Mambilou Rumour Has It

I am adoring my sweet little Remi girl. She is inquisitive, confident and intelligent by nature, yet at ease with new experiences and quietly comfortable around her family and friends.

Remi is a direct progeny from imported champion parents, and she is quietly living up to the magnificent bloodlines that she possess.

We look forward to campaigning her during 2019

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Pedigree for Mambilou Rumour Has It
Sire : Blk. Jr Ch. Bul Jr Gr Ch Md Jr Ch Ch Ungaro Radahan Of The Leo Hill (Import Poland) S: Boule & Onunba Bacardi (ESP) S: Ltu Ch Po CH Boule & Onuba Kaiser (ESP )
D: Boule & Onuba Princessa Mary (ESP)
D: Oh Susanna Ten Years After S: Pol Ch Pol Jr Ch Mi Gran Amigo Hero (ESP)
D: Bridgitte Bardot Ten Years After (POL)
Dam : Blk Jr Ch Bul Jr Gr Ch Md Jr Ch Rom Jr Ch CH Zoska Firebox (Import Poland) S: ML CHPL, CH-PL- RKF-BUL-BALK, GR CH-BUL FUNKY LITTLE BEAT AGAMER'S S: Jch-Hr, Ch-Hr Happy Life of little Pearls Lancelot
D: Brigitte Bardot Totegnac ( POL)
D: MOLLY FIREBOX ( POL) S: Bluebird Coloss ( POL)
D: Celinka Coloss ( POL)

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