NZ Champion Beljekali Qadir Jamal (Imp Aust)

With the thought of injecting new blood to the Belgian Shepherd Tervueren lines in NZ we approached Craig and Julie Fynnmore of Beljekali Kennels of Australia.Their "Q"Litter was born 11/11/05 and there was one Silver Grey puppy,he was to become our Jamal.We can not thank Craig and Julie enough for entrusting us with this wonderful boy.From the moment he jumped out of his crate and into my arms at Wellingtom Airport he has been a joy to own, to train and to share our home.
Very out going and friendly from the start this Boy is all heart with a very bidable nature,always ready to please.
Jamal is true to the breed standard and to me, of excellent type.Short coupled strong boned and of great substance.He enjoys his time spent in the Show Ring and is always ready to great the Judge with a smile and even a kiss!To our delight he has stamped his temperament on both the litters he has Sired.KENTAZA "RAY" LITTER 24/05/07 and LAECHELON ANSA/JAMAL 25/01/08.Jamal to me is a "Once in a lifetime"dog and above all else his fabulous temperament is everything and more than we could ever ask for.

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Pedigree for NZ Champion Beljekali Qadir Jamal (Imp Aust)
Sire : Aldo Gourou VD Schagerwaard (Imp NDL) S: Am&Lux Ch Gourou Du Crepuscule des Loups S: Ch&Frn&Lux Ch Ares Du Bois Du Tot
D: Esy Du Crepuscule des Loups
D: Vienna VD Schagerwaard S: Falco VD Lamar
D: Eefrie VD Schagerwaard
Dam : Beljekali Madame Kirri S: Aust&Eng Ch Corsini Lysander S: Eng Ch Magnum De La Clairiere Aux Louves
D: Lauren De Condivicnum at Corsini
D: Beljekali D Best Tequila S: Aust Ch Vidam Du Pre Du Vieux Pont
D: Aust Grand Ch Darkfire Vegas Vacation