Debbar Emah AZ BSCL1


I used to enter the ring as some of you will remember. But god I found it boring. I loved the fast gait but what is the use of a slow walk round the ring, boring!

I much rather do obedience, or play with my toys or better still nothing at all except sit at home, getting spoilt. The show ring is just not my scene.I think I am an air-con lay around type of girl. Don’t get me wrong I also like to lay in the sun working on my tan but after that let’s face it all girls need air-con.

• 1st Baby Puppy Bitch – GSDC Qld – Open Show – Feb 04
• 1st Minor Puppy Bitch, Challenge Bitch – Rocklea Champ Show – May 04
• 10th Puppy Bitch – GSDC Qld – Champ Show – July 2004
• 3rd Puppy Bitch – Maree Kennel Club Inc Champ Show – Sep 04
• 5th Puppy Bitch – GSDC Qld – State Breed – Sep 04
• 1st Junior Bitch, Challenge, Junior in Group – Beaudesert Kennel Club - 05
• 5th Intermediate Bitch – GSDC Qld State Breed – Sep 05

I have now finally got my own way and no longer have to enter the ring. I have proven to my owners I have a better use…yep you guessed it brood bitch. After my first litter which produced Bonnie and Baxter (yes I know most would not own up to being the mother of those two terrors but if it means I don’t have to enter the ring so be it) my owners decided maybe this is my true calling in life and hey I gotta agree.

I get to go and play with a new boy every year, admittedly gain weight and end up with saggy underbelly which eventually recedes. I get more food, attention, live inside for a few months, no training, while the other plebs remain outside in the commoners quarters (where they belong).

I recently met a new man and we got on well for the couple of days I was there, I wanted to see him again, so decided that I would not have a litter now in the hope my owners would again let me see this new stud. Guess what it worked. I just heard them arranging for us to catch up again in May. God I am good!!

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Pedigree for Debbar Emah AZ BSCL1
Sire : Astasia Enco Aust Ch S: Iwan V Lechtal S: Immo V Batu
D: Kimba V Lechtal
D: Astasia Xcess S: Alk V Domenica
D: Astasia Piah
Dam : Debbar Angie S: Troy Von Der Noriswand HNeg S: Hinnerk Vom Kiemoor DNA gpr Schh3
D: Jenny Vom Falltor DNA gpr Schh1
D: Astasia Tiffany S: Alk V Domenica
D: Astasia Lola