Ch Pondaroza Redland Ryu

Bobby is a delight to have about the house. He gets along with our other dogs peacefully (Our big Kelpie and his Mum Gracie). His personality at home is quiet and peaceful unless its play time and he tries to share our human children soft toys (He adores his collection of soft toys).

When we are out and about his puppy energy comes out and is energetic and bounces like a bunny rabbit and dances on his back legs while making a praying gesture. He is an easy-going character. He is so beautiful to look at I often find myself admiring him.

As he still finds it hard to contain his puppy sillies during showing he is a bit of a wild card will he walk calmly and be a dream or will he be set off by a someones neighbouring squeaky toy and jump about like an excited maniac. As long as he is enjoying himself all is well. We go along to have a great day out showcasing and promoting the breed with other dog fanatics. We are enjoying watching his grow into his full beauty as his lush adult coat develops and his slender teenager face continues to beef up full of delightful rolls.

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Pedigree for Ch Pondaroza Redland Ryu
Sire : Ch. Pondaroza Red Arrow S: S:
D: S:
Dam : Furperson Gracie S: S:
D: S:

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