Semicvetik Young Favorite (Russia)

Armani will be arriving to Australia next year. He is currently being campaigned by Monica Palmero in the USA. A big thank you to Monica for having him for me and to his breeder Svetlana Balynina Semicvetik Kennels for allowing me to import him to Australia.

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Pedigree for Semicvetik Young Favorite (Russia)
Sire : C.I.B., WW 2017, LT CH, SE CH, RU CH, AZ CH, BY CH Semicvetik The Best In Alive Toy (Russia) S: RU JCH, RU CH, RKF CH, ME CH, BG CH, Balkan CH, MK CH, RU GR CH Grace JP Chibi Semicvetik (Japan) S: JP CH, C.I.B., FR CH Grace JP Wonderful Boy (Japan)
D: JP CH Grace JP Brilliant Ruby (Japan)
D: C.I.B., RU JCH, RU CH, BY CH Semicvetik Milagres Belleza (Russia) S: RU CH Vincent Vom Schwabenhof (Germany)
D: RU JCH, RU CH Semicvetik Aleksandria (Russia)
Dam : RU CH, C.I.B., RU GR CH, BY Breed CH, RKF CH, ME CH, BULG CH, GE CH, AZ CH Semicvetik Iv Kasatka (Russia) S: C.I.B., RU CH, Eurasia CH, RU GR CH, RU Club CH, FIN CH, DK CH, LT CH, LV CH, EE CH, BY CH, RKF CH, MD CH, IL CH, BLT CH Lamonia’s Don Juan S: SE CH, JWW 1998 Lamonia's Nicklas (Sweden)
D: Lamonia's Cinderella (Sweden)
D: C.I.B., RU CH, RKF CH, FI CH, NORD CH, LV CH, MD CH, LT CH, BG CH, Balkan CH, RU GR CH, RU JCH, DK CH, MK CH, Semicvetik I Love You (Russia) S: C.I.B., BY CH, Baltic CH, RU CH, RKF CH, UA CH Livio Von Drei-Birken (Switzerland)
D: RU JCH, RU CH, BG CH Zimnaya Vishnya ot Bell Fiet (Russia)

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