Sikacalling A History of Magik

George is the family Clown, with an awesome outgoing loving and carefree nature. he will run non stop when he has the chance but is just as happy lazing around in the yard.

CEA and Raines Syndrome Carrier
Clear for all other tested Genetic issues

Carries Black only

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Pedigree for Sikacalling A History of Magik
Sire : Trucharm Reed all about it S: Tookurra Catch A Star S: Tullacrest Thiefa Hearts
D: Tookurra Believe N Magic
D: Trumagik Classic Charm S: Trucharm Royal Tartan
D: Trumagik Toucho Karla
Dam : CH Trumagik A scottish Fable S: Bordalace Flash N Dash S: Maghera Morse Code
D: Bordalace Luck Of The Irish
D: Trumagik Tartan Kirra S: Pukawidgee Yarrawa Select
D: Trumagik Black Betty

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