AUST CH Oakridge Tanagra

Ch Oakridge Tanagra aka Maloo GSP Club speciality BIS winner under specialist C Cunningham.
Hip score 0:2
Elbow 0:0
Health test results
Penn Gen Laboratories: test
Lupoid Dermatosis: Genotype 1-1 (Homozygous Normal), Phenotype Healthy (Normal Clear), Interpretation Homozygous Normal (1-1) will not develop signs of Lupoid Dermatosis (Exfoliative Cutaneous Lupus Erythematosus) and none of their offspring will inherit the mutant (diseased) allele (gene).
Orivet test:
Cone Degeneration: negative/clear
Coat Colour Dilution Alopecia Negative-not showing the phenotype
Acromatopsia (pointer type) Negative- clear (no variant detected)
Von Willebrands disease type 11 Negative/Clear (nao variant detected)

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Pedigree for AUST CH Oakridge Tanagra
Sire : SUP CH Woodwych Tommy Hilfiger S: SUP CH Truepoint Hierarchy S: CH Truepoint Fortyfourmagnum
D: Truepoint Simply Sophie
D: GR CH Woodwych Mustang Sally S: CH Krikka Aces High
D: Woodwych Top Flite
Dam : CH Oakridge Quahira S: CH Oakridge Fernando AARD S: DUAL CH (R) Oakridge Argonaut CDX
D: CH Oakridge Britanias Realm ET
D: CH Oakridge Lyric CDX S: CH Oakridge Intercooled (AI) CCD
D: Birkenwald Bacara CD RRD ORA (IMP UK)

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