Flockstar Bella Figura

Welcome BELLA (Flockstar Bella Figura) to the shores of Tasmania
Bella is the first Bergamasco Shepherd Dog to be shown in Tasmania and a new breed for us to campaign. In the short period we have had bella we are enthralled with the exceptional intelligence and incredible temperament of this unique breed, a testimony to the careful breeding principles of Laura Mascaro (Flockstar Kennels).

Please feel free to visit us at any show in Tasmania to talk bergamasco and learn more about this wonderful herding breed.

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Susan & Andrew Bruce (Member Details)
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Pedigree for Flockstar Bella Figura
Sire : Bejoco Pickle Me Elmo S: CH Mungadel Antonio S: Templuddens Guiseppe (IMP SWE)
D: Tempeluddens Cremona-Albera (IMP SWE)
D: CH Zoja (IMP ITA) S: Splunk (ITA)
D: Tata (ITA)
Dam : CH Mungadel Belphoebe S: Zenzero Polskie Kudlacze (IMP NLD) S: Doge Del Piervez (ITA)
D: Nulla Z Banciarni (POL)
D: Mungadel Alfredina S: Tempeluddens Guiseppe (IMP SWE)
D: Tempeluddens Cremona-Albera (IMP SWE)

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