Silverton Taka

Taka takes the two roles of a Vizsla in his stride very easily.

In the home is very well behaved, knows his place and is a pleasure to be around soaking in the human company.

When the rifle comes out he is focused hunts the whole day long.
He was discouraged hunting birds as the place where he predominantly hunts has many quail. He is a ground tracking, wind sucking, pointing machine and if he had his way you wouldn’t go home at the end of a hunting session as he is sure there is another deer just down that gully and over that ridge.

He has stalked and I mean stealthily stalked animals from 200 metres and once the rifle goes off he is up and looking for the animal and will jump on their backs to stop them if required…… and I mean under command.

Taka is a super happy good-time dog but then he lives on 30 acres with cows and sheep and gets to go mountain biking and hunting on a regular basis, he enjoys sailing too and though he does swim you could say it isn’t his favourite activity.

A very fit muscled dog with a great temperament who also treats young dogs and young children very kindly.

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Pedigree for Silverton Taka
Sire : NZ & Aust CH Erdos Jesse James S: Aust Ch Erdos Zambesi S: AUST CH Erdos Alexander
D: Erdos Lady In Red
D: Aust GR CH Erdos Material Girl S: Aust Ch Rozsda Copper Shadrach
D: Aust Ch Erdos Calendar Girl
Dam : NZ CH Silverton Zsofia S: NZ CH Heiderst Hot Chilli S: Asut Ch Hanafor Ysabeau Elyot
D: Aust Ch Erdos By Chanel
D: NZ CH Chulak Ever So Clever (IMP UK) S: Hung Ch Sugar Eszes Met
D: Mohoskoi Trezsi for Chulak (Imp Hun)

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