MRUBIG BIG GR CH Suthenskys Single N Luvn It HNAs HSBs

I am very excited to announce that Jasper is my second home bred Grand Champion! He follows in the footsteps of his mother Gr CH Suthenskys Satisfaction HT (Phoenix).

07/09/14 - NSW Kelpie Specialty Jasper places 2nd in Aust Bred Dog Class, was part of my winning Breeders Team with his mother and son, 1st in Best Performance Titled Dog and shortlisted for Best Gaited class.

Jasper is the only child of Phoenix and Buddy and he is exceding all my expectations so far. He is growing into a handsome young man. Most importantly he has a beautiful nature. At 14 months old, Jasper had his first introduction on sheep and this laid back boy totally blew me away with his confidence and keenness to work. He is a natural balancer on stock.

Critique from NSW Kelpie Specialty - Easter 2012
Australian Bred Class Males - Exhibit #14 ~ 1st
3 years, scissor bite. Just broad skull, correct just rounded between the ears. Excellent skull to muzzle proportions, almond eye, good chiseling, ears a little large, well set, inclining outwards, very good leather. Lips could be a little tighter, excellent underjaw. Very good moderate neck, excellent topline & croup.Very good underline. Excellent body proportions, excellent front angulations, very good rear. Would prefer slightly more turn of stifle and more depth of 2nd thigh. Excellent tight, deep, round feet. Refined bone, just strong enough. Excellent going, overreaches on the front slightly, a little loose in elbows coming. Excellent topline on the move , balanced lithe, tireless side gait.

05/09/10 - Jasper gained his PT title (Judge commented she was surprised to see him naturally rate the stock so well for a novice dog!)
At 4 1/2 years old, Jasper is back in training for Herding, after only a few weeks he gained his first 2 passes for his HSAs title with scores of 87/100 and 95.5/100 !
Jasper gains his HSAs title with a 3rd pass of 90/100. He also passed his first HSBs trial with 95/100.
Jasper gained his second pass in HSBs with a score of 98/100.
Jasper gains his HSBs title with a score of 97/100 and High In Trial.
Jasper has recently gained his HNAs title and already has two passes for his HIAs title.
I believe he is the first Grand Champion Kelpie with these titles.

Jasper has full dentition.
Hips 3/3, Elbows 0/0. Aust Grade 2, International Grade B1.
Thank you to Tegoura Kennels for the use of Buddy.

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Pedigree for MRUBIG BIG GR CH Suthenskys Single N Luvn It HNAs HSBs
Sire : CH KLA Rebels Beau S: CH Beaujoy Buddy S: Tegoura Zat
D: CH Beaujoy Bundlajoy
D: KLA Rebel Rowser S: Tollbar Top Gun
D: GR CH Wingdari Little Jessie
Dam : GR CH Neut Ch Suthenskys Satisfaction HT S: GR CH Mountainmist Mandingo PT S: GR CH Linbarlee Hondo
D: Mountainmist Jinka
D: AustCH SwedCH SPHI Linbarlee Killarra CD ADX ET JDX HIT exp Swd S: CH Linbarlee Chishum
D: Wingdari Lavenda Blue

Recent Results

  • 27-Oct-2013 Runner up Dog Challenge, Runnerup Best of Breed, Aust Bred of Breed.

    Illawara & SER of NSW [CH] (Judge was Mr T Kerley (SA))

  • 26-Oct-2013 Best of Breed 14pts, Runner up Best in Group, Aust Bred in Group

    Illawara & SER of NSW [CH] (Judge was Mrs J Ireland (QLD))

  • 25-Oct-2013 Best of Breed 13pts, Aust Bred of Breed

    Illawara & SER of NSW [CH] (Judge was Mrs S Hewinson (QLD))

  • 5-Oct-2013 2nd pass in HSAs (95.5/100) and 3rd place.

    Australian Stock Dog Club of NSW [TR] (Judge was Ms Ann Moy)

  • 21-Sep-2013 1st pass HSAs - score 87/100

    Border Collie Club of NSW Inc [TR] (Judge was Mr P Shumer (WA))

  • 10-Sep-2013 RUDCC, RUBOB, Aust Bred in Group

    Cowra Show Society [CH] (Judge was Mrs J Fynmore (NSW))

  • 8-Sep-2013 RUDCC, Aust Bred in Show

    Australian Kelpie Club of NSW [CH] (Judge was Mrs M Colyer)

  • 8-Sep-2013 Best Stifle, Topline, Performance Titled. 2nd Best Gaited, 3rd Best Foot.

    Australian Kelpie Club of NSW [CH] (Judge was Mrs M Colyer)

  • 30-Mar-2013 1st Best Topline, 2nd Best Gaited, 3rd Best Performance Title

    Australian Kelpie Club of NSW [CH] (Judge was Mrs K Eldred (NSW))

  • 25-Mar-2013 2nd Open Dog (8 entered)

    Sydney Royal [CH] (Judge was Mr R Podesta (CHL))

  • 23-Feb-2013 3rd Aust Bred Dog

    Canberra Royal [CH] (Judge was Miss B Warman (NZ))