Australian Champion Armahani Crystal Caibmat RE

DOLCE is simply put a quivering, fluffy bundle of exuberance. His 'do now, think later' approach to life and his absolute devotion to his family are just some of the reasons i cant get enough of this Lappie.

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Pedigree for Australian Champion Armahani Crystal Caibmat RE
Sire : Dual Ch (RO) Aus. Supreme Champion C'est Louis Armstrong des Chevaloupsgreg CD RM RAE HSAs (Imp USA) S: Jnr Lux Ch Oberitz Oivallus S: Fin Ch PMV-01 Chelville Tapio
D: Elbereth Noki at Oberitz
D: Gottorp's Danish Jokkaa S: Shacal Benetton
D: Int, Dmk, Sw Ch Lumiturpa Saana
Dam : Aus. Grand Champion Lumiturpa Emmi CCD RE JD HT (Imp Fnl) S: Int, Fin, Est, Pol Ch ESTV-99 V-99 EUV-00 PL&PZSG-00 Lecibsin Hurmuri Hukka S: Naavapirtin Nuuska
D: Fin, Est Ch Lecibsin Huligaani Hulda
D: Fin Ch BH PEHA Lumiturpa Kylmänkukka S: Fin Ch PMV-97 V-01 V-02 Lumiturpa Nörri
D: Lumiturpa Tyyne