Jasetpark Opal Edge

Edge was a bitch which had good confirmation.

Her head was beautiful, her hindquaters and angulation were outstanding, even though her colour was very dark.

She had a kind and gentle nature, and just wanted to be loved. (which she was) Her colour is very dark Blue, with black patches on her face and one in the middle of her tail.

Edge came to me as a 6year old bitch having finished her maternal duties. She was desexed, and enjoyed her retirement spending her days sleeping and watching the youngsters! She was the top dog of the house and had the affectionate nicname of 'the gumpy old bag' which she really wasn't grumpy at all, except if you are a young puppy!

Edge was my first introduction to the world of the Confirmation show ring, after having spent the 13 years previous in Obedience. Confirmation was a real eye opener for me. She was patient with me and taught me heaps of invaluable stuff. She still loved to go for a ride in the car and go to the shows with the youngsters, but she rarely ventured into the ring.. only for the neuter classes every now and then, she finished her showing days winning Neuter In Show at 9 1/2yrs of age.

Edge spent the last years of her life, being loved and ruling over the young dogs from her throne (the lounge!!) and sleeping on mums bed at night!

While Edge did not officially gain her Australian Champion title, she was in my eyes, evey inch a CHAMPION friend and companion.

Sadly Edge passed over the Rainbow Bridge on 22nd December 2007 at aged 11 1/2 yrs.

Sleep well my old girl, till we play together in the grassy fields that lay on the other side of the rainbow bridge one day.

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Pedigree for Jasetpark Opal Edge
Sire : Aust Ch Austheel Bonza Boy S: Pureheel Royal Tee S: Truheel Blue Brent
D: Tullawong Blue Jinnia
D: Drumwood Blue Wrenzelle S: Aust Ch Drumwood Blue Jaques
D: Tullawong Blue Wren
Dam : Aust Ch Binshaw Billabong Daisy C.D. S: Aust Ch Binshaw Swaggie Jack S: Aust Ch Binshaw Blue Banjo
D: Walgee Blue Brooke
D: Aust Ch Binshaw Larissa Jay S: Aust Ch Daisell Blue Squire
D: Aust Ch Walgee Blue Zara