Kinale Miss Penelope

Misty is the most loyal girl, always by your side no matter what.
Had a set back as a puppy, breaking her back leg but since coming to our Kennel at 12 months of age, has never had a day of ill health, apart from a nasty tick just recently.
She has only had 2 litters & produced exceptional pups both times.
Misty will be having her last litter in her next season but we have kept one of her girls from her present litter to keep the bloodline going.

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Pedigree for Kinale Miss Penelope
Sire : Waglett King Fisher - yellow S: Aust.Ch.Waglett King Quail - yellow S: Aust.Ch.Roseacre Paper Clown (UK) - yellow
D: Waglett Lyrebird - yellow
D: Aust.Ch.Waglett Tinker Belle - yellow S: Aust.Ch.Geijera Lone Ranger - black
D: Asut.Ch.Geijera Prides Tinker - yellow
Dam : Jaywick Isabella - yellow S: Jaywick Pigeon - yellow S: NZ.Ch.Diant Piper of Jaywick (UK) - yellow
D: Aust.Ch.Jaywick Erica - yellow
D: Nimaki Charlotte - black S: Amolara Adventure - black
D: Jevetpet Chloe - yellow