Madhausrotts Absolut Magnitude

Results from Rottweiler Club of Qld Open Show 2 held on 19/02/2022 ..
Doc is a young dog from outstanding bloodlines, we've had his semen tested and he is extremely fertile.
Doc's bloodlines include many Australian and International Champions Including 2x world champion Burning Des Princes D'Aragone.
Doc has an absolutely outstanding temperament - confident, calm and observant - excellent in all social situations.
Doc is on NRCA health scheme paperwork, has an excellent hipscore of 2:2 and elbows 1:2 is ONLY available at stud to approved bitches who are also on NRCA health scheme paperwork.
Doc has been genetically tested and has a completely CLEAR profile. (including JLPP, LEMP, NADS, long coat, etc. etc.)
Doc is a very athletic 54 Kg.
Levi & Jenni Madeley - Madhausrotts
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Pedigree for Madhausrotts Absolut Magnitude
Sire : CH. Abakahn Ruum Ajax S: CH. Abakahn Burnox Vader S: W CH. Burning Des Princes D'Aragone
D: CH. Cleandra Yakluc Oxana
D: CH. Abakahn Tyapp Uma S: CH. Apollo V.Meijl Op Zeven
D: CH. Vonzennith Tyra
Dam : CH. Schutzliebe Das Brunhildebeast S: Kysurakyan Basatok Hadar S: Kysurakyan Bangash Token
D: Kysurakyan Nyacol Basa
D: Cleandra Lulyaks Keira S: CH. Yakov V.Meijl Op Zeven
D: CH. Cleandra Lucvom Lulu

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