Kassaar Baxter AZ BSCL1

YES I AM STILL COOL as you can see
An update on what I have been doing since you last saw me as a young whelp. I have now trained my owners to my required level. The payoff for belly scratches & kisses is I have to enter the ring: Results

Clarence - 1st Baby Puppy Dog
GSD Champ Show 4thBaby Puppy Dog
Qld State Breed Shop 2nd Minor Puppy Dog
Working Dog Club GSD specialty 1st Minor Puppy Dog
Bowen 1st Junior Dog, best Junior in group & show
Bowen Kennel 1st Junior Dog, Challenge Dog, Res of Breed, Res best in show & best Junior in show
GSD 35th National – 21st Junior Dog
Townsville 1st Junior Dog, Res Challenge Dog
Townsville 1st Junior Dog
Thuringowa 1st Junior Dog, Best Junior in Group
Thuringowa Kennel 1st Junior Dog, Res Challenge Dog
GSD Qld 1st Junior Dog
North Qld 2nd Intermediate Dog, Res Challenge Dog
Working Dog Club Qld GSD specialty 2nd Intermediate Dog
Townsville - 1st State Bred Dog, Best State Bred dog in Group and Reserve Challenge Dog
38th GSD National 9th Intermediate Dog
GSDCQ Champ Show 1st Intermediate Dog - Herr Bernd Weber (SV) Germany

As you can see I have been slaving hard…during such shows have checked out a few of the ladies I am thinking need some Baxter loving.

If looking at my sister Bonnie’s details. You will be aware a few times she has taken me out in the runoffs. I still stand by fact she cheated and thus won over me. Not sure what she did to get judge to put her up but you can bet your last bickie that I will find out. Mind you my best Junior Dog under the “german” and the big glass trophy is better than her trophies she recently collected.

Cya now I need to go and teach Bonnie a lesson on payback…she forgets I am bigger and stronger so thus she is about to get cleaned up!!

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Pedigree for Kassaar Baxter AZ BSCL1
Sire : Aust Ch Sannjesa Crusty Demon S: Jasso VD Bimsgrube Gmy S: Scott V Deodatus Sch3
D: Enzy BD Bimsgrube
D: Kronika Arni S: Iwan V Lechtal
D: Polkaobeneck Ossa Kossa
Dam : Debbar Emah S: Astasia Enco S: Iwan V Lechtal
D: Astasia Xcess
D: Debbar Angie S: Troy VD Norriswand
D: Astasia Tiffany