R/UBIS & R/UBISS Aust Grand Champion Dawnsnow Devil In White

Lokita was our first home bred Champion. The bonus was that the title of Grand Champion was introduced before he was too old to compete for it. When the title came into being in 1998 Lokita had well over the necessary 1,000 points but we thought that, as he had been retired the previous year and was over 9 years old, he would have to win a 6 point challenge to gain it. We underestimated Lokita. He came out and won an 18 point challenge – there was no such thing as extra points for winning Best of Breed back then. This made him only the 4th Samoyed to gain his Grand Champion title at that stage and the second Dawnsnow Grand Champion.

Lokita was an ego on four feet. He would look at the judge as if to say ‘I’m here, what do you want the rest of them for?’ One time a judge moved his foot. Lokita eyed him up and down and then stamped it back into place. The judge laughed and commented that it looked like he had been told……. He was right. He knew he was top dog and that was all there was to it.

Lokita was easy to show and absolutely loved the show ring – being the true egomaniac that he was. With his superb carriage and the consummate ease of a true showman he convinced so many judges that he was the best. It was a heartbreaking day when we had to say goodbye to him at over 16 years old.

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Pedigree for R/UBIS & R/UBISS Aust Grand Champion Dawnsnow Devil In White
Sire : Aust Ch Vacoas Snowy Panache BIS/BISS S: Aust Ch Bloric Vayking Snowsky S: Aust Ch Kalina Imperial King
D: Aust Ch Kaline Silver Vaya
D: Aust Ch Bloric Royal Beauty S: Aust Ch Lychrista Royal Jest
D: Bloric Vayro Tandra
Dam : Aust Ch Huskmo Princess Petra S: Aust Ch Razinov Markov Lad S: Kyzyl Sharmatov
D: Laureloakes Bearikki
D: Aust Ch Auramist Adriennes Lady S: Aust Ch Laureloakes Bonkokomo
D: Aust Ch Auramist Cookie Miss