Kriegmann Walk The Talk (AI)

Owned in partnership by Redshift Dobermanns & Sonza Dobermanns

vWD positive heterozygous
DCM1 (PDK4) clear
DCM2 (TTN) positive heterozygous
Colour BBDD

UC Davis VGL Genetic Diversity
IR = -0.06
OI = 0.24
AGR = -0.11
DLA haplotype 1 = 1017/2090
DLA haplotype 2 = 1094/2089
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Also tested through Embark - results available online

Julie and I extend our deepest gratitude to the late Sue Pfuhl for entrusting us with a small piece of of Kriegmann Dobermanns.

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John, Gillian & Hayden Montgomery (Member Details)
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0416 644 175
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Pedigree for Kriegmann Walk The Talk (AI)
Sire : Sup. Ch. Walamara Vibrant Venture S: Ch. Walamara Cast In Iron S: Grand. Ch. Walamara Foreign Envoy
D: Walamara Hearts NFlowers (AI)
D: Ch. Walamara Follo Your Star S: Ch. Walamara Zest To Be Best
D: Ch. Walamara National Pride
Dam : Ch. Darchaltan Dual Celebration ET (AI) S: Ch. Darchaltan Divine Order ET S: Ch. Walamara Olympic Flame
D: Walamara Kandl Nthe Mist
D: Ch. Kriegmann Sign Of The Times ET S: Ch. Darchaltan December Heat ET
D: Ch. Kriegmann Paint It Black

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