Power to Orienta Go Sakura Kensha (Imp France)

Power brings with him some very influential lines and will be available at stud to approved bitches.

DNA Colour Results: Ay/aw/Ee - No pinto and no long coat carrier

Full Dentition

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Pedigree for Power to Orienta Go Sakura Kensha (Imp France)
Sire : Jack Sparrow de l'Empire des Samouraïs (France) S: AM CH Morningstar Patrick Swaze (USA) S: AM CH Kazakoshi No Koryuu Go Yokohama Atsumi (Japan)
D: AM CH Morningstar Mia Chousei Sou ROM
D: Fuku No Gomahime Go Hikobae (Japan) S: Saburou Go Shuueisou (Japan)
D: Fukujume Go Tosa Machidasou (Japan)
Dam : French Ch Fuuka Go Sapporo Kagasou (Japan) S: Gokou No Fukukaze Go Shirakayasou (Japan) S: Fukutenriki Go Bingo Kashimasou (Japan)
D: Benisuime Go Shirakayasou (Japan)
D: Houri No Tokiko Go Sapporo Kagasou (Japan) S: NIPPO Kansei Ken, Dutch Champion, CW'15, JKC Winner, SE UCH No Kuroichi Go Hikino Kourakusou (Japan)
D: Hokuryuu No Tokime Go Sapporo Kagasou (Japan)

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