Toujour Queens Of The Moors

I completely fell in love with this pedigree, and there was no way I could resist asking for one of the resulting puppies. There are so many dogs that I have deep admiration for that I've met over the years!

Kwando von der Feldstiege - I had wanted to import semen from him, but Melissa beat me to it!! LOL
Toujour Kiss Me Noble Knight - amazing young dog that reminded me of the reasons I fell in love with the Tervueren in the first place - way back in 1994! Classic masculine type with an awesome character to boot!!
Aldo Gourou v d Schagerwaard - I travelled across the country several years ago specifically to meet him and his son, Einstein. (And Carla, too, of course!) Those boys certainly didn't disappoint!!
It is a regret that I was not prepared to raise a litter at that time.
Deviebelle Eldo Cynder - Aldo's daughter, I fell in love with her the day I first met her when she went Runner-Up Best In Specialty from the Puppy class at the 2010 Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria Specialty under Judge Cath Bond (UK)
Tervailles Sir Lancelot - another boy that I had seriously considered using over Salsa - I'm so very glad he was used over Salsa's neice, Aria!!
Erlander Faro - handsomest brother to my beloved Salsa - spectacular in conformation and temperament!!!
Teangibelge Aria - gorgeous bitch with awesome character, type, and structure!

Those are the supreme stand-outs in three generations (I could go on and on about the others too...) and I could continue to go back further generations... LOL

Thank you so much, Melissa and Brian, for allowing Missy to come and be a part of our family!

Missy has wiggled her way into everyone's hearts already!!
She demands all of our customers fall in love with her too! She is extremely eager to please and learns SO fast!!
I have many high hopes for her future!!!!

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Pedigree for Toujour Queens Of The Moors
Sire : AustCh. Toujour Kiss Me Noble Knight (AI) JC WPD S: LuxCh VDH Ch Kwando Von Der Feldstiege S: Grimmendans Gabor
D: Djamila-Joy Von Der Feldstiege
D: AustCh Deviebelle Eldo Cynder RN AD JD GD SPD SD PT ET S: AustCh Aldo Gourou V D Schagerwaard ADX JDM GD SPD SD HT (Imp NLD)
D: Grimmendans Electra (Imp Bel)
Dam : AustCh Tervailles Grimm Faerie Tale S: AustCh Tervailles Sir Lancealot S: UKCh Lance Van De Hoge Laer At Corsini
D: Erlander DX Dakota (AI)
D: AustCh Teangibelge Aria S: AustCh Erlander Faro
D: AustCh Chevy's Lucinda (Imp Nor)

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