Enli Trezea

Saber is a working line BLACK SABLE GSD that will compliment our breeding very well. Hip/Elbow Certificate.

We welcome Saber into our family and look forward to having some fun with her. She has a HUGE retrieve drive and a firm temperment. At the moment she is having lots of fun competing with Koran for the balls and tug toys, and our attention! (Koran is very jealous and thinks no one else is allowed to have cuddles!)

After a close encounter with a snake Saber is recovering well and we hope to be able to breed her again in the New Year. At the moment we are just happy she survived :(

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Pedigree for Enli Trezea
Sire : Vonchienloup Cane S: Vick 'T Palmaleinehof (IMP USA) S: Noah Haus Moons (BLG)
D: Rommy 'T Palmaleinehof (BLG)
D: Nordenstamm Feebe S: Fax Vom Grenzganger SCH H 111 (IMP GMY)
D: Grazie Vom Talka Marda (GMY)
Dam : Vontama Chaniya S: Fax Vom Grenzganger SCH H111 (IMP GMY) S: Dolf Ze Zakovy Hory SCH H111 (GMY)
D: Fee Am Pilgerbach SCH H111 FH (GMY)
D: Bonnie Vom Hopener Burgwald (IMP GMY) S: Quax Von Der Fasanerie SCH H3 IP3 FH1 (GMY)
D: Quenda Vom Rockland SCH H1 (GMY)