksfords Merlins Dream
D: Ch Chesarod's Troubleslbrewing

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