Australian Champion Jumadabey Pankaja

Jana/Nala is a great ambassador for the breed, allowing strangers to pet her. She enjoys her outings to shows and being with her humans. She can be like a piece of velcro at times, adhered to your side, and is full of energy when playing with her pack. Jana was the last puppy born in the repeat mating of Gr Ch Wakili Ak Ilaman and Ch Worgeordie Endidi Na'ema, and the only girl in the litter.
Jana has done well in the ring and has won classes at group level.
She is a joy to live with and loves playing with other breeds of dog,especially Whippets.
Jana adores attention and happily adjusts to whatever is thrown at her, even adapting to living with strangers.
She has an extremely outgoing nature, which is not a usual trait for an Azawakh.

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Pedigree for Australian Champion Jumadabey Pankaja
Sire : Gr Ch Wakili AK Ilaman (Imp ESP) S: Oudalans Adu S:
D: Jana
D: Umia Ak Ilaman S:
D: Sikara
Dam : CH Worgeorgie Endidi Na'ema (IMP UK) S: Swala's Simba Ujjimaa S:
D: Tibhawins Themis S:

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